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 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 2<floater name="godtools floater" title="????">
 3	<tab_container name="GodTools Tabs">
 4		<panel label="??" name="grid">
 5			<button label="?????????????" label_selected="?????????????" name="Flush This Region&apos;s Map Visibility Caches"/>
 6		</panel>
 7		<panel label="??" name="region">
 8			<text name="Region Name:">
 9				?????
10			</text>
11			<check_box label="Prelude" name="check prelude" tool_tip="Set this to make the region a prelude"/>
12			<check_box label="????" name="check fixed sun" tool_tip="Fix the sun position (like in Region/Estate &gt; Terrain"/>
13			<check_box label="Reset Home On Teleport" name="check reset home" tool_tip="When Resident teleports out, reset their home to the destination position."/>
14			<check_box label="Visible" name="check visible" tool_tip="Set this to make the region visible to non-gods"/>
15			<check_box label="??" name="check damage" tool_tip="Set this to enable damage in this region"/>
16			<check_box label="??????" name="block dwell" tool_tip="Set this to make the region not compute traffic"/>
17			<check_box label="????" name="block terraform" tool_tip="Set this to disallow people terraforming their land"/>
18			<check_box label="??" name="is sandbox" tool_tip="Toggle whether this is a sandbox region"/>
19			<button label="Bake Terrain" label_selected="Bake Terrain" name="Bake Terrain" tool_tip="??????????"/>
20			<button label="Revert Terrain" label_selected="Revert Terrain" name="Revert Terrain" tool_tip="Replace the current terrain with default"/>
21			<button label="Swap Terrain" label_selected="Swap Terrain" name="Swap Terrain" tool_tip="Swap current terrain with default"/>
22			<text name="estate id">
23				?? ID?
24			</text>
25			<text name="parent id">
26				Parent ID:
27			</text>
28			<line_editor name="parentestate" tool_tip="This is the parent estate for this region"/>
29			<text name="Grid Pos: ">
30				?????
31			</text>
32			<line_editor name="gridposx" tool_tip="This is the grid x position for this region"/>
33			<line_editor name="gridposy" tool_tip="This is the grid y position for this region"/>
34			<text name="Redirect to Grid: ">
35				Redirect to Grid:
36			</text>
37			<text name="billable factor text">
38				Billable Factor:
39			</text>
40			<text name="land cost text">
41				L$ per m˛:
42			</text>
43			<button label="????" label_selected="????" name="Refresh" tool_tip="Click here to refresh the above information"/>
44			<button label="??" label_selected="??" name="Apply" tool_tip="?????????????"/>
45			<button label="????" label_selected="????" name="Select Region" tool_tip="Select the whole region with the land tool"/>
46			<button label="??????" label_selected="??????" name="Autosave now" tool_tip="Save gzipped state to autosave directory"/>
47		</panel>
48		<panel label="??" name="objects">
49			<panel.string name="no_target">
50				?????
51			</panel.string>
52			<text name="Region Name:">
53				?????
54			</text>
55			<text name="region name">
56				Welsh
57			</text>
58			<check_box label="????" name="disable scripts" tool_tip="?????????????"/>
59			<check_box label="Disable Collisions" name="disable collisions" tool_tip="Set this to disable non-agent collisions in this region"/>
60			<check_box label="Disable Physics" name="disable physics" tool_tip="Set this to disable all physics in this region"/>
61			<button label="??" label_selected="??" name="Apply" tool_tip="Click here to apply any changes from above"/>
62			<button label="Set Target" label_selected="Set Target" name="Set Target" tool_tip="Set the target avatar for object deletion"/>
63			<text name="target_avatar_name">
64				?????
65			</text>
66			<button label="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On Others Land" label_selected="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On Others Land" name="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On Others Land" tool_tip="Delete all scripted objects owned by the target on land not owned by the target. (no copy) objects will be returned."/>
67			<button label="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On *Any* Land" label_selected="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On *Any* Land" name="Delete Target&apos;s Scripted Objects On *Any* Land" tool_tip="Delete all scripted objects owned by the target in this region. (no copy) objects will be returned."/>
68			<button label="Delete *ALL* Of Target&apos;s Objects" label_selected="Delete *ALL* Of Target&apos;s Objects" name="Delete *ALL* Of Target&apos;s Objects" tool_tip="Delete all objects owned by the target in this region. (no copy) objects will be returned."/>
69			<button label="Get Top Colliders" label_selected="Get Top Colliders" name="Get Top Colliders" tool_tip="Gets list of objects experiencing the most narrowphase callbacks"/>
70			<button label="Get Top Scripts" label_selected="Get Top Scripts" name="Get Top Scripts" tool_tip="Gets list of objects spending the most time running scripts"/>
71			<button label="Scripts digest" label_selected="Scripts digest" name="Scripts digest" tool_tip="Gets a list of all scripts and number of occurences of each"/>
72		</panel>
73		<panel label="Request" name="request">
74			<text name="Destination:">
75				Destination:
76			</text>
77			<combo_box name="destination">
78				<combo_box.item label="Selection" name="item1"/>
79				<combo_box.item label="Agent Region" name="item2"/>
80			</combo_box>
81			<text name="Request:">
82				Request:
83			</text>
84			<combo_box name="request">
85				<combo_box.item label="colliders &lt;steps&gt;" name="item1"/>
86				<combo_box.item label="scripts &lt;count&gt;,&lt;optional pattern&gt;" name="item2"/>
87				<combo_box.item label="objects &lt;pattern&gt;" name="item3"/>
88				<combo_box.item label="rez &lt;asset_id&gt;" name="item4"/>
89			</combo_box>
90			<text name="Parameter:">
91				Parameter:
92			</text>
93			<button label="Make Request" label_selected="Make Request" name="Make Request"/>
94		</panel>
95	</tab_container>