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  1. Second Life - Linux Beta README
  2. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  3. This document contains information about the Second Life Linux
  4. client, and isn't meant to serve as an introduction to Second
  5. Life itself - please see <>.
  6. 1. Introduction
  7. 2. System Requirements
  8. 3. Installing & Running
  9. 4. Known Issues
  10. 5. Troubleshooting
  11. 5.1. 'Error creating window.'
  12. 5.2. System hangs
  13. 5.3. Blank window after minimizing it
  14. 5.4. Audio
  15. 5.5. 'Alt' key for camera controls doesn't work
  16. 5.6. In-world streaming movie, music and Flash playback
  17. 6. Advanced Troubleshooting
  18. 6.1. Audio
  19. 6.2. OpenGL
  20. 7. Obtaining and working with the client source code
  21. 8. Getting more help, and reporting problems
  23. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  24. Hi! This is a BETA release of the Second Life client for Linux.
  25. The 'beta' status means that although we're still smoothing-out a few rough
  26. edges, this version of the client is functionally complete and should
  27. work quite well 'out of the box' for accessing Second Life.
  28. We encourage you to try it out and let us know of its compatibility
  29. with your system. Be aware that although this is a 'beta' client, it connects
  30. to the main Second Life world and changes you make there are permanent.
  31. You will have either obtained this client from (the official
  32. site) or from a third-party packager; if you encounter any problems then
  33. we recommend trying the latest official builds from which are
  34. updated often.
  35. Please enjoy!
  37. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  38. Minimum requirements:
  39. * Internet Connection: Cable or DSL
  40. * Computer Processor: 800MHz Pentium III or Athlon or better
  41. (recommended: 1.5GHz or more)
  42. * Computer Memory: 512MB (recommended: 768MB or more)
  43. * Linux Operating System: A reasonably modern 32-bit Linux environment
  44. is required. If you are running a 64-bit Linux distribution then
  45. you will need its 32-bit compatibility environment installed, but
  46. this configuration is not currently supported.
  47. * PulseAudio or ALSA Linux system sound software. A recent PulseAudio
  48. is the recommended configuration; see README-linux-voice.txt for more
  49. information.
  50. * Video/Graphics Card:
  51. o nVidia GeForce 2, GeForce 4mx, or better (recommend one of the
  52. following: 6700, 6800, 7600, 7800, 7900, 8400, 8500, 8600,
  53. 8800, Go 7400, Go 7600, Go 7800, Go 7900, +)
  54. o OR ATI Radeon 8500, 9250, or better
  55. (nVidia cards are recommended for the Linux client)
  56. **NOTE**: Second Life absolutely requires you to have recent, correctly-
  57. configured OpenGL 3D drivers for your hardware - the graphics drivers
  58. that came with your operating system may not be good enough! See the
  59. TROUBLESHOOTING section if you encounter problems starting Second Life.
  60. For a more comfortable experience, the RECOMMENDED hardware for the Second
  61. Life Linux client is very similar to that for Windows, as detailed at:
  62. <>
  64. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  65. The Second Life Linux client can entirely run from the directory you have
  66. unpacked it into - no installation step is required. If you wish to
  67. perform a separate installation step anyway, you may run './'
  68. Run ./secondlife from the installation directory to start Second Life.
  69. For in-world MOVIE and MUSIC PLAYBACK, you will need (32-bit) GStreamer 0.10
  70. installed on your system. This is optional - it is not required for general
  71. client functionality. If you have GStreamer 0.10 installed, the selection of
  72. in-world movies you can successfully play will depend on the GStreamer
  73. plugins you have; if you cannot play a certain in-world movie then you are
  74. probably missing the appropriate GStreamer plugin on your system - you may
  75. be able to install it (see TROUBLESHOOTING).
  76. User data is stored in the hidden directory ~/.secondlife by default; you may
  77. override this location with the SECONDLIFE_USER_DIR environment variable if
  78. you wish.
  80. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  81. * No significant known issues at this time.
  83. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  84. The client prints a lot of diagnostic information to the console it was
  85. run from. Most of this is also replicated in ~/.secondlife/logs/SecondLife.log
  86. - this is helpful to read when troubleshooting, especially 'WARNING' and
  87. 'ERROR' lines.
  88. VOICE PROBLEMS? See the separate README-linux-voice.txt file for Voice
  89. troubleshooting information.
  91. README-linux-joystick.txt file for configuration information.
  92. PROBLEM 1:- Second Life fails to start up, with a warning on the console like:
  93. 'Error creating window.' or
  94. 'Unable to create window, be sure screen is set at 32-bit color' or
  95. 'SDL: Couldn't find matching GLX visual.'
