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info.py in jenni https://github.com/myano/jenni.git | 136 lines | Python
  1. Copyright 2009-2013, Michael Yanovich (yanovich.net)
  2. Copyright 2008-2013, Sean B. Palmer (inamidst.com)
  3. More info:
  4.  * jenni: https://github.com/myano/jenni/
  5.  * Phenny: http://inamidst.com/phenny/
  6. """
  7. def doc(jenni, input):
  8.     """Shows a command's documentation, and possibly an example."""
  10. def commands(jenni, input):
  11.     common_commands = "Common commands: join <channel> - Join the provided channel. (admin only); part <channel> - Leave the provided channel. (admin only); animate_me, nm8_me <search term> - Find an animated gif from giphy.com; py, python <python> - Interpret some Python (runs on Google App Engine); s/<find>/<replace> - Not a command, jenni will listen for phrases beginning with s/ and perform basic find-replace functionality. Note that this is not PRE compliant; .food <location> - Find food in your area using the Yelp API; img_me, image_me <search term> - Provide a random result from the first page of Google Image search; commands, help - Display a list of all commands, ip, iplookup, host <ip|host> - Get approximate geolocation from an IP or host using freegeoip.net; mustache_me <search term> - Adds a mustache to the image returned for the given search term; reload <module>: Ask jenni to reload a module. (admin only), bing <search query> - Provides the first result from a Bing search; duck, ddg <search query> - Provides the first link from a DuckDuckGo search; g - <query> - Google for <query> and return the top result; search <search query> - Provides the first result from Bing, DuckDuckgo, and Google; tell, to <person> <message> - relays a message to a person the next time they say something anywhere jenni is present; w, wik, wiki <entry> - Returns the wiki entry for <entry>; xkcd - Randomly generates a valid URL for an xkcd item."
  13.     jenni.reply("I'm sending you a list of my most common commands in private.")
  14.     jenni.reply('For a list of all of my commands, please visit: https://is.gd/CPStvK')

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