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  1. CREATE TABLE "keywords" (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,short_name VARCHAR NOT NULL,keyword VARCHAR NOT NULL,favicon_url VARCHAR NOT NULL,url VARCHAR NOT NULL,show_in_default_list INTEGER,safe_for_autoreplace INTEGER,originating_url VARCHAR,date_created INTEGER DEFAULT 0,usage_count INTEGER DEFAULT 0,input_encodings VARCHAR,suggest_url VARCHAR,prepopulate_id INTEGER DEFAULT 0,autogenerate_keyword INTEGER DEFAULT 0,logo_id INTEGER DEFAULT 0,created_by_policy INTEGER DEFAULT 0,instant_url VARCHAR);
  2. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(2,'Google (Default) (Default)','ggle','http://www.google.com/favicon.ico','{google:baseURL}search?{google:RLZ}{google:acceptedSuggestion}{google:originalQueryForSuggestion}sourceid=chrome&ie={inputEncoding}&q={searchTerms}',1,0,'',0,5,'UTF-8','{google:baseSuggestURL}search?client=chrome&hl={language}&q={searchTerms}',1,0,6256,0,'{google:baseURL}webhp?{google:RLZ}sourceid=chrome-instant&ie={inputEncoding}&ion=1{searchTerms}&nord=1');
  3. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(4,'Bing','bing','http://www.bing.com/s/wlflag.ico','http://www.bing.com/search?setmkt=en-US&q={searchTerms}',1,0,'',0,1,'UTF-8','http://api.bing.com/osjson.aspx?query={searchTerms}&language={language}',3,0,6250,0,'');
  4. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(8,'youtube.com','utube','http://www.youtube.com/favicon.ico','http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query={searchTerms}&page={startPage?}&utm_source=opensearch',0,0,'http://www.youtube.com/opensearch?locale=en_US',1262593880,2,'','',0,0,0,0,'');
  5. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(15,'ufl.edu','ufl','http://www.ufl.edu/favicon.ico','http://search.ufl.edu/web?query={searchTerms}',0,0,'http://www.ufl.edu/opensearch.xml',1273185159,0,'','',0,0,0,0,'');
  6. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(16,'Grooveshark','gshark','http://listen.grooveshark.com/webincludes/images/favicon.ico?1','http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/search/songs/?query={searchTerms}',0,0,'http://listen.grooveshark.com/litesearch.xml',1273205764,0,'UTF-8','',0,0,0,0,'');
  7. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(18,'CNN.com','cnn','http://www.cnn.com/favicon.ico','http://www.cnn.com/search/?query={searchTerms}',0,0,'http://www.cnn.com/tools/search/cnncom.xml',1273546684,0,'UTF-8','',0,0,0,0,'');
  8. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(21,'Facebook','fb','http://www.facebook.com/favicon.ico','http://www.facebook.com/search/?src=os&q={searchTerms}',0,0,'http://b.static.ak.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/yJ/r/H2SSvhJMJA-.xml',1297497157,4,'UTF-8','',0,0,0,0,'');
  9. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(22,'rapidlibrary.com','rlib','http://rapidlibrary.com/favicon.ico','http://rapidlibrary.com/index.php?q={searchTerms}&filetype=0',0,0,'',1299451958,0,'UTF-8','',0,0,0,0,'');
  10. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(24,'TechCrunch','tcrunch','http://techcrunch.com/favicon.ico','http://techcrunch.com/?s={searchTerms}',0,0,'http://techcrunch.com/osd.xml',1300514112,1,'UTF-8','',0,0,0,0,'');
  11. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(25,'amazon.com','amzn','http://www.amazon.com/favicon.ico','http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords={searchTerms}&x=0&y=0',0,0,'',1300518675,3,'ISO-8859-1','',0,0,0,0,'');
  12. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(26,'apetube.com','atube','http://www.apetube.com/favicon.ico','http://www.apetube.com/search/?q={searchTerms}',0,0,'',1301979486,2,'UTF-8','',0,0,0,0,'');
  13. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(27,'Wikipedia (en)','wiki','http://en.wikipedia.org/favicon.ico','http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?search={searchTerms}',1,0,'',1302319126,1,'UTF-8','http://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=opensearch&search={searchTerms}',0,0,0,0,'');
  14. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(28,'eBay','ebay','http://rover.ebay.com/favicon.ico','http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-47294-18009-3/4?satitle={searchTerms}',1,0,'',1302319126,0,'ISO-8859-1','',0,0,0,0,'');
  15. INSERT INTO "keywords" VALUES(29,'Creative Commons','ccmn','http://search.creativecommons.org/favicon.ico','http://search.creativecommons.org/?q={searchTerms}',1,0,'',1302319126,1,'utf-8','',0,0,0,0,'');