  96. SOLUTION:- Usually this indicates that your graphics card does not meet
  97. the minimum requirements, or that your system's OpenGL 3D graphics driver is
  98. not updated and configured correctly. If you believe that your graphics
  99. card DOES meet the minimum requirements then you likely need to install the
  100. official so-called 'non-free' nVidia or ATI (fglrx) graphics drivers; we
  101. suggest one of the following options:
  102. * Consult your Linux distribution's documentation for installing these
  103. official drivers. For example, Ubuntu provides documentation here:
  104. <>
  105. * If your distribution does not make it easy, then you can download the
  106. required Linux drivers straight from your graphics card manufacturer:
  107. - nVidia cards: <>
  108. - ATI cards: <>
  109. PROBLEM 2:- My whole system seems to hang when running Second Life.
  110. SOLUTION:- This is typically a hardware/driver issue. The first thing to
  111. do is to check that you have the most recent official drivers for your
  112. graphics card (see PROBLEM 1).
  113. SOLUTION:- Some residents with ATI cards have reported that running
  114. 'sudo aticonfig --locked-userpages=off' before running Second Life solves
  115. their stability issues.
  116. SOLUTION:- As a last resort, you can disable most of Second Life's advanced
  117. graphics features by editing the 'secondlife' script and removing the '#'
  118. from the line which reads '#export LL_GL_NOEXT=x'
  119. PROBLEM 3:- After I minimize the Second Life window, it's just blank when
  120. it comes back.
  121. SOLUTION:- Some Linux desktop 'Visual Effects' features are incompatible
  122. with Second Life. One reported solution is to use your desktop
  123. configuration program to disable such effects. For example, on Ubuntu 7.10,
  124. use the desktop toolbar menu to select System -> Preferences -> Appearance,
  125. then change 'Visual Effects' to 'None'.
  126. PROBLEM 4:- Music and sound effects are silent or very stuttery.
  127. SOLUTION:- The most common solution is to ensure that you have the 'esd'
  128. program (part of the 'esound' package) installed and running before you
  129. start Second Life. Users of Ubuntu (and some other) Linux systems can
  130. simply run the following to install and configure 'esound':
  131. sudo apt-get install esound
  132. For others, simply running 'esd&' from a command-line should get it running.
  133. PROBLEM 5:- Using the 'Alt' key to control the camera doesn't work or just
  134. moves the Second Life window.
  135. SOLUTION:- Some window managers eat the Alt key for their own purposes; you
  136. can configure your window manager to use a different key instead (for
  137. example, the 'Windows' key!) which will allow the Alt key to function
  138. properly with mouse actions in Second Life and other applications.
  139. PROBLEM 6:- In-world movie, music, or Flash playback doesn't work for me.
  140. SOLUTION:- You need to have a working installation of GStreamer 0.10; this
  141. is usually an optional package for most versions of Linux. If you have
  142. installed GStreamer 0.10 and you can play some music/movies but not others
  143. then you need to install a wider selection of GStreamer plugins, either
  144. from your vendor (i.e. the 'Ugly' plugins) or an appropriate third party.
  145. For Flash playback, you need to have Flash 10 installed for your normal
  146. web browser (for example, Firefox). PulseAudio is required for Flash
  147. volume control / muting to fully function inside Second Life.
  149. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  150. The 'secondlife' script which launches Second Life contains some
  151. configuration options for advanced troubleshooters.
  152. * AUDIO - Edit the 'secondlife' script and you will see these audio
  154. LL_BAD_FMOD_ALSA. Second Life tries to use OpenAL, ESD, OSS, then ALSA
  155. audio drivers in this order; you may uncomment the corresponding LL_BAD_*
  156. option to skip an audio driver which you believe may be causing you trouble.
  157. * OPENGL - For advanced troubleshooters, the LL_GL_BLACKLIST option lets
  158. you disable specific GL extensions, each of which is represented by a
  159. letter ("a"-"o"). If you can narrow down a stability problem on your system
  160. to just one or two GL extensions then please post details of your hardware
  161. (and drivers) to the Linux Client Testers forum (see link below) along
  162. with the minimal LL_GL_BLACKLIST which solves your problems. This will help
  163. us to improve stability for your hardware while minimally impacting
  164. performance.
  165. LL_GL_BASICEXT and LL_GL_NOEXT should be commented-out for this to be useful.
  167. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  168. We're pleased to have released the Second Life client's source code under
  169. an Open Source license compatible with the 'GPL'. To get involved with client
  170. development, please see:
  171. <>
  173. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  174. For general help and support with Second Life:
  175. <>
  176. For problems and discussion concerning unofficial (not
  177. releases, please contact your packager or the SLDev mailing list:
  178. <>
  179. In-world help: Please use the 'Help' menu in the client for various
  180. non-Linux-specific Second Life help options.
  181. In-world discussion: There is a 'Linux Client Users' group
  182. inside Second Life which is free to join. You can find it by pressing
  183. the 'Search' button at the bottom of the window and then selecting the
  184. 'Groups' tab and searching for 'Linux'. This group is useful for discussing
  185. Linux issues with fellow Linux client users who are online.
  186. The Second Life Issue Tracker:
  187. <>
  188. This is the right place for finding known issues and reporting new
  189. bugs in all Second Life releases if you find that the Troubleshooting
  190. section in this file hasn't helped (please note, however, that this is
  191. not a support forum).
  192. Linux Client Testers forum:
  193. <>
  194. This is a forum where Linux Client users can help each other out and
  195. discuss the latest updates.