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  2. <B><TR></B><TD valign="top"><font size="2"><A HREF="http://www.thinker.org/imagebase/index-2.html">http://www.thinker.org/imagebase/index-2.html</A> </font></TD><TD valign="top"><font size="2">SF Arts ImageBase</font></TD><TD></TD></TR> 
  4. <TR><TD valign="top"><font size="2"><A HREF="http://www.srl.org/" >http://www.srl.org/</a> </font></TD><TD valign="top"><font size="2">Survival Research Laboratories </font></TD><TD></TD><TD>Giant robots battle each other for your entertainment</TD></TR> 
  6. <TR><TD valign="top"><font size="2"><A HREF="http://ulc.org/ulc/ordain.html" >http://ulc.org/ulc/ordain.html</A></font></TD><TD valign="top"><font size="2">ULC OnLine Ordainment</font></TD><TD></TD><TD>Instant priesthood...need I say more?</TD></TR> 
  8. <TR><TD valign="top"><font size="2"><A HREF="http://www.digicrime.com/" >http://www.digicrime.com/</A> </font></TD><TD valign="top"><font size="2">Digicrime</font></TD><TD>"A full service criminal computer hacking organization" with a G. Gordon Liddy (of the famed Pencil Kill) quote</TD></TR> 
  11. <TR><TD valign="top"><font size="2"><a href="http://www.fravia.org"></a></font></TD><TD valign="top"><font size="2">Fravia </font></TD><TD>The very top of my top 10, an excellent site on cracking, internet searching, reverse engineering, and the like</TD></TR> 
  13. <TR><TD valign="top"><font size="2"><a href="http://cracking.home.ml.org">http://cracking.home.ml.org</a></font></TD><TD valign="top"><font size="2">Lord Caligo</font></TD><TD>Lord Caligo's site should need no introduction. Just about every file and tool you'll need can be found here, sort of like a "One-Stop-Cracking-Shop".</TD></TR> 
  15. <TR><TD valign="top"><font size="2"><a href="http://www.silitoad.org/">http://www.silitoad.org/</a></font></TD><TD valign="top"><font size="2">Silicon Toad </font></TD><TD>One of the "Old Ones" (thanks, Lovecraft) of the Internet: very well-done and well-stocked site</TD></TR> 

  1. Finally, the more discriminating readers of this site may enjoy some, albeit non-Stoppard,
  2. <a href="http://eserver.org/drama/short.html">short</a> and
  3. <a href="http://eserver.org/drama/long.html">long</a> plays.
  4. <LI><B>11.29</b> <i>Philosophy with a Torque Wrench</i>: Awhile ago Harma and I had pretty cool
  5. can be found either at <a href="http://www.giga.or.at/pub/hacker/zines">Giga</a> or at <a href="http://www.etext.org/Zines/ASCII/">Etext</a> (be <b>sure</b> to read <i>BOFH</i>).    
  6. Also, there is an <a href="http://www.sandpile.org/forum/index.shtml">Assembly Language Forum</a> hosted by Sandpile (in fact there are a few of these around; see the    
  7. new section below). And no update would be complete without mention of the new    
  8. <LI><b>4.02</b> <i>Web Ring</i>: There is a <a href="http://crackring.ufoplanet.com/">Reverse Engineering Web Ring</a> now in existence, with such distingushed members as      
  9. <a href="http://www.jjcom.com/~mexelite/linkp.html">MEXELiTE</a> and <a href="http://www.lordcaligo.org/">Lord Caligo</a>. Unfortunately the ring seems to primarily be      
  10. and the Java Decompiler source on the <a href="http://users.neca.com/vmis/classprj.htm">Technology Cornucopia</a> page.      
  11. Somewhat related and of general interest is the <a href="http://www.gr.osf.org/~emcmanus/programs/makedis.html">MakeDis</a>      
  12.  <a href="http://awsd.com/scripts/index.shtml">WebScripts</a>. CGI enthusiasts may wish to check out the      
  13.  <a href="http://www.python.org/">Python</a>,      
  14. <a href="http://www.sid-dis.com/reactos/home.htm">main</a> page, the        
  15. <a href="http://www.virtualprojects.org/html/reactos.html">Application Team</a>, the        

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