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  1.       "name": "C J Silverio",
  2.       "email": "ceejceej@gmail.com",
  3.       "url": "http://ceejbot.tumblr.com/"
  4.     },
  5.       "name": "Danny Coates",
  6.       "email": "dannycoates@gmail.com",
  7.       "url": "https://github.com/dannycoates/"
  8.     }
  9.     "type": "git",
  10.     "url": "git://github.com/ceejbot/keep-alive-agent.git"
  11.   },
  12.   "readme": "# keep-alive-agent\n\nkeep-alive-agent is an HTTP connection pool agent for node.js that re-uses sockets. It is simpler than some agents that also solve this problem because it does not attempt to replace the Agent provided by node. If you want to re-use connections, use this agent. If you want the default node behavior, use the default global agent.\n\n## Usage\n\n__new KeepAliveAgent(*options-hash*)__\n\nCreate an instance of the agent, passing the options hash through to the node Agent constructor. These options are in turn passed along to `createConnection()`. The KeepAliveAgent constructor does not use the options itself. The option you are most likely to change is `maxSockets`, which defaults to 5.\n\nTo use the agent instance, set it in the `agent` field of the options passed to `http.request()` or `http.get()`. See the [http.request() documentation](http://nodejs.org/api/http.html#http_http_request_options_callback) for details.\n\n__new KeepAliveAgent.Secure(*options-hash*)__\n\nA keep-alive agent that creates tls sockets. Use it the same way you use the http agent.\n\n## Examples\n\n```javascript\nvar http = require('http'),\n    KeepAliveAgent = require('keep-alive-agent');\n\nvar getOptions = {\n    hostname: 'twitter.com',\n    port: 80,\n    path: '/dshaw',\n    agent: new KeepAliveAgent(),\n};\nhttp.get(getOptions, function(response)\n{\n\tresponse.pipe(process.stdout);\n});\n```\n\nTo re-use secure connections, use the Secure keep-alive agent:\n\n```javascript\nvar https = require('https'),\n    KeepAliveAgent = require('keep-alive-agent');\n\nvar getOptions = {\n    hostname: 'www.duckduckgo.com',\n    port: 443,\n    path: '/?q=unicorns',\n    agent: new KeepAliveAgent.Secure(),\n};\nhttps.get(getOptions, function(response)\n{\n\tresponse.pipe(process.stdout);\n});\n```\n\n## See Also\n\nFor other implementations, see [agentkeepalive](https://github.com/TBEDP/agentkeepalive) and the [request](https://github.com/mikeal/request) module's [ForeverAgent](https://github.com/mikeal/request/blob/master/forever.js).\n\n## Licence\n\nMIT.\n",
  13.   "bugs": {
  14.     "url": "https://github.com/ceejbot/keep-alive-agent/issues"
  15.   },

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