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Makefile | 791 lines | 735 code | 47 blank | 9 comment | 31 complexity | 0664d953908c67940760de986c3f7e54 MD5 | raw file
  1# do not edit!  edit GNUmakefile instead
  2# Warning!  There is no real "make install" support.
  3# The include files are named after the djb, i.e. pretty generic.  They
  4# will probably conflict with other headers.  That's why I install them
  5# in /opt/diet, where they are in the default search path for my diet libc
  6# work but don't conflict with anything there.  YMMV.
 13LIBS=byte.a fmt.a scan.a str.a uint.a open.a stralloc.a unix.a socket.a \
 14buffer.a mmap.a taia.a tai.a dns.a case.a mult.a array.a io.a \
 15textcode.a cdb.a
 17all: $(LIBS) libowfat.a libsocket t
 22CFLAGS=-pipe -W -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer
 23#CFLAGS=-pipe -Os -march=pentiumpro -mcpu=pentiumpro -fomit-frame-pointer -fschedule-insns2 -Wall
 25# CFLAGS += -fstrict-aliasing -Wstrict-aliasing=2
 29array_allocate.o: array/array_allocate.c likely.h safemult.h uint16.h \
 30 uint32.h uint64.h array.h byte.h
 31array_bytes.o: array/array_bytes.c array.h uint64.h
 32array_cat.o: array/array_cat.c array.h uint64.h byte.h
 33array_cat0.o: array/array_cat0.c array.h uint64.h
 34array_catb.o: array/array_catb.c array.h uint64.h byte.h
 35array_cate.o: array/array_cate.c array.h uint64.h
 36array_cats.o: array/array_cats.c array.h uint64.h str.h
 37array_cats0.o: array/array_cats0.c array.h uint64.h str.h
 38array_equal.o: array/array_equal.c byte.h array.h uint64.h
 39array_fail.o: array/array_fail.c array.h uint64.h
 40array_get.o: array/array_get.c likely.h safemult.h uint16.h uint32.h \
 41 uint64.h array.h
 42array_length.o: array/array_length.c array.h uint64.h
 43array_reset.o: array/array_reset.c array.h uint64.h
 44array_start.o: array/array_start.c array.h uint64.h
 45array_trunc.o: array/array_trunc.c array.h uint64.h
 46array_truncate.o: array/array_truncate.c likely.h safemult.h uint16.h \
 47 uint32.h uint64.h array.h
 48iarray_allocate.o: array/iarray_allocate.c likely.h iarray.h uint64.h
 49iarray_free.o: array/iarray_free.c iarray.h uint64.h
 50iarray_get.o: array/iarray_get.c iarray.h uint64.h
 51iarray_init.o: array/iarray_init.c iarray.h uint64.h
 52buffer_0.o: buffer/buffer_0.c buffer.h
 53buffer_0small.o: buffer/buffer_0small.c buffer.h
 54buffer_1.o: buffer/buffer_1.c buffer.h
 55buffer_1small.o: buffer/buffer_1small.c buffer.h
 56buffer_2.o: buffer/buffer_2.c buffer.h
 57buffer_close.o: buffer/buffer_close.c buffer.h
 58buffer_feed.o: buffer/buffer_feed.c buffer.h
 59buffer_flush.o: buffer/buffer_flush.c buffer.h
 60buffer_fromsa.o: buffer/buffer_fromsa.c stralloc.h buffer.h
 61buffer_get.o: buffer/buffer_get.c byte.h buffer.h
 62buffer_get_new_token_sa.o: buffer/buffer_get_new_token_sa.c stralloc.h \
 63 buffer.h
 64buffer_get_new_token_sa_pred.o: buffer/buffer_get_new_token_sa_pred.c \
 65 stralloc.h buffer.h
 66buffer_get_token.o: buffer/buffer_get_token.c byte.h buffer.h scan.h
 67buffer_get_token_pred.o: buffer/buffer_get_token_pred.c byte.h buffer.h \
 68 scan.h
 69buffer_get_token_sa.o: buffer/buffer_get_token_sa.c byte.h stralloc.h \
 70 buffer.h
 71buffer_get_token_sa_pred.o: buffer/buffer_get_token_sa_pred.c byte.h \
 72 stralloc.h buffer.h
 73buffer_getc.o: buffer/buffer_getc.c byte.h buffer.h
 74buffer_getline.o: buffer/buffer_getline.c buffer.h
 75buffer_getline_sa.o: buffer/buffer_getline_sa.c stralloc.h buffer.h
 76buffer_getn.o: buffer/buffer_getn.c byte.h buffer.h
 77buffer_getnewline_sa.o: buffer/buffer_getnewline_sa.c stralloc.h buffer.h
 78buffer_init.o: buffer/buffer_init.c buffer.h
 79buffer_init_free.o: buffer/buffer_init_free.c buffer.h
 80buffer_mmapread.o: buffer/buffer_mmapread.c buffer.h mmap.h
 81buffer_peek.o: buffer/buffer_peek.c buffer.h
 82buffer_put.o: buffer/buffer_put.c byte.h buffer.h
 83buffer_put8long.o: buffer/buffer_put8long.c buffer.h fmt.h
 84buffer_putalign.o: buffer/buffer_putalign.c byte.h buffer.h
 85buffer_puterror.o: buffer/buffer_puterror.c buffer.h
 86buffer_puterror2.o: buffer/buffer_puterror2.c buffer.h
 87buffer_putflush.o: buffer/buffer_putflush.c buffer.h
 88buffer_putlong.o: buffer/buffer_putlong.c buffer.h fmt.h
 89buffer_putlonglong.o: buffer/buffer_putlonglong.c buffer.h fmt.h
 90buffer_putm_internal.o: buffer/buffer_putm_internal.c buffer.h
 91buffer_putm_internal_flush.o: buffer/buffer_putm_internal_flush.c \
 92 buffer.h
 93buffer_putnlflush.o: buffer/buffer_putnlflush.c str.h buffer.h
 94buffer_puts.o: buffer/buffer_puts.c str.h buffer.h
 95buffer_putsa.o: buffer/buffer_putsa.c stralloc.h buffer.h
 96buffer_putsaflush.o: buffer/buffer_putsaflush.c stralloc.h buffer.h
 97buffer_putsalign.o: buffer/buffer_putsalign.c str.h buffer.h
 98buffer_putsflush.o: buffer/buffer_putsflush.c str.h buffer.h
 99buffer_putspace.o: buffer/buffer_putspace.c str.h buffer.h
100buffer_putulong.o: buffer/buffer_putulong.c buffer.h fmt.h
101buffer_putulonglong.o: buffer/buffer_putulonglong.c buffer.h fmt.h
102buffer_putxlong.o: buffer/buffer_putxlong.c buffer.h fmt.h
103buffer_seek.o: buffer/buffer_seek.c buffer.h
104buffer_stubborn.o: buffer/buffer_stubborn.c buffer.h
105buffer_stubborn2.o: buffer/buffer_stubborn2.c buffer.h
106buffer_tosa.o: buffer/buffer_tosa.c stralloc.h buffer.h
107errmsg_iam.o: buffer/errmsg_iam.c errmsg.h
108errmsg_info.o: buffer/errmsg_info.c errmsg.h errmsg_int.h str.h
109errmsg_infosys.o: buffer/errmsg_infosys.c errmsg.h errmsg_int.h str.h
110errmsg_puts.o: buffer/errmsg_puts.c errmsg.h errmsg_int.h str.h
111errmsg_warn.o: buffer/errmsg_warn.c errmsg.h errmsg_int.h str.h
112errmsg_warnsys.o: buffer/errmsg_warnsys.c errmsg.h errmsg_int.h str.h
113errmsg_write.o: buffer/errmsg_write.c errmsg.h errmsg_int.h
114byte_chr.o: byte/byte_chr.c byte.h
115byte_copy.o: byte/byte_copy.c byte.h
