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schema.py in pypy https://bitbucket.org/dac_io/pypy | 1008 lines | Python
  2. Error = Table('Error')
  3. Error.add_field(1,'Error',9474)
  4. Error.add_field(2,'Message',7936)
  6. ServiceInstall.add_field(5,'StartType',260)
  7. ServiceInstall.add_field(6,'ErrorControl',260)
  9. tables=[_Validation, ActionText, AdminExecuteSequence, Condition, AdminUISequence, AdvtExecuteSequence, AdvtUISequence, AppId, AppSearch, Property, BBControl, Billboard, Feature, Binary, BindImage, File, CCPSearch, CheckBox, Class, Component, Icon, ProgId, ComboBox, CompLocator, Complus, Directory, Control, Dialog, ControlCondition, ControlEvent, CreateFolder, CustomAction, DrLocator, DuplicateFile, Environment, Error, EventMapping, Extension, MIME, FeatureComponents, FileSFPCatalog, SFPCatalog, Font, IniFile, IniLocator, InstallExecuteSequence, InstallUISequence, IsolatedComponent, LaunchCondition, ListBox, ListView, LockPermissions, Media, MoveFile, MsiAssembly, MsiAssemblyName, MsiDigitalCertificate, MsiDigitalSignature, MsiFileHash, MsiPatchHeaders, ODBCAttribute, ODBCDriver, ODBCDataSource, ODBCSourceAttribute, ODBCTranslator, Patch, PatchPackage, PublishComponent, RadioButton, Registry, RegLocator, RemoveFile, RemoveIniFile, RemoveRegistry, ReserveCost, SelfReg, ServiceControl, ServiceInstall, Shortcut, Signature, TextStyle, TypeLib, UIText, Upgrade, Verb]
  10. (u'Environment',u'Environment',u'N',None, None, None, None, u'Identifier',None, u'Unique identifier for the environmental variable setting',),
  11. (u'Error',u'Error',u'N',0,32767,None, None, None, None, u'Integer error number, obtained from header file IError(...) macros.',),
  12. (u'Error',u'Message',u'Y',None, None, None, None, u'Template',None, u'Error formatting template, obtained from user ed. or localizers.',),
  13. (u'EventMapping',u'Dialog_',u'N',None, None, u'Dialog',1,u'Identifier',None, u'A foreign key to the Dialog table, name of the Dialog.',),
  14. (u'ServiceInstall',u'DisplayName',u'Y',None, None, None, None, u'Formatted',None, u'External Name of the Service',),
  15. (u'ServiceInstall',u'ErrorControl',u'N',-2147483647,2147483647,None, None, None, None, u'Severity of error if service fails to start',),

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