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  1Changes for newsbeuter:
  52.9 (2015-02-19):
  6	Fix custom keybindings in tag and filter selection dialogs (fixes #78).
  7	Fix incorrect reloading of tags after editing the urls file.
  8	Catch an exception that might be thrown by the "killfile" function.
  9	Don't override feed titles for hidden feeds.
 10	Fix dumpconfig.
 11	Add support for FeedHQ (
 12	Fix missing variable in log output (fixes #124).
 13	Fix type of configuration variables to path where appropriate (fixes #125).
 14	Update to Brazilian Portuguese translation (fixes #126).
 15	Fix crash when GUID is lost (fixes #127).
 16	Fix dependency check (fixes #132).
 17	Fix segfault in jump_to_next_unread_item (fixes #133).
 18	Change code base to C++11.
 19	Don't render inline images (fixes #154).
 20	Fixed bug where feeds would appear empty due to variable shadowing issue.
 222.8 (2014-01-19):
 23	Add bookmark script for support (Andreas Happe).
 24	Fix issues with the build process on OpenBSD (Kyle Isom).
 25	Make guid generation smarter (Jochen Sprickerhof).
 26	In the feed list, quitting now is the same as clearing the tag in case a tag is selected.
 27	Add support for The Old Reader (
 28	Add support for NewsBlur (Thomas Weißschuh).
 29	Fix crash bug in filter expression parsing.
 30	Update French translation (Sabrina Dubroca).
 31	Fix crash bug with unbalanced <ol> tags (Richard Quirk).
 332.7 (2013-08-27):
 34	Fix crash bug.
 35	Add option to colorize unread messages (Patrick Steinhardt).
 36	Add option to swap title and hints bar (Patrick Steinhardt).
 37	Add %u and %t support to itemview (Giuliano Schneider).
 38	Only force redraw if a form action is active (Patrick Steinhardt).
 402.6 (2013-03-19):
 41	Fixed crash in RSS parser (thanks to Isaac Good).
 42	Fixed authentication issues with Google Reader (thanks to Fabrice Noilhan).
 43	Fixed bug in Google authentication (Daniel Aleksandersen).
 44	Style table headers in bold (Daniel Aleksandersen).
 45	Add support for q and aside tags (Daniel Aleksandersen).
 46	Remove all soft-hyphens (Daniel Aleksandersen).
 47	More compact default user-agent on Mac OS X (Daniel Aleksandersen).
 48	Add Norwegian bokmål translation (Daniel Aleksandersen).
 49	Updated Russian translation (Justin Forest).
 50	Updated Polish translation (Michal Siemek).
 522.5 (2012-01-06):
 53	Implemented download-full-page configuration option.
 54	Added configuration option to use external URL viewer (fixes issue #242).
 55	Added ability to store Google Reader password in an external file (fixes issue #239).
 56	Added Tiny Tiny RSS support (fixes issue #243).
 57	Made HTTP authentication method configurable (fixes issue #247).
 58	Implemented "delete-read-articles-on-quit" option.
 59	Fixed rendering of nested <ol> lists.
 612.4 (2011-02-01):
 62	Added support for query feeds in combination with Google Reader support.
 63	Added ability to configure proxy authentication method.
 64	Added commandline option -q to enable quiet startup (patch by Isaac Good)
 65	Re-sort feed list after all feeds have been reloaded.
 66	Added keys to jump to the next/previous feed or article regardless of its "unread" status (patches by Jim Pryor)
 67	Implemented on-demand loading of feeds to reduce memory usage.
 68	Removed Bloglines support as the service shuts down on October 1, 2010.
 69	Implemented XDG Base Directory support (patch by Elrond)
 70	Google Reader: when in offline mode, record unread status changes and later replay when in online mode.
 71	Fixed Google Reader authentication issue with certain passwords (fixes issue #238).
 72	Added configuration option "cookie-cache" (fixes issue #234).
 742.3 (2010-06-24):