116byte_copyr.o: byte/byte_copyr.c byte.h
117byte_diff.o: byte/byte_diff.c byte.h
118byte_rchr.o: byte/byte_rchr.c byte.h
119byte_zero.o: byte/byte_zero.c byte.h
120case_diffb.o: case/case_diffb.c case.h
121case_diffs.o: case/case_diffs.c case.h
122case_lowerb.o: case/case_lowerb.c case.h
123case_lowers.o: case/case_lowers.c case.h
124case_starts.o: case/case_starts.c case.h
125cdb.o: cdb/cdb.c byte.h cdb.h uint32.h uint64.h
126cdb_hash.o: cdb/cdb_hash.c cdb.h uint32.h uint64.h
127cdb_make.o: cdb/cdb_make.c cdb.h uint32.h uint64.h cdb_make.h buffer.h
128cdb_traverse.o: cdb/cdb_traverse.c cdb.h uint32.h uint64.h
129dns_dfd.o: dns/dns_dfd.c byte.h dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h tai.h \
130 uint64.h uint32.h
131dns_domain.o: dns/dns_domain.c case.h byte.h dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h \
132 taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
133dns_dtda.o: dns/dns_dtda.c stralloc.h dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h \
134 tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
135dns_ip.o: dns/dns_ip.c stralloc.h uint16.h byte.h dns.h stralloc.h \
136 iopause.h taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
137dns_ip6.o: dns/dns_ip6.c stralloc.h uint16.h byte.h dns.h stralloc.h \
138 iopause.h taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h ip4.h ip6.h byte.h
139dns_ipq.o: dns/dns_ipq.c stralloc.h case.h byte.h str.h dns.h stralloc.h \
140 iopause.h taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
141dns_ipq6.o: dns/dns_ipq6.c stralloc.h case.h byte.h str.h dns.h \
142 stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
143dns_mx.o: dns/dns_mx.c stralloc.h byte.h uint16.h dns.h stralloc.h \
144 iopause.h taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
145dns_name.o: dns/dns_name.c stralloc.h uint16.h byte.h dns.h stralloc.h \
146 iopause.h taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h ip6.h byte.h
147dns_nd.o: dns/dns_nd.c byte.h fmt.h dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h \
148 tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
149dns_nd6.o: dns/dns_nd6.c byte.h fmt.h dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h \
150 tai.h uint64.h uint32.h haveinline.h
151dns_packet.o: dns/dns_packet.c dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h tai.h \
152 uint64.h uint32.h
153dns_random.o: dns/dns_random.c dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h tai.h \
154 uint64.h uint32.h taia.h uint32.h
155dns_rcip.o: dns/dns_rcip.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h openreadclose.h \
156 stralloc.h byte.h ip4.h ip6.h byte.h dns.h iopause.h taia.h
157dns_rcrw.o: dns/dns_rcrw.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h byte.h str.h \
158 openreadclose.h stralloc.h dns.h iopause.h taia.h
159dns_resolve.o: dns/dns_resolve.c iopause.h taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h \
160 taia.h byte.h dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h ip6.h byte.h
161dns_sortip.o: dns/dns_sortip.c byte.h dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h \
162 tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
163dns_sortip6.o: dns/dns_sortip6.c byte.h dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h \
164 tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
165dns_transmit.o: dns/dns_transmit.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h byte.h \
166 uint16.h dns.h stralloc.h iopause.h taia.h tai.h uint64.h ip6.h byte.h
167dns_txt.o: dns/dns_txt.c stralloc.h uint16.h byte.h dns.h stralloc.h \
168 iopause.h taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
169buffer_getline.o: examples/buffer_getline.c stralloc.h buffer.h io.h \
170 uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h errmsg.h
171byte.o: examples/byte.c byte.h buffer.h
172str.o: examples/str.c str.h buffer.h
173fmt_8long.o: fmt/fmt_8long.c fmt.h
174fmt_8longlong.o: fmt/fmt_8longlong.c fmt.h
175fmt_double.o: fmt/fmt_double.c fmt.h
176fmt_fill.o: fmt/fmt_fill.c fmt.h
177fmt_httpdate.o: fmt/fmt_httpdate.c fmt.h byte.h
178fmt_human.o: fmt/fmt_human.c fmt.h
179fmt_humank.o: fmt/fmt_humank.c fmt.h
180fmt_long.o: fmt/fmt_long.c fmt.h
181fmt_longlong.o: fmt/fmt_longlong.c fmt.h
182fmt_minus.o: fmt/fmt_minus.c fmt.h
183fmt_pad.o: fmt/fmt_pad.c fmt.h
184fmt_plusminus.o: fmt/fmt_plusminus.c fmt.h
185fmt_str.o: fmt/fmt_str.c fmt.h
186fmt_strm_internal.o: fmt/fmt_strm_internal.c fmt.h
187fmt_strn.o: fmt/fmt_strn.c fmt.h
188fmt_tohex.o: fmt/fmt_tohex.c fmt.h
189fmt_ulong.o: fmt/fmt_ulong.c fmt.h
190fmt_ulong0.o: fmt/fmt_ulong0.c fmt.h
191fmt_ulonglong.o: fmt/fmt_ulonglong.c fmt.h
192fmt_xlong.o: fmt/fmt_xlong.c fmt.h haveinline.h
193fmt_xlonglong.o: fmt/fmt_xlonglong.c fmt.h
194io_appendfile.o: io/io_appendfile.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
195 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
196 havesigio.h
197io_block.o: io/io_block.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
198 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
199io_canread.o: io/io_canread.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
200 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
201io_canwrite.o: io/io_canwrite.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
202 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
203io_check.o: io/io_check.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
204 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
205io_close.o: io/io_close.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
206 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
207io_closeonexec.o: io/io_closeonexec.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
208 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
209 havesigio.h
210io_createfile.o: io/io_createfile.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
