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Possible License(s): Apache-2.0, CPL-1.0
  1. ****************************
  2. Pre-Requisites
  3. ****************************
  4. 1. cfmx 8
  5. This has been tested with cfmx 8. I think that the java client libraries are
  6. put together using java 1.5, so if you aren't running coldfusion on java 1.5, then it's going to fail.
  7. if you try it on cf7 and it works, let me know. I have been told that it does not work on cf7. if you
  8. are running on cf7, check out the memcached old version, as that one has been tested and works on cf7.
  9. 2. memcached server
  10. You need a running version of memcached server to run this. that's the storage
  11. vehicle. if you don't have it, you won't get very far. you can get the memcached
  12. server at:
  13. - BSD version - and most up to date.
  14. You can also run on windows and it will work with that. the windows port is available here:
  16. This version client of memcached has been tested with both versions.
  17. 3. memcached Java client -
  18. You will need to have a java memcached client to be able to run this. the java client libraries
  19. have been included here for ease of use. the client that is packaged with this library has been
  20. tested and was the one that was developed against. it will be updated as versions become available.
  21. This CF client is based off of the client developed by Dustin Sallings located here:
  22. - Thanks Dustin!
  23. this client is the newer of the two clients. some people may prefer it, however if you wish
  24. to have the older client, check out the other cfmemcached library - in the memcached directory.
  25. ****************************
  26. Installation
  27. ****************************
  28. you should be able to drop this into your coldfusion server and run it.
  29. you will however notice that there are two directories in the root that say memcached and mecachednew.
  30. These directories contain two different versions of memcached. the memcached/ directory contains
  31. the older of the two client libraries. the memcachednew contains the newer verision.
  32. they both work well, however, just choose one. :) There's nothing wrong with the older version, it works
  33. great. the newer java client is however more optimized and contains the ability to do asyncronous sets
  34. and gets which could lead to better performance. For coldfusion, the asyncronous gets might be of less
  35. use, but there are definately going to be instances where they will come in handy.
  36. 1. What you will likely want to do is figure out where in your web root you want put this,
  37. i suggest /memcached. and unzip the files into them.
  38. 2. *** if you don't want to use the java loader***
  39. you might need to take the java jars the lib directory and put them in your coldfusion lib directory
  40. <cfmxroot>/lib - the jars just need to be in your java classpath. if you leave them where they
  41. are, you should be able to get to them. they might not be in the best location but they will work.
  42. I would suggest, leaving them where they are and making sure that the client works before moving
  43. them to a different location. if you choose not to use the javaloader, using the client will require
  44. a server restart.
  45. 3. if you haven't started your memcached server, this would be a good time to do it
  46. 4. you should be able to pull up the memcachedtest.cfm page which will run through a bunch of tests to
  47. make sure that your memcached server is set up correctly. you will need to open the page up
  48. and edit the ipaddress/url of the memcached server if it is not sitting on your local machine.
  49. by default it is set up to look for the memcached server on the localhost:11211 port. if you are
  50. running memcached on a different port, make sure you change this.
  51. 5. Once you have made sure that memcached is working correctly, you will want to set it up so that
  52. you are storing the memcached factory in the application or server scope and pulling out the memcached
  53. client when you need it. you don't want to have to keep creating the memcached client and the
  54. connection to the server.
  55. ***************************
  56. support
  57. ***************************
  58. if you have any questions, you can reach me at my blog:
  60. or by email:
  61. jon at Wokits dot com