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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.1
 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 2<panel label="??????" name="invite_panel">
 3	<panel.string name="confirm_invite_owner_str">
 4		Are you sure you want to invite new owner(s)? This action is permanent!
 5	</panel.string>
 6	<panel.string name="loading">
 7		????...?
 8	</panel.string>
 9	<panel.string name="already_in_group">
10		Some Residents you chose are already in the group, and so were not sent an invitation.
11	</panel.string>
12	<text name="help_text">
13		You can select multiple Residents to invite to your group. Click &apos;Open Resident Chooser&apos; to start.
14	</text>
15	<button label="????????" name="add_button"/>
16	<name_list name="invitee_list" tool_tip="Hold the Ctrl key and click Resident names to multi-select"/>
17	<button label="Remove Selected from List" name="remove_button" tool_tip="Removes the Residents selected above from the invite list"/>
18	<text name="role_text">
19		Choose what Role to assign them to:
20	</text>
21	<combo_box name="role_name" tool_tip="Choose from the list of Roles you are allowed to assign members to"/>
22	<button label="????" name="ok_button"/>
23	<button label="??" name="cancel_button"/>
24	<string name="GroupInvitation">
25		????
26	</string>