211 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
212 havesigio.h
213io_dontwantread.o: io/io_dontwantread.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h \
214 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
215 havesigio.h byte.h
216io_dontwantwrite.o: io/io_dontwantwrite.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h \
217 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
218 havesigio.h byte.h
219io_eagain.o: io/io_eagain.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
220 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
221io_fd.o: io/io_fd.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h \
222 array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h byte.h
223io_finishandshutdown.o: io/io_finishandshutdown.c io_internal.h io.h \
224 uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h \
225 havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
226io_getcookie.o: io/io_getcookie.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
227 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
228 havesigio.h
229io_mmapwritefile.o: io/io_mmapwritefile.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h \
230 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
231 havesigio.h iob.h
232io_nonblock.o: io/io_nonblock.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
233 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
234io_passfd.o: io/io_passfd.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
235 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
236io_pipe.o: io/io_pipe.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h \
237 array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
238io_readfile.o: io/io_readfile.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
239 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
240io_readwritefile.o: io/io_readwritefile.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h \
241 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
242 havesigio.h
243io_receivefd.o: io/io_receivefd.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
244 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
245 havesigio.h
246io_sendfile.o: io/io_sendfile.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
247 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h \
248 havebsdsf.h havesendfile.h
249io_setcookie.o: io/io_setcookie.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
250 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
251 havesigio.h
252io_sigpipe.o: io/io_sigpipe.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
253 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
254io_socketpair.o: io/io_socketpair.c windoze.h io_internal.h io.h uint64.h \
255 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
256 havesigio.h
257io_starteventloop.o: io/io_starteventloop.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h \
258 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
259 havesigio.h
260io_timeout.o: io/io_timeout.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
261 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
262io_timeouted.o: io/io_timeouted.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
263 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
264 havesigio.h
265io_tryread.o: io/io_tryread.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
266 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h \
267 byte.h
268io_tryreadtimeout.o: io/io_tryreadtimeout.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h \
269 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
270 havesigio.h
271io_trywrite.o: io/io_trywrite.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
272 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
273io_trywritetimeout.o: io/io_trywritetimeout.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h \
274 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
275 havesigio.h
276io_wait.o: io/io_wait.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h \
277 array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
278io_waitread.o: io/io_waitread.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
279 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h
280io_waituntil.o: io/io_waituntil.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
281 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
282 havesigio.h safemult.h uint16.h
283io_waituntil2.o: io/io_waituntil2.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
284 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
285 havesigio.h
286io_waitwrite.o: io/io_waitwrite.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
287 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
288 havesigio.h
289io_wantread.o: io/io_wantread.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
290 uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havesigio.h \
291 byte.h
292io_wantwrite.o: io/io_wantwrite.c io_internal.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
293 tai.h uint32.h array.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
294 havesigio.h byte.h
295iob_addbuf.o: io/iob_addbuf.c iob_internal.h iob.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
296 tai.h uint32.h array.h
297iob_addbuf_free.o: io/iob_addbuf_free.c iob_internal.h iob.h io.h \
298 uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h
299iob_addbuf_internal.o: io/iob_addbuf_internal.c iob_internal.h iob.h io.h \
300 uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h
301iob_addbuf_munmap.o: io/iob_addbuf_munmap.c iob_internal.h iob.h io.h \
302 uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h
303iob_addfile.o: io/iob_addfile.c iob_internal.h iob.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
304 tai.h uint32.h array.h
305iob_addfile_close.o: io/iob_addfile_close.c iob_internal.h iob.h io.h \
