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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.1
 2// required symbols to grab
 3LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_pad_peer_accept_caps, gboolean, GstPad *pad, GstCaps *caps);
 4LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_buffer_new, GstBuffer*, void);
 5LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_buffer_set_caps, void, GstBuffer*, GstCaps *);
 6LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_structure_set_value, void, GstStructure *, const gchar *, const GValue*);
 7LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_init_check, gboolean, int *argc, char **argv[], GError ** err);
 8LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_message_get_type, GType, void);
 9LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_message_type_get_name, const gchar*, GstMessageType type);
10LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_message_parse_error, void, GstMessage *message, GError **gerror, gchar **debug);
11LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_message_parse_warning, void, GstMessage *message, GError **gerror, gchar **debug);
12LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_message_parse_state_changed, void, GstMessage *message, GstState *oldstate, GstState *newstate, GstState *pending);
13LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_element_set_state, GstStateChangeReturn, GstElement *element, GstState state);
14LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_object_unref, void, gpointer object);
15LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_object_get_type, GType, void);
16LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_pipeline_get_type, GType, void);
17LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_pipeline_get_bus, GstBus*, GstPipeline *pipeline);
18LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_bus_add_watch, guint, GstBus * bus, GstBusFunc func, gpointer user_data);
19LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_element_factory_make, GstElement*, const gchar *factoryname, const gchar *name);
20LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_element_get_type, GType, void);
21LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_static_pad_template_get, GstPadTemplate*, GstStaticPadTemplate *pad_template);
22LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_element_class_add_pad_template, void, GstElementClass *klass, GstPadTemplate *temp);
23LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_element_class_set_details, void, GstElementClass *klass, const GstElementDetails *details);
24LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_caps_unref, void, GstCaps* caps);
25LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_caps_ref, GstCaps *, GstCaps* caps);
26//LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_caps_is_empty, gboolean, const GstCaps *caps);
27LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_caps_from_string, GstCaps *, const gchar *string);
28LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_caps_replace, void, GstCaps **caps, GstCaps *newcaps);
29LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_caps_get_structure, GstStructure *, const GstCaps *caps, guint index);
30LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_caps_copy, GstCaps *, const GstCaps * caps);
31//LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_caps_intersect, GstCaps *, const GstCaps *caps1, const GstCaps *caps2);
32LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_element_register, gboolean, GstPlugin *plugin, const gchar *name, guint rank, GType type);
33LL_GST_SYM(true, _gst_plugin_register_static, void, GstPluginDesc *desc);
34LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_structure_get_int, gboolean, const GstStructure *structure, const gchar *fieldname, gint *value);
35LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_structure_get_value, G_CONST_RETURN GValue *, const GstStructure *structure, const gchar *fieldname);
36LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_value_get_fraction_numerator, gint, const GValue *value);
37LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_value_get_fraction_denominator, gint, const GValue *value);
38LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_structure_get_name, G_CONST_RETURN gchar *, const GstStructure *structure);
39LL_GST_SYM(true, gst_element_seek, bool, GstElement *, gdouble, GstFormat, GstSeekFlags, GstSeekType, gint64, GstSeekType, gint64);
41// optional symbols to grab
42LL_GST_SYM(false, gst_registry_fork_set_enabled, void, gboolean enabled);
43LL_GST_SYM(false, gst_segtrap_set_enabled, void, gboolean enabled);
44LL_GST_SYM(false, gst_message_parse_buffering, void, GstMessage *message, gint *percent);
45LL_GST_SYM(false, gst_message_parse_info, void, GstMessage *message, GError **gerror, gchar **debug);
46LL_GST_SYM(false, gst_element_query_position, gboolean, GstElement *element, GstFormat *format, gint64 *cur);
47LL_GST_SYM(false, gst_version, void, guint *major, guint *minor, guint *micro, guint *nano);
49// GStreamer 'internal' symbols which may not be visible in some runtimes but are still used in expanded GStreamer header macros - yuck!  We'll substitute our own stubs for these.
50//LL_GST_SYM(true, _gst_debug_register_funcptr, void, GstDebugFuncPtr func, gchar* ptrname);
51//LL_GST_SYM(true, _gst_debug_category_new, GstDebugCategory *, gchar *name, guint color, gchar *description);