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  1. 	dependencies: [
  2. 		{ src: 'socket.io/socket.io.js', async: true },
  3. 2. Client presentations that follow the master
  4. 3. Socket.io server to broadcast events from the master to the clients
  6. If you want to use the speaker notes plugin with your master presentation then make sure you have the speaker notes plugin configured correctly along with the configuration shown below, then execute ```node plugin/notes-server``` in the directory of your master presentation. The configuration below will cause it to connect to the socket.io server as a master, as well as launch your speaker-notes/static-file server.
  7. 	multiplex: {
  8. 		// Example values. To generate your own, see the socket.io server instructions.
  9. 		secret: '13652805320794272084', // Obtained from the socket.io server. Gives this (the master) control of the presentation
  10. 		id: '1ea875674b17ca76', // Obtained from socket.io server
  11. 		url: 'revealjs-51546.onmodulus.net:80' // Location of socket.io server
  12. 	},
  13. 	dependencies: [
  14. 		{ src: '//cdn.socket.io/socket.io-1.3.5.js', async: true },
  15. #### Client presentation
  16. Served from a publicly accessible static file server. Examples include: GitHub Pages, Amazon S3, Dreamhost, Akamai, etc. The more reliable, the better. Your audience can then access the client presentation via ```http://example.com/path/to/presentation/client/index.html```, with the configuration below causing them to connect to the socket.io server as clients.

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