306 uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h
307iob_adds.o: io/iob_adds.c str.h iob.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h \
308 array.h
309iob_adds_free.o: io/iob_adds_free.c str.h iob.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
310 tai.h uint32.h array.h
311iob_bytesleft.o: io/iob_bytesleft.c iob.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
312 uint32.h array.h
313iob_free.o: io/iob_free.c iob_internal.h iob.h io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h \
314 uint32.h array.h
315iob_new.o: io/iob_new.c byte.h iob_internal.h iob.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
316 tai.h uint32.h array.h
317iob_prefetch.o: io/iob_prefetch.c iob_internal.h iob.h io.h uint64.h \
318 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h
319iob_reset.o: io/iob_reset.c byte.h iob_internal.h iob.h io.h uint64.h \
320 taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h
321iob_send.o: io/iob_send.c havebsdsf.h havealloca.h iob_internal.h iob.h \
322 io.h uint64.h taia.h tai.h uint32.h array.h
323iob_write.o: io/iob_write.c iob_internal.h iob.h io.h uint64.h taia.h \
324 tai.h uint32.h array.h
325mmap_private.o: mmap/mmap_private.c open.h mmap.h
326mmap_read.o: mmap/mmap_read.c open.h mmap.h
327mmap_shared.o: mmap/mmap_shared.c open.h mmap.h
328mmap_unmap.o: mmap/mmap_unmap.c open.h mmap.h
329imult16.o: mult/imult16.c safemult.h uint16.h uint32.h uint64.h
330imult32.o: mult/imult32.c safemult.h uint16.h uint32.h uint64.h
331imult64.o: mult/imult64.c safemult.h uint16.h uint32.h uint64.h
332range_arrayinbuf.o: mult/range_arrayinbuf.c rangecheck.h safemult.h \
333 uint16.h uint32.h uint64.h
334range_str2inbuf.o: mult/range_str2inbuf.c rangecheck.h
335range_str4inbuf.o: mult/range_str4inbuf.c rangecheck.h
336range_strinbuf.o: mult/range_strinbuf.c rangecheck.h
337umult16.o: mult/umult16.c safemult.h uint16.h uint32.h uint64.h
338umult32.o: mult/umult32.c safemult.h uint16.h uint32.h uint64.h
339umult64.o: mult/umult64.c safemult.h uint16.h uint32.h uint64.h
340open_append.o: open/open_append.c open.h
341open_excl.o: open/open_excl.c open.h
342open_read.o: open/open_read.c open.h
343open_rw.o: open/open_rw.c open.h
344open_trunc.o: open/open_trunc.c open.h
345open_write.o: open/open_write.c open.h
346openreadclose.o: open/openreadclose.c open.h readclose.h stralloc.h \
347 openreadclose.h
348readclose.o: open/readclose.c readclose.h stralloc.h
349scan_8int.o: scan/scan_8int.c scan.h
350scan_8long.o: scan/scan_8long.c scan.h
351scan_8short.o: scan/scan_8short.c scan.h
352scan_charsetnskip.o: scan/scan_charsetnskip.c scan.h
353scan_double.o: scan/scan_double.c scan.h
354scan_fromhex.o: scan/scan_fromhex.c scan.h
355scan_httpdate.o: scan/scan_httpdate.c scan.h byte.h case.h
356scan_int.o: scan/scan_int.c scan.h
357scan_long.o: scan/scan_long.c scan.h
358scan_longlong.o: scan/scan_longlong.c scan.h
359scan_noncharsetnskip.o: scan/scan_noncharsetnskip.c scan.h
360scan_nonwhitenskip.o: scan/scan_nonwhitenskip.c scan.h
361scan_plusminus.o: scan/scan_plusminus.c scan.h
362scan_short.o: scan/scan_short.c scan.h
363scan_uint.o: scan/scan_uint.c scan.h
364scan_ulong.o: scan/scan_ulong.c scan.h
365scan_ulonglong.o: scan/scan_ulonglong.c scan.h
366scan_ushort.o: scan/scan_ushort.c scan.h
367scan_whitenskip.o: scan/scan_whitenskip.c scan.h
368scan_xint.o: scan/scan_xint.c scan.h
369scan_xlong.o: scan/scan_xlong.c scan.h
370scan_xlonglong.o: scan/scan_xlonglong.c scan.h
371scan_xshort.o: scan/scan_xshort.c scan.h
372fmt_ip4.o: socket/fmt_ip4.c fmt.h ip4.h
373fmt_ip6.o: socket/fmt_ip6.c fmt.h byte.h ip4.h ip6.h byte.h uint32.h
374fmt_ip6_flat.o: socket/fmt_ip6_flat.c ip6.h byte.h uint32.h haveinline.h
375fmt_ip6c.o: socket/fmt_ip6c.c fmt.h byte.h ip4.h ip6.h byte.h uint32.h
376fmt_ip6if.o: socket/fmt_ip6if.c ip6.h byte.h uint32.h str.h fmt.h \
377 socket.h uint16.h
378fmt_ip6ifc.o: socket/fmt_ip6ifc.c fmt.h byte.h ip4.h ip6.h byte.h \
379 uint32.h
380init.o: socket/init.c
381scan_ip4.o: socket/scan_ip4.c scan.h ip4.h
382scan_ip6.o: socket/scan_ip6.c scan.h ip4.h ip6.h byte.h uint32.h
383scan_ip6_flat.o: socket/scan_ip6_flat.c scan.h
384scan_ip6if.o: socket/scan_ip6if.c ip6.h byte.h uint32.h byte.h socket.h \
385 uint16.h havealloca.h
386socket_accept4.o: socket/socket_accept4.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
387 uint32.h havesl.h
388socket_accept6.o: socket/socket_accept6.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h \
389 uint16.h uint32.h ip6.h byte.h haveip6.h havesl.h havescope.h
390socket_bind4.o: socket/socket_bind4.c windoze.h byte.h uint16.h uint32.h \
391 socket.h uint16.h uint32.h
392socket_bind4_reuse.o: socket/socket_bind4_reuse.c socket.h uint16.h \
393 uint32.h windoze.h
394socket_bind6.o: socket/socket_bind6.c haveip6.h windoze.h ip6.h byte.h \
395 uint32.h byte.h socket.h uint16.h
396socket_bind6_reuse.o: socket/socket_bind6_reuse.c socket.h uint16.h \
397 uint32.h windoze.h
398socket_broadcast.o: socket/socket_broadcast.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h \
399 windoze.h
400socket_connect4.o: socket/socket_connect4.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h \
401 uint16.h uint32.h uint16.h uint32.h
402socket_connect6.o: socket/socket_connect6.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h \
403 uint16.h uint32.h ip6.h byte.h haveip6.h uint32.h ip4.h havescope.h
404socket_connected.o: socket/socket_connected.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h \
405 havesl.h
406socket_deferaccept.o: socket/socket_deferaccept.c socket.h uint16.h \
407 uint32.h
408socket_getifidx.o: socket/socket_getifidx.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h \
409 haven2i.h
410socket_getifname.o: socket/socket_getifname.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h \
411 haven2i.h
412socket_ip4loopback.o: socket/socket_ip4loopback.c