  1.             <h3>You search DuckDuckGo for something</h3>
  2.             <p><a href="http://duckduckgo.com/?q=how+do+i+program+javascript%3F">DuckDuckGo</a> (even though it's awesome) ends up giving really confusing results, there's all sorts of answers, some work, some fail. You just don't know what to do. All the good resources look way too complex to get into. After hours of searching top-ten-lists of JavaScript plugins you find this really sweet plugin and try to put it into your code.</p>
  3.         </li>
  4.     <hr/>
  5.     <p>The cost of your code per hour is far below average, but the cost of keeping you around was too high. It's hard for the company to write new code around yours, and you take more than three-times as long as the new guy.</p>
  6.     <p>The entire planet exists in the aftermath of a catestrophic event that has obliterated almost all technology. You are part of a team of scientists working to re-build the internet so Las Vegas can easily share pictures of cats with Washington DC.</p>
  7.     <p>Your superiors have given you one computer artifact from the old times, with the other computer back at their base hundreds of miles away. How in the world are you going to make this work?</p>
  8.             <ul>
  9.                 <li>You eventually come up with the conclusion that you can send data totally without concern for what it's actually being carried on, you just need a consistant way to represent it.</li>
  10.     <p>Well, it's cool that you get your cats, and can have cats somewhere else do something, but whenever you get some HCML back, it just kinda... sits there in the sun, doesn't play around. Lazy cats.</p>
  11.     <p>It's a real shame we can't have cats play around after they come here from the server, but maybe we can do something... there's a few neat techniques that let cats do things in other places, can we put that technique in here?</p>
  12.     <p>Of course we can! We just need to make sure the language we speak to cats with makes sense and is expressive enough we can have cats do really cool tricks, and we can include the script for that language with the cats we send, that way the package of HCML comes with instructions on talking to the cats.</p>
  13.     <p>What could our script for cats look like?</p>
  14.     <h2>Application CatScript Interface</h2>
  15.     <p>That's all good in well that we have a way to describe complex tasks to cats, but how should we interact with them? How can we interact with the room their in? Can we talk with the people who sent us the cats without having to ask for all the cats a second time?</p>

  2. `go get github.com/PuerkitoBio/gocrawl`
  4. To install a previous version, you have to `git clone https://github.com/PuerkitoBio/gocrawl` into your `$GOPATH/src/github.com/PuerkitoBio/gocrawl/` directory, and then run (for example) `git checkout v0.3.2` to checkout a specific version, and `go install` to build and install the Go package.
  5. *    **v0.4.1** : now go-getable, since goquery is go-getable too.
  6. *    **v0.4.0** : **BREAKING CHANGES** major refactor, API changes:
  7.     * Much simplified `Filter()` function. It now only returns a `bool` indicating if it should be visited or not. The HEAD request override feature is provided by the `*URLContext` structure, and can be set anywhere. The priority feature was unimplemented and has been removed from the return values, if it gets implemented it will probably be via the `*URLContext` structure too.
  8.     * `Start`, `Run`, `Visit`, `Visited` and the `EnqueueChan` all work with the empty interface type for the URL data. While this is an inconvenience for compile-time checks, it allows for more flexibility regarding the state feature. Instead of always forcing a `map[string]interface{}` type even when no state is needed, gocrawl supports [various types](#types).
  9. // Only enqueue the root and paths beginning with an "a"
  10. var rxOk = regexp.MustCompile(`http://duckduckgo\.com(/a.*)?$`)
  11.   c := NewCrawlerWithOptions(opts)
  12.   c.Run("https://duckduckgo.com/")
  14. For convenience, the types `gocrawl.S` and `gocrawl.U` are provided as equivalent to the map of strings and map of URLs, respectively (so that, for example, the code can look like `gocrawl.S{"http://site.com": "some state data"}`).
  16. *    **CrawlDelay** : The time to wait between each request to the same host. The delay starts as soon as the response is received from the host. This is a `time.Duration` type, so it can be specified with `5 * time.Second` for example (which is the default value, 5 seconds). **If a crawl delay is specified in the robots.txt file, in the group matching the robot's user-agent, by default this delay is used instead**. Crawl delay can be customized further by implementing the `ComputeDelay` extender function.

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