 75	Fixed HTML rendering of bold and underline text when light background is configured.
 76	Fixed issues #192, #194, #197, #198, #199, #200, #201, #202, #210, #216.
 77	Made newsbeuter silent on lockfile errors when '-x' option is used.
 78	Fixed Google Reader authentication (by Seth Mason)
 802.2 (2010-03-14):
 81	Added Google Reader support.
 82	Fixed issues #90, #160, #161, #168, #169, #171, #179, #180, #184.
 83	Implemented article highlighting in article list based on the article content (fixes issue #174).
 84	Extended "ignore article" functionality with different ignore modes (download/display; fixes issue #52).
 85	Added "hard quit" key to immediately quit from newsbeuter (patch by Jim Pryor)
 86	Added "download status" format specifier for feedlist-format (fixes issue #181).
 87	Added HTML table renderer (patch by Stefan Erben)
 88	Fixed issues #183, #188 (patch by Stefan Erben)
 89	Added "open-in-browser-and-mark-read" key (patch by Isaac Good)
 912.1 (2009-12-08):
 92	Added support for dc:creator tag for RSS 2.0 parser.
 93	Fixed issue #141 (podbeuter ignored use-proxy configuration command).
 94	When entering a feed, the first unread article is automatically selected (can be turned off with goto-first-unread no).
 95	When marking a feed read, move the selection to the next feed (unless a filter is currently applied).
 96	Improved HTML rendering (patch by Stefan Erben)
 97	Added length field to article list format (patch by Stefan Erben)
 98	Added support for 256-color terminals
 99	Added "dumpform" commandline command as a debugging aid.
100	Allow deletion of articles from article view
101	Added support for SOCKS proxies
102	Added "notify-beep" notification beep (patch by Vern Sun)
103	Added key to quickly jump to article URLs above #10 (patch by Stefan Erben)
1052.0 (2009-04-21):
106	Added more flexible dialog handling
107	Improved position handling in article list (fixes #112; thanks to Isaac Good)
108	Fixed a lot of bugs (#102, #111, #117, #130, #131).
109	Added ability to specify a list of OPML URLs when using OPML as URL source.
110	Added config option "keep-articles-days" to optionally keep articles only for a limited number of days.
111	Added config option "bookmark-interactive" to indicate that the configured bookmarking command is interactive.
112	Don't display authentication information in URLs (fixes #121).
113	Replaced mrss with new RSS/Atom parser.
114	Added ability to search for text from the article view.
115	Added basic support for Yahoo Media RSS.
116	Made article view pager configurable.
117	Improved HTML rendering of links and underlined and bold text.
118	Added ":source" commandline command to (re)load configuration files.
119	Implemented "pipe-to" key to pipe articles to external commands.
120	Implemented backtick evaluation for configuration files.
121	Extended filter language with "between" operator.
122	Added "age" attribute for articles to filter them for relative age (in days).
123	Extended "set" commandline command to toggle boolean variables and reset configuration variables of all types to their default.
124	Added ability to configure local files as feeds.
125	Added a "random-unread" key to go to a random unread article.
126	When opening articles from a search result dialog, make search phrase stand out in article view.
127	Persist commandline and search history.
128	Implemented commandline completion.
129	Improved help dialog so that it now shows unbound functions.
130	Added ability to sort feed list and article list by interactively choosing the sort method.
131	Improved and extended conditional HTTP download handling.
1331.3 (2008-12-06):
134	Changed some internal data structures to smart pointers (stability improvement).
135	Extended podbeuter to keep finished downloads in the queue until they've been played.
136	Implemented placeholders for download-path (fixes #46).
137	Added the ability to edit the list of subscribed URLs from newsbeuter through a text editor.
138	Implemented a file format to exchange information about read articles between different newsbeuter instances.
139	Extended keymap to allow dialog-specific configuration.
140	Extended macros to enable modification of configuration variables.
141	Implemented configuration option "feed-sort-order" to sort the feed list by the first tag.
142	Added ability to toggle read flag from article view (thanks to Isaac Good).
143	Added ability to configure the number of parallel reload threads (fixes #101).
1451.2 (2008-09-02):
146	Fixed crash in case of invalid color/attribute names in the configuration
147	Implemented "download-timeout" and "download-retries" config options to make newsbeuter more reliable over unreliable connection (fixes #88).