413socket_listen.o: socket/socket_listen.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h \
414 windoze.h
415socket_local4.o: socket/socket_local4.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h \
416 uint16.h uint32.h havesl.h
417socket_local6.o: socket/socket_local6.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h \
418 uint16.h uint32.h ip6.h byte.h haveip6.h uint32.h havesl.h havescope.h
419socket_mchopcount6.o: socket/socket_mchopcount6.c windoze.h socket.h \
420 uint16.h uint32.h byte.h haveip6.h ip6.h byte.h
421socket_mcjoin4.o: socket/socket_mcjoin4.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
422 uint32.h byte.h
423socket_mcjoin6.o: socket/socket_mcjoin6.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
424 uint32.h byte.h haveip6.h ip6.h byte.h
425socket_mcleave4.o: socket/socket_mcleave4.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
426 uint32.h byte.h
427socket_mcleave6.o: socket/socket_mcleave6.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
428 uint32.h byte.h haveip6.h ip6.h byte.h
429socket_mcloop4.o: socket/socket_mcloop4.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
430 uint32.h
431socket_mcloop6.o: socket/socket_mcloop6.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
432 uint32.h haveip6.h
433socket_mcttl4.o: socket/socket_mcttl4.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
434 uint32.h
435socket_noipv6.o: socket/socket_noipv6.c
436socket_recv4.o: socket/socket_recv4.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
437 uint32.h havesl.h
438socket_recv6.o: socket/socket_recv6.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h uint16.h \
439 uint32.h ip6.h byte.h haveip6.h havesl.h havescope.h
440socket_remote4.o: socket/socket_remote4.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h \
441 uint16.h uint32.h havesl.h havescope.h
442socket_remote6.o: socket/socket_remote6.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h \
443 uint16.h uint32.h ip6.h byte.h haveip6.h uint32.h havesl.h havescope.h
444socket_send4.o: socket/socket_send4.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h uint16.h \
445 uint32.h
446socket_send6.o: socket/socket_send6.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h uint16.h \
447 uint32.h ip6.h byte.h haveip6.h ip4.h havescope.h
448socket_tcp4.o: socket/socket_tcp4.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h ndelay.h
449socket_tcp4b.o: socket/socket_tcp4b.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
450 uint32.h ndelay.h
451socket_tcp6.o: socket/socket_tcp6.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h ndelay.h
452socket_tcp6b.o: socket/socket_tcp6b.c windoze.h haveip6.h socket.h \
453 uint16.h uint32.h ndelay.h
454socket_tryreservein.o: socket/socket_tryreservein.c windoze.h socket.h \
455 uint16.h uint32.h
456socket_udp4.o: socket/socket_udp4.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h uint32.h \
457 ndelay.h
458socket_udp6.o: socket/socket_udp6.c windoze.h haveip6.h socket.h uint16.h \
459 uint32.h ndelay.h
460socket_v4mappedprefix.o: socket/socket_v4mappedprefix.c
461socket_v6any.o: socket/socket_v6any.c
462socket_v6loopback.o: socket/socket_v6loopback.c
463str_chr.o: str/str_chr.c str.h
464str_copy.o: str/str_copy.c str.h
465str_diff.o: str/str_diff.c byte.h
466str_diffn.o: str/str_diffn.c byte.h
467str_len.o: str/str_len.c str.h
468str_rchr.o: str/str_rchr.c str.h
469str_start.o: str/str_start.c str.h
470stralloc_append.o: stralloc/stralloc_append.c stralloc.h
471stralloc_cat.o: stralloc/stralloc_cat.c stralloc.h str.h
472stralloc_catb.o: stralloc/stralloc_catb.c byte.h stralloc.h
473stralloc_catlong0.o: stralloc/stralloc_catlong0.c stralloc.h fmt.h
474stralloc_catm_internal.o: stralloc/stralloc_catm_internal.c stralloc.h
475stralloc_cats.o: stralloc/stralloc_cats.c stralloc.h str.h
476stralloc_catulong0.o: stralloc/stralloc_catulong0.c stralloc.h fmt.h
477stralloc_chomp.o: stralloc/stralloc_chomp.c stralloc.h
478stralloc_chop.o: stralloc/stralloc_chop.c stralloc.h
479stralloc_copy.o: stralloc/stralloc_copy.c stralloc.h str.h
480stralloc_copyb.o: stralloc/stralloc_copyb.c byte.h stralloc.h
481stralloc_copys.o: stralloc/stralloc_copys.c stralloc.h str.h
482stralloc_diff.o: stralloc/stralloc_diff.c stralloc.h byte.h str.h
483stralloc_diffs.o: stralloc/stralloc_diffs.c stralloc.h byte.h str.h
484stralloc_free.o: stralloc/stralloc_free.c stralloc.h
485stralloc_init.o: stralloc/stralloc_init.c stralloc.h
486stralloc_ready.o: stralloc/stralloc_ready.c stralloc.h
487stralloc_readyplus.o: stralloc/stralloc_readyplus.c stralloc.h
488stralloc_starts.o: stralloc/stralloc_starts.c stralloc.h byte.h str.h
489stralloc_zero.o: stralloc/stralloc_zero.c stralloc.h
490tai_add.o: tai/tai_add.c tai.h uint64.h
491tai_now.o: tai/tai_now.c tai.h uint64.h
492tai_pack.o: tai/tai_pack.c tai.h uint64.h
493tai_sub.o: tai/tai_sub.c tai.h uint64.h
494tai_uint.o: tai/tai_uint.c tai.h uint64.h
495tai_unpack.o: tai/tai_unpack.c tai.h uint64.h
496taia_add.o: taia/taia_add.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
497taia_addsec.o: taia/taia_addsec.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
498taia_approx.o: taia/taia_approx.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
499taia_frac.o: taia/taia_frac.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
500taia_half.o: taia/taia_half.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
501taia_less.o: taia/taia_less.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
502taia_now.o: taia/taia_now.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
503taia_pack.o: taia/taia_pack.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
504taia_sub.o: taia/taia_sub.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
505taia_tai.o: taia/taia_tai.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
