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module.audio-video.matroska.php in simple-server-media-player https://bitbucket.org/nova-atlantis/simple-server-media-player.git | 1752 lines | PHP
  1. define('EBML_ID_CHAPTERSEGMENTEDITIONUID',      0x2EBC); //         [6E][BC] -- The edition to play from the segment linked in ChapterSegmentUID.
  2. define('EBML_ID_TRACKOVERLAY',                  0x2FAB); //         [6F][AB] -- Specify that this track is an overlay track for the Track specified (in the u-integer). That means when this track has a gap (see SilentTracks) the overlay track should be used instead. The order of multiple TrackOverlay matters, the first one is the one that should be used. If not found it should be the second, etc.
  3. define('EBML_ID_FLAGINTERLACED',                  0x1A); //             [9A] -- Set if the video is interlaced.
  4. define('EBML_ID_CLUSTERBLOCKDURATION',            0x1B); //             [9B] -- The duration of the Block (based on TimecodeScale). This element is mandatory when DefaultDuration is set for the track. When not written and with no DefaultDuration, the value is assumed to be the difference between the timecode of this Block and the timecode of the next Block in "display" order (not coding order). This element can be useful at the end of a Track (as there is not other Block available), or when there is a break in a track like for subtitle tracks.
  5. define('EBML_ID_CLUSTERBLOCK',                    0x21); //             [A1] -- Block containing the actual data to be rendered and a timecode relative to the Cluster Timecode.
  6. define('EBML_ID_CLUSTERBLOCKVIRTUAL',             0x22); //             [A2] -- A Block with no data. It must be stored in the stream at the place the real Block should be in display order.
  7. define('EBML_ID_PIXELWIDTH',                      0x30); //             [B0] -- Width of the encoded video frames in pixels.
  8. define('EBML_ID_CUETIME',                         0x33); //             [B3] -- Absolute timecode according to the segment time base.
  9. 								if ($vorbis_offset === false) {
  10. 									$this->warning('Unable to parse audio data ['.basename(__FILE__).':'.__LINE__.'] because CodecPrivate data does not contain "vorbis" keyword');
  12. 																			case EBML_ID_CONTENTENCODINGORDER:
  13. 		// get length of integer
  14. 		$first_byte_int = ord($this->EBMLbuffer[$actual_offset]);
  16. 		$first_byte_int = ord($EBMLstring[0]);

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