148	Improved whitespace handling in XML parser (fixes Debian issue #496765).
149	Fixed broken open-in-browser operation for URLs that contained a single quote (fixes Debian issue #497495; fixes incomplete security fix).
1511.1 (2008-09-01):
152	Added a line wrap for the article view's headers and the link list on the bottom (fixes Debian issue #491122)
153	Added test suite for functional tests of the user interface
154	Fixed potential security issue when opening article URLs with the configured browser (thanks to J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) for pointing out)
1561.0 (2008-08-20):
157	Implemented support for highlighting of regular expressions
158	Implemented search function in help dialog
159	Implemented "show-read-articles" configuration option to toggle displaying of read articles
160	Implemented "always-download" configuration option to configure a list of feed URLs for which newsbeuter ignores the Last-Modified timestamp
161	Added read progress display in article view
162	Added optional format string support for "browser" configuration option
163	Added "reset-unread-on-update" configuration command
1650.9.1 (2008-05-12):
166	Fixed issue with filter feeds.
167	Added possibility to open a feed's link by pressing the open-in-browser key in feed list.
168	Fixed issue with RFC-822 date parsing where the year only had 2 digits.
1700.9 (2008-05-01):
171	Improved locking to allow multiple newsbeuter instances (one instance per cache file)
172	Flagged articles don't get deleted anymore.
173	Added commandline option to podbeuter to automatically start download.
174	Added "article-sort-order" configuration option to freely configure the sort order of article lists
175	Added possibility to delete articles
176	Lots of bug fixes
1780.8.2 (2008-03-16):
179	fixed broken string conversion.
1810.8.1 (2008-03-12):
182	fixed crash (related to string conversion of format string support)
1840.8 (2008-03-07):
185	implemented custom configurability of feed list and article list format
186	improved reload speed by checking the Last-Modified header
187	added special tags to rename feeds
188	added macro support
189	added Ruby scripting support
190	directly integrated nxml/mrss code since API and ABI are a moving target
1920.7 (2007-09-18):
193	implemented the possibility to predefine filters
194	implemented bloglines synchronization support
195	implemented OPML online subscription support
196	implemented plugin-based bookmarking support
197	implemented custom flagging of articles
198	redesigned search function
199	implemented more key commands to ease navigation even more
200	added the possibility to optionally use an external HTML renderer
2020.6 (2007-08-14):
203	implemented support for reloading the urls file
204	implemented query feeds
205	implemented history for the most important input fields
206	fixed a major bug with filtering in the item list
207	bugfix in the OPML import functionality
208	implemented additional commandline commands
2100.5 (2007-08-02):
211	improved HTML rendering
212	improved lock file handling
213	added Unicode compatibility
214	added support for notifications
215	implemented filter language
216	it is now possible to freely configure e.g. the up/down-keys
2180.4 (2007-05-08):
219	refactored view
220	introduced configuration option to disable cache cleanup (user request)
221	introduced configuration option to set the HTTP user-agent header to a custom value
222	significant speed improvement for reload and cache cleanup (by Jürgen Jung)
223	added Italian translation (by Andrea Marchesini)
224	added unit tests
225	added an "include" configuration command to make it possible to separate the configuration into several files
226	introduced global configuration file /etc/newsbeuter/config
227	added support for Snownews/Liferea extension scripts
2290.3 (2007-03-26):
230	added gettext support
231	added podcast support
232	changed handling of encoding - now, everything is stored as UTF-8 internally, and gets converted on-the-fly
233	removed dependency to libidn
234	numerous bugs have been fixed
2360.2 (2007-02-21):
237	removed an unnecessary mutex lock/unlock that made newsbeuter lock up when the "max-items" config option was set
238	improved HTML rendering (occasional missing spaces, <pre> tags)
239	added possibility to use the space key for key bindings
240	made "next unread" function work across feeds when in item view
241	added the possibility to view all URLs within an article and open them in a browser
242	added HTTP proxy support
243	added color configuration support
244	added tagging/categorization support
245	added auto-reload support
246	added search dialog
2480.1.1 (2007-01-17):
249	fixed a crash when ISO-8859-1 encoded feeds with umlauts in the title were displayed on systems with UTF-8 locales enabled.
2510.1 (2007-01-16):
252	Initial release.