506taia_uint.o: taia/taia_uint.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
507taia_unpack.o: taia/taia_unpack.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h
508base64.o: textcode/base64.c
509fmt_base64.o: textcode/fmt_base64.c fmt.h textcode.h haveinline.h
510fmt_cescape.o: textcode/fmt_cescape.c fmt.h textcode.h str.h haveinline.h
511fmt_foldwhitespace.o: textcode/fmt_foldwhitespace.c fmt.h textcode.h \
512 str.h haveinline.h
513fmt_hexdump.o: textcode/fmt_hexdump.c fmt.h textcode.h str.h haveinline.h
514fmt_html.o: textcode/fmt_html.c fmt.h textcode.h str.h haveinline.h
515fmt_ldapescape.o: textcode/fmt_ldapescape.c fmt.h textcode.h haveinline.h \
516 str.h
517fmt_ldapescape2.o: textcode/fmt_ldapescape2.c fmt.h textcode.h \
518 haveinline.h
519fmt_quotedprintable.o: textcode/fmt_quotedprintable.c fmt.h textcode.h \
520 haveinline.h str.h
521fmt_to_array.o: textcode/fmt_to_array.c array.h uint64.h textcode.h
522fmt_to_sa.o: textcode/fmt_to_sa.c stralloc.h textcode.h
523fmt_tofrom_array.o: textcode/fmt_tofrom_array.c array.h uint64.h \
524 textcode.h
525fmt_urlencoded.o: textcode/fmt_urlencoded.c fmt.h textcode.h str.h \
526 haveinline.h
527fmt_uuencoded.o: textcode/fmt_uuencoded.c fmt.h textcode.h haveinline.h
528fmt_yenc.o: textcode/fmt_yenc.c fmt.h textcode.h
529scan_base64.o: textcode/scan_base64.c textcode.h haveinline.h
530scan_cescape.o: textcode/scan_cescape.c fmt.h textcode.h scan.h
531scan_hexdump.o: textcode/scan_hexdump.c fmt.h textcode.h scan.h
532scan_html.o: textcode/scan_html.c fmt.h textcode.h haveinline.h case.h
533scan_ldapescape.o: textcode/scan_ldapescape.c fmt.h textcode.h scan.h
534scan_quotedprintable.o: textcode/scan_quotedprintable.c fmt.h textcode.h \
535 scan.h
536scan_to_array.o: textcode/scan_to_array.c str.h array.h uint64.h \
537 textcode.h
538scan_to_sa.o: textcode/scan_to_sa.c str.h stralloc.h textcode.h
539scan_tofrom_array.o: textcode/scan_tofrom_array.c str.h array.h uint64.h \
540 textcode.h
541scan_urlencoded.o: textcode/scan_urlencoded.c fmt.h textcode.h scan.h
542scan_uuencoded.o: textcode/scan_uuencoded.c textcode.h
543scan_yenc.o: textcode/scan_yenc.c fmt.h textcode.h
544uint16_pack.o: uint/uint16_pack.c uint16.h
545uint16_pack_big.o: uint/uint16_pack_big.c uint16.h
546uint16_read.o: uint/uint16_read.c uint16.h
547uint16_read_big.o: uint/uint16_read_big.c uint16.h
548uint16_unpack.o: uint/uint16_unpack.c uint16.h
549uint16_unpack_big.o: uint/uint16_unpack_big.c uint16.h
550uint32_pack.o: uint/uint32_pack.c uint32.h
551uint32_pack_big.o: uint/uint32_pack_big.c uint32.h
552uint32_read.o: uint/uint32_read.c uint32.h
553uint32_read_big.o: uint/uint32_read_big.c uint32.h
554uint32_unpack.o: uint/uint32_unpack.c uint32.h
555uint32_unpack_big.o: uint/uint32_unpack_big.c uint32.h
556uint64_pack.o: uint/uint64_pack.c uint64.h uint32.h
557uint64_pack_big.o: uint/uint64_pack_big.c uint64.h uint32.h
558uint64_read.o: uint/uint64_read.c uint64.h uint32.h
559uint64_read_big.o: uint/uint64_read_big.c uint64.h uint32.h
560uint64_unpack.o: uint/uint64_unpack.c uint64.h uint32.h
561uint64_unpack_big.o: uint/uint64_unpack_big.c uint64.h uint32.h
562iopause.o: unix/iopause.c taia.h tai.h uint64.h uint32.h iopause.h taia.h \
563 select.h
564ndelay_off.o: unix/ndelay_off.c ndelay.h
565ndelay_on.o: unix/ndelay_on.c ndelay.h
566winsock2errno.o: unix/winsock2errno.c
567t.o: t.c fmt.h scan.h str.h uint16.h uint32.h stralloc.h socket.h \
568 buffer.h ip4.h ip6.h byte.h mmap.h open.h textcode.h dns.h iopause.h \
569 taia.h tai.h uint64.h case.h errmsg.h iob.h io.h array.h safemult.h \
570 iarray.h CAS.h io_internal.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
571 havesigio.h
572BYTE_OBJS=byte_chr.o byte_copy.o byte_copyr.o byte_diff.o byte_rchr.o byte_zero.o 
573FMT_OBJS=fmt_8long.o fmt_8longlong.o fmt_double.o fmt_fill.o fmt_httpdate.o fmt_human.o fmt_humank.o fmt_long.o fmt_longlong.o fmt_minus.o fmt_pad.o fmt_plusminus.o fmt_str.o fmt_strm_internal.o fmt_strn.o fmt_tohex.o fmt_ulong.o fmt_ulong0.o fmt_ulonglong.o fmt_xlong.o fmt_xlonglong.o 
574SCAN_OBJS=scan_8int.o scan_8long.o scan_8short.o scan_charsetnskip.o scan_double.o scan_fromhex.o scan_httpdate.o scan_int.o scan_long.o scan_longlong.o scan_noncharsetnskip.o scan_nonwhitenskip.o scan_plusminus.o scan_short.o scan_uint.o scan_ulong.o scan_ulonglong.o scan_ushort.o scan_whitenskip.o scan_xint.o scan_xlong.o scan_xlonglong.o scan_xshort.o 
575STR_OBJS=str_chr.o str_copy.o str_diff.o str_diffn.o str_len.o str_rchr.o str_start.o 
576UINT_OBJS=uint16_pack.o uint16_pack_big.o uint16_read.o uint16_read_big.o uint16_unpack.o uint16_unpack_big.o uint32_pack.o uint32_pack_big.o uint32_read.o uint32_read_big.o uint32_unpack.o uint32_unpack_big.o uint64_pack.o uint64_pack_big.o uint64_read.o uint64_read_big.o uint64_unpack.o uint64_unpack_big.o 
577OPEN_OBJS=open_append.o open_excl.o open_read.o open_rw.o open_trunc.o open_write.o openreadclose.o readclose.o 
578STRALLOC_OBJS=stralloc_append.o stralloc_cat.o stralloc_catb.o stralloc_catlong0.o stralloc_catm_internal.o stralloc_cats.o stralloc_catulong0.o stralloc_chomp.o stralloc_chop.o stralloc_copy.o stralloc_copyb.o stralloc_copys.o stralloc_diff.o stralloc_diffs.o stralloc_free.o stralloc_init.o stralloc_ready.o stralloc_readyplus.o stralloc_starts.o stralloc_zero.o 
579UNIX_OBJS=iopause.o ndelay_off.o ndelay_on.o winsock2errno.o 
580SOCKET_OBJS=fmt_ip4.o fmt_ip6.o fmt_ip6_flat.o fmt_ip6c.o fmt_ip6if.o fmt_ip6ifc.o init.o scan_ip4.o scan_ip6.o scan_ip6_flat.o scan_ip6if.o socket_accept4.o socket_accept6.o socket_bind4.o socket_bind4_reuse.o socket_bind6.o socket_bind6_reuse.o socket_broadcast.o socket_connect4.o socket_connect6.o socket_connected.o socket_deferaccept.o socket_getifidx.o socket_getifname.o socket_ip4loopback.o socket_listen.o socket_local4.o socket_local6.o socket_mchopcount6.o socket_mcjoin4.o socket_mcjoin6.o socket_mcleave4.o socket_mcleave6.o socket_mcloop4.o socket_mcloop6.o socket_mcttl4.o socket_noipv6.o socket_recv4.o socket_recv6.o socket_remote4.o socket_remote6.o socket_send4.o socket_send6.o socket_tcp4.o socket_tcp4b.o socket_tcp6.o socket_tcp6b.o socket_tryreservein.o socket_udp4.o socket_udp6.o socket_v4mappedprefix.o socket_v6any.o socket_v6loopback.o 
