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tcpdf.php in chamilo https://bitbucket.org/cbenelug/chamilo | 31849 lines | PHP
  1.      * It allows to set up the page format, the orientation and the measure unit used in all the methods (except for the font sizes).
  2.      * @param string $orientation page orientation. Possible values are (case insensitive):<ul><li>P or Portrait (default)</li><li>L or Landscape</li><li>'' (empty string) for automatic orientation</li></ul>
  3.      * <li>L or Landscape</li>
  4.      * <li>'' (empty string) for automatic orientation</li>
  5.     {
  6.         if (! empty($format) and isset($this->pagedim[$this->page]))
  7.      * Set page orientation.
  8.      * @param string $orientation page orientation. Possible values are (case insensitive):<ul><li>P or Portrait (default)</li><li>L or Landscape</li><li>'' (empty string) for automatic orientation</li></ul>
  9.      * </pre>
  10.      * @param string $re regular expression (leave empty for default).
  11.         $this->re_space = array();
  12.         if (isset($re_parts[1]) and ! empty($re_parts[1]))
  13.         // set pattern modifiers
  14.         if (isset($re_parts[2]) and ! empty($re_parts[2]))
  15.      * <ul><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['w'] = page width in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['h'] = height in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['wk'] = page width in user units</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['hk'] = page height in user units</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['tm'] = top margin</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['bm'] = bottom margin</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['lm'] = left margin</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['rm'] = right margin</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['pb'] = auto page break</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['or'] = page orientation</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['olm'] = original left margin</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['orm'] = original right margin</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['Rotate'] = The number of degrees by which the page shall be rotated clockwise when displayed or printed. The value shall be a multiple of 90.</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['PZ'] = The page's preferred zoom (magnification) factor.</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['trans'] : the style and duration of the visual transition to use when moving from another page to the given page during a presentation<ul><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['trans']['Dur'] = The page's display duration (also called its advance timing): the maximum length of time, in seconds, that the page shall be displayed during presentations before the viewer application shall automatically advance to the next page.</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['trans']['S'] = transition style : Split, Blinds, Box, Wipe, Dissolve, Glitter, R, Fly, Push, Cover, Uncover, Fade</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['trans']['D'] = The duration of the transition effect, in seconds.</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['trans']['Dm'] = (Split and Blinds transition styles only) The dimension in which the specified transition effect shall occur: H = Horizontal, V = Vertical. Default value: H.</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['trans']['M'] = (Split, Box and Fly transition styles only) The direction of motion for the specified transition effect: I = Inward from the edges of the page, O = Outward from the center of the pageDefault value: I.</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['trans']['Di'] = (Wipe, Glitter, Fly, Cover, Uncover and Push transition styles only) The direction in which the specified transition effect shall moves, expressed in degrees counterclockwise starting from a left-to-right direction. If the value is a number, it shall be one of: 0 = Left to right, 90 = Bottom to top (Wipe only), 180 = Right to left (Wipe only), 270 = Top to bottom, 315 = Top-left to bottom-right (Glitter only). If the value is a name, it shall be None, which is relevant only for the Fly transition when the value of SS is not 1.0. Default value: 0.</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['trans']['SS'] = (Fly transition style only) The starting or ending scale at which the changes shall be drawn. If M specifies an inward transition, the scale of the changes drawn shall progress from SS to 1.0 over the course of the transition. If M specifies an outward transition, the scale of the changes drawn shall progress from 1.0 to SS over the course of the transition. Default: 1.0. </li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['trans']['B'] = (Fly transition style only) If true, the area that shall be flown in is rectangular and opaque. Default: false.</li></ul></li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['MediaBox'] : the boundaries of the physical medium on which the page shall be displayed or printed<ul><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['MediaBox']['llx'] = lower-left x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['MediaBox']['lly'] = lower-left y coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['MediaBox']['urx'] = upper-right x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['MediaBox']['ury'] = upper-right y coordinate in points</li></ul></li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['CropBox'] : the visible region of default user space<ul><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['CropBox']['llx'] = lower-left x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['CropBox']['lly'] = lower-left y coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['CropBox']['urx'] = upper-right x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['CropBox']['ury'] = upper-right y coordinate in points</li></ul></li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['BleedBox'] : the region to which the contents of the page shall be clipped when output in a production environment<ul><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['BleedBox']['llx'] = lower-left x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['BleedBox']['lly'] = lower-left y coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['BleedBox']['urx'] = upper-right x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['BleedBox']['ury'] = upper-right y coordinate in points</li></ul></li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['TrimBox'] : the intended dimensions of the finished page after trimming<ul><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['TrimBox']['llx'] = lower-left x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['TrimBox']['lly'] = lower-left y coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['TrimBox']['urx'] = upper-right x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['TrimBox']['ury'] = upper-right y coordinate in points</li></ul></li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['ArtBox'] : the extent of the page's meaningful content<ul><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['ArtBox']['llx'] = lower-left x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['ArtBox']['lly'] = lower-left y coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['ArtBox']['urx'] = upper-right x coordinate in points</li><li>$this->pagedim[$this->page]['ArtBox']['ury'] = upper-right y coordinate in points</li></ul></li></ul>
  16.      * @param int $pagenum page number (empty = current page)

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