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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.1
 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII" standalone="yes"?>
 3Default values for "Look At" controls.
 4Various events compete for avatar attention. I.E. control where the
 5user's avatar looks.
 6The avatar's head will turn to look towards the source of those events
 7as much as is possible. 
 8If the head cannot turn due to an animation override, the eyes will still
 9track those events.
10Avatar attention will be taken by events of equal of greater priorities
11and will last for timeout number of seconds before reverting to idle.
12Negative timeout values indicate attentions that never time out.
13Avatar sex determines which set of attention settings are used.
14Within each set, the following named attentions relate to the indicated events:
16IDLE: Tracks the mouse pointer movement.
17AUTO LISTEN: Tracks nearby chat.
18FREELOOK: Tracks "target objects" and a case of mouse moved in 3rd person mode.
19RESPOND: Tracks the beginning of typing.
20HOVER: Tracks objects the mouse lingers over when "show hover tooltips" is on.
21CONVERSATION: Tracks avatars and other objects clicked on.
22SEOECT: Tracks objects grabbed and being moved.
23FOCUS: Freezes during avatar customization and when focused on object or point.
24MOUSELOOK: Tracks center of view when in mouselook view mode.
27<linden_attentions version="1.0">
28   <gender name="Masculine">
29      <param attention="idle"         priority="1.0" timeout="3.0"  />
30      <param attention="auto_listen"  priority="3.0" timeout="4.0"  />
31      <param attention="freelook"     priority="2.0" timeout="2.0"  />
32      <param attention="respond"      priority="3.0" timeout="4.0"  />
33      <param attention="hover"        priority="4.0" timeout="1.0"  />
34      <param attention="conversation" priority="0.0" timeout="-1"   />
35      <param attention="select"       priority="6.0" timeout="-1"   />
36      <param attention="focus"        priority="6.0" timeout="-1"   />
37      <param attention="mouselook"    priority="7.0" timeout="-1"   />
38   </gender>
39   <gender name="Feminine">
40      <param attention="idle"         priority="1.0" timeout="3.0"  />
41      <param attention="auto_listen"  priority="3.0" timeout="4.0"  />
42      <param attention="freelook"     priority="2.0" timeout="2.0"  />
43      <param attention="respond"      priority="3.0" timeout="4.0"  />
44      <param attention="hover"        priority="4.0" timeout="1.0"  />
45      <param attention="conversation" priority="0.0" timeout="-1"   />
46      <param attention="select"       priority="6.0" timeout="-1"   />
47      <param attention="focus"        priority="6.0" timeout="-1"   />
48      <param attention="mouselook"    priority="7.0" timeout="-1"   />
49   </gender>