581BUFFER_OBJS=buffer_0.o buffer_0small.o buffer_1.o buffer_1small.o buffer_2.o buffer_close.o buffer_feed.o buffer_flush.o buffer_fromsa.o buffer_get.o buffer_get_new_token_sa.o buffer_get_new_token_sa_pred.o buffer_get_token.o buffer_get_token_pred.o buffer_get_token_sa.o buffer_get_token_sa_pred.o buffer_getc.o buffer_getline.o buffer_getline_sa.o buffer_getn.o buffer_getnewline_sa.o buffer_init.o buffer_init_free.o buffer_mmapread.o buffer_peek.o buffer_put.o buffer_put8long.o buffer_putalign.o buffer_puterror.o buffer_puterror2.o buffer_putflush.o buffer_putlong.o buffer_putlonglong.o buffer_putm_internal.o buffer_putm_internal_flush.o buffer_putnlflush.o buffer_puts.o buffer_putsa.o buffer_putsaflush.o buffer_putsalign.o buffer_putsflush.o buffer_putspace.o buffer_putulong.o buffer_putulonglong.o buffer_putxlong.o buffer_seek.o buffer_stubborn.o buffer_stubborn2.o buffer_tosa.o errmsg_iam.o errmsg_info.o errmsg_infosys.o errmsg_puts.o errmsg_warn.o errmsg_warnsys.o errmsg_write.o 
582MMAP_OBJS=mmap_private.o mmap_read.o mmap_shared.o mmap_unmap.o 
583TAIA_OBJS=taia_add.o taia_addsec.o taia_approx.o taia_frac.o taia_half.o taia_less.o taia_now.o taia_pack.o taia_sub.o taia_tai.o taia_uint.o taia_unpack.o 
584TAI_OBJS=tai_add.o tai_now.o tai_pack.o tai_sub.o tai_uint.o tai_unpack.o 
585DNS_OBJS=dns_dfd.o dns_domain.o dns_dtda.o dns_ip.o dns_ip6.o dns_ipq.o dns_ipq6.o dns_mx.o dns_name.o dns_nd.o dns_nd6.o dns_packet.o dns_random.o dns_rcip.o dns_rcrw.o dns_resolve.o dns_sortip.o dns_sortip6.o dns_transmit.o dns_txt.o 
586CASE_OBJS=case_diffb.o case_diffs.o case_lowerb.o case_lowers.o case_starts.o 
587MULT_OBJS=imult16.o imult32.o imult64.o range_arrayinbuf.o range_str2inbuf.o range_str4inbuf.o range_strinbuf.o umult16.o umult32.o umult64.o 
588ARRAY_OBJS=array_allocate.o array_bytes.o array_cat.o array_cat0.o array_catb.o array_cate.o array_cats.o array_cats0.o array_equal.o array_fail.o array_get.o array_length.o array_reset.o array_start.o array_trunc.o array_truncate.o
589IO_OBJS=io_appendfile.o io_block.o io_canread.o io_canwrite.o io_check.o io_close.o io_closeonexec.o io_createfile.o io_dontwantread.o io_dontwantwrite.o io_eagain.o io_fd.o io_finishandshutdown.o io_getcookie.o io_mmapwritefile.o io_nonblock.o io_passfd.o io_pipe.o io_readfile.o io_readwritefile.o io_receivefd.o io_sendfile.o io_setcookie.o io_sigpipe.o io_socketpair.o io_timeout.o io_timeouted.o io_tryread.o io_tryreadtimeout.o io_trywrite.o io_trywritetimeout.o io_wait.o io_waitread.o io_waituntil.o io_waituntil2.o io_waitwrite.o io_wantread.o io_wantwrite.o iob_addbuf.o iob_addbuf_free.o iob_addbuf_internal.o iob_addbuf_munmap.o iob_addfile.o iob_addfile_close.o iob_adds.o iob_adds_free.o iob_bytesleft.o iob_free.o iob_new.o iob_prefetch.o iob_reset.o iob_send.o iob_write.o 
590TEXTCODE_OBJS=base64.o fmt_base64.o fmt_cescape.o fmt_foldwhitespace.o fmt_hexdump.o fmt_html.o fmt_ldapescape.o fmt_ldapescape2.o fmt_quotedprintable.o fmt_to_array.o fmt_to_sa.o fmt_tofrom_array.o fmt_urlencoded.o fmt_uuencoded.o fmt_yenc.o scan_base64.o scan_cescape.o scan_hexdump.o scan_html.o scan_ldapescape.o scan_quotedprintable.o scan_to_array.o scan_to_sa.o scan_tofrom_array.o scan_urlencoded.o scan_uuencoded.o scan_yenc.o 
591CDB_OBJS=cdb.o cdb_hash.o cdb_make.o cdb_traverse.o 
593byte.a: $(BYTE_OBJS)
594fmt.a: $(FMT_OBJS)
595scan.a: $(SCAN_OBJS)
596str.a: $(STR_OBJS)
597uint.a: $(UINT_OBJS)
598open.a: $(OPEN_OBJS)
599stralloc.a: $(STRALLOC_OBJS)
600unix.a: $(UNIX_OBJS)
601socket.a: $(SOCKET_OBJS)
602buffer.a: $(BUFFER_OBJS)
603mmap.a: $(MMAP_OBJS)
604textcode.a: $(TEXTCODE_OBJS)
605taia.a: $(TAIA_OBJS)
606tai.a: $(TAI_OBJS)
607dns.a: $(DNS_OBJS)
608case.a: $(CASE_OBJS)
609array.a: $(ARRAY_OBJS)
610mult.a: $(MULT_OBJS)
611io.a: $(IO_OBJS)
612cdb.a: $(CDB_OBJS)
620libowfat.a: $(ALL_OBJS)
621	$(CROSS)ar cr $@ $(ALL_OBJS)
622	-$(CROSS)ranlib $@
627	$(DIET) $(CC) -c $< $(CFLAGS)
630	ar cr $@ $^
631	-ranlib $@
633t.o: t.c fmt.h scan.h str.h uint16.h uint32.h stralloc.h socket.h \
634  buffer.h ip4.h ip6.h byte.h mmap.h open.h textcode.h dns.h iopause.h \
635  taia.h tai.h uint64.h case.h errmsg.h iob.h io.h array.h safemult.h \
636  iarray.h io_internal.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h \
637  havesigio.h CAS.h
639t: t.o libowfat.a libsocket
640	$(DIET) $(CC) -g -o $@ t.o libowfat.a `cat libsocket` -lpthread
642.PHONY: all clean tar install rename
644	rm -f *.o *.a *.da *.bbg *.bb core t haveip6.h haven2i.h \
645havesl.h haveinline.h iopause.h select.h havekqueue.h haveepoll.h \
646libepoll havesigio.h havebsdsf.h havesendfile.h havescope.h havedevpoll.h \
647dep libsocket havealloca.h
649INCLUDES=buffer.h byte.h fmt.h ip4.h ip6.h mmap.h scan.h socket.h str.h stralloc.h \
650uint16.h uint32.h uint64.h open.h textcode.h tai.h taia.h dns.h iopause.h case.h \
651openreadclose.h readclose.h ndelay.h array.h io.h safemult.h iob.h havealloca.h \
652errmsg.h cdb.h cdb_make.h rangecheck.h iarray.h
654install: libowfat.a
655	install -d $(INCLUDEDIR) $(MAN3DIR) $(LIBDIR)
656	install -m 644 $(INCLUDES) $(INCLUDEDIR)
657	install -m 644 $(wildcard */*.3) $(MAN3DIR)
658	install -m 644 libowfat.a $(LIBDIR)
661	rm -f $(patsubst %.h,$(INCLUDEDIR)/%.h,$(INCLUDES))
662	rm -f $(patsubst %.3,$(MAN3DIR)/%.3,$(notdir $(wildcard */*.3)))
663	rm -f $(LIBDIR)/libowfat.a
668tar: clean rename
669	rm -f dep libdep
670	cd ..; tar cvvf $(VERSION).tar.bz2 --use=bzip2 --exclude CVS $(VERSION)
673	if test $(CURNAME) != $(VERSION); then cd .. && mv $(CURNAME) $(VERSION); fi
