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messages.inc.php in convenient_website https://bitbucket.org/adarshj/convenient_website.git | 528 lines | PHP
  1. $strConfigAjaxEnable_name = __('Enable Ajax');
  2. $strConfigAllowArbitraryServer_desc = __('If enabled user can enter any MySQL server in login form for cookie auth');
  3. $strConfigAllowArbitraryServer_name = __('Allow login to any MySQL server');
  4. $strConfigAllowThirdPartyFraming_desc = __('Enabling this allows a page located on a different domain to call phpMyAdmin inside a frame, and is a potential [strong]security hole[/strong] allowing cross-frame scripting attacks');
  5. $strConfigLeftDefaultTabTable_name = __('Target for quick access icon');
  6. $strConfigLeftDisplayLogo_desc = __('Show logo in left frame');
  7. $strConfigLeftDisplayLogo_name = __('Display logo');
  8. $strConfigLeftDisplayServers_desc = __('Display server choice at the top of the left frame');
  9. $strConfigLeftFrameTableSeparator_name = __('Table tree separator');
  10. $strConfigLeftLogoLink_desc = __('URL where logo in the navigation frame will point to');
  11. $strConfigLeftLogoLink_name = __('Logo link URL');
  12. $strConfigLeftLogoLinkWindow_desc = __('Open the linked page in the main window ([kbd]main[/kbd]) or in a new one ([kbd]new[/kbd])');
  13. $strConfigLeftLogoLinkWindow_name = __('Logo link target');
  14. $strConfigLeftPointerEnable_desc = __('Highlight server under the mouse cursor');
  15. $strConfigLimitChars_name = __('Limit column characters');
  16. $strConfigLoginCookieDeleteAll_desc = __('If TRUE, logout deletes cookies for all servers; when set to FALSE, logout only occurs for the current server. Setting this to FALSE makes it easy to forget to log out from other servers when connected to multiple servers.');
  17. $strConfigLoginCookieDeleteAll_name = __('Delete all cookies on logout');

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