675haveip6.h: tryip6.c
676	-rm -f $@
677	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c tryip6.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define LIBC_HAS_IP6"; fi > $@
678	-rm -f tryip6.o
680havescope.h: tryscope.c
681	-rm -f $@
682	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c tryscope.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define LIBC_HAS_SCOPE_ID"; fi > $@
683	-rm -f tryscope.o
685haven2i.h: tryn2i.c
686	-rm -f $@
687	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o t tryn2i.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define HAVE_N2I"; fi > $@
688	-rm -f t
690havesl.h: trysl.c
691	-rm -f $@
692	if ! $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o t trysl.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "typedef int socklen_t;"; fi > $@
693	-rm -f t
695haveinline.h: tryinline.c
696	-rm -f $@
697	if ! $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c tryinline.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define inline"; fi > $@
698	-rm -f tryinline.o
700havekqueue.h: trykqueue.c
701	-rm -f $@
702	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c trykqueue.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define HAVE_KQUEUE"; fi > $@
703	-rm -f trykqueue.o
705havebsdsf.h: trybsdsf.c
706	-rm -f $@
707	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o trybsdsf trybsdsf.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define HAVE_BSDSENDFILE"; fi > $@
708	-rm -f trybsdsf.o trybsdsf
710havesendfile.h: trysendfile.c
711	-rm -f $@
712	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c trysendfile.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define HAVE_SENDFILE"; fi > $@
713	-rm -f trysendfile.o
715haveepoll.h: tryepoll.c
716	-rm -f $@
717	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o tryepoll tryepoll.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define HAVE_EPOLL 1"; else \
718	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o tryepoll tryepoll.c -lepoll >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define HAVE_EPOLL 2"; fi; fi > $@
719	-rm -f tryepoll
721havedevpoll.h: trydevpoll.c
722	-rm -f $@
723	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c trydevpoll.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define HAVE_DEVPOLL"; fi > $@
724	-rm -f trydevpoll.o
726libepoll: haveepoll.h
727	if test "z`cat haveepoll.h`" = "z#define HAVE_EPOLL 2"; then echo -lepoll; fi > $@
729havesigio.h: trysigio.c
730	-rm -f $@
731	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c trysigio.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#define HAVE_SIGIO"; fi > $@
732	-rm -f trysigio.o
734havealloca.h: tryalloca.c
735	-rm -f $@
736	echo "#include <stdlib.h>" > $@
737	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c tryalloca.c -DA >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#include <alloca.h>"; fi >> $@
738	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c tryalloca.c -DB >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "#include <malloc.h>"; fi >> $@
739	-rm -f tryalloca.o
741iopause.h: iopause.h1 iopause.h2 trypoll.c
742	-rm -f $@
743	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o t trypoll.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then cp iopause.h2 iopause.h; else cp iopause.h1 iopause.h; fi
744	-rm -f t
746select.h: select.h1 select.h2 trysysel.c
747	-rm -f $@
748	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c trysysel.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then cp select.h2 select.h; else cp select.h1 select.h; fi
749	-rm -f trysysel.o
751libsocket: trysocket.c
752	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o trysocket trysocket.c >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo ""; else \
753	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o trysocket trysocket.c -lsocket >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "-lsocket"; else \
754	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o trysocket trysocket.c -lsocket -lnsl >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "-lsocket -lnsl"; \
755	fi; fi; fi > blah
756	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o trysocket trysendfile.c `cat blah`>/dev/null 2>&1; then cat blah; else \
757	if $(DIET) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o trysocket trysendfile.c -lsendfile `cat blah` >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo "-lsendfile"; cat blah; \
758	fi; fi > libsocket
759	rm -f blah trysocket
761socket_accept6.o socket_connect6.o socket_local6.o socket_mchopcount6.o \
762socket_mcjoin6.o socket_mcleave6.o socket_mcloop6.o socket_recv6.o \
763socket_remote6.o socket_send6.o socket_tcp6.o socket_udp6.o: haveip6.h havescope.h
765socket_getifidx.o socket_getifname.o: haven2i.h
767socket_accept4.o socket_accept6.o socket_connected.o socket_local4.o \
768socket_local6.o socket_recv4.o socket_recv6.o socket_remote4.o \
769socket_remote6.o: havesl.h
771dns_nd6.o fmt_xlong.o scan_xlong.o fmt_ip6_flat.o $(TEXTCODE_OBJS): haveinline.h
773iob_send.o scan_ip6if.o: havealloca.h
775dep: haveip6.h haven2i.h havesl.h haveinline.h iopause.h select.h haveepoll.h havekqueue.h havedevpoll.h havescope.h havesigio.h havebsdsf.h havesendfile.h
776	gcc -I. -MM `ls */*.c | grep -v test` t.c | sed -e 's@ \./@ @g' > dep
779	for i in $(LIBS); do (echo -n $$i|tr a-z A-Z|sed 's/.A$$/_OBJS=/'; echo $${i%.a}/*.c|sed -e 's@[^/]*/\([^.]*\)\.c@\1.o @g'); done > libdep
781Makefile: GNUmakefile dep libdep
782	echo "# do not edit!  edit GNUmakefile instead" > $@
783	sed '/startrip/,$$d' < GNUmakefile >> $@
784	cat dep libdep >> $@
785	sed -e '1,/stoprip/d' -e 's/ %.c$$//' \
786	    -e 's/^VERSION=.*/'VERSION=$(VERSION)/ \
787	    -e 's/^CURNAME=.*/'CURNAME=$(CURNAME)/ \
788	    -e 's///' < GNUmakefile >> $@
791	$(MAKE) DIET= CROSS=i686-mingw32-