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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
  2. <menu name="Popup">
  3. <menu_item_call label="Compartilhar" name="Share"/>
  4. <menu_item_call label="Comprar" name="Task Buy"/>
  5. <menu_item_call label="Abrir" name="Task Open"/>
  6. <menu_item_call label="Executar" name="Task Play"/>
  7. <menu_item_call label="Propriedades" name="Task Properties"/>
  8. <menu_item_call label="Renomear" name="Task Rename"/>
  9. <menu_item_call label="Apagar" name="Task Remove"/>
  10. <menu_item_call label="Limpar lixeira" name="Empty Trash"/>
  11. <menu_item_call label="Limpar Achados &amp; perdidos" name="Empty Lost And Found"/>
  12. <menu_item_call label="Nova pasta" name="New Folder"/>
  13. <menu_item_call label="Novo script" name="New Script"/>
  14. <menu_item_call label="Nova anotaусo" name="New Note"/>
  15. <menu_item_call label="Novo gesto" name="New Gesture"/>
  16. <menu label="Novas roupas" name="New Clothes">
  17. <menu_item_call label="Nova camisa" name="New Shirt"/>
  18. <menu_item_call label="Nova calуa" name="New Pants"/>
  19. <menu_item_call label="Novos sapatos" name="New Shoes"/>
  20. <menu_item_call label="Novas meias" name="New Socks"/>
  21. <menu_item_call label="Nova jaqueta" name="New Jacket"/>
  22. <menu_item_call label="Nova saia" name="New Skirt"/>
  23. <menu_item_call label="Novas luvas" name="New Gloves"/>
  24. <menu_item_call label="Nova anрgua" name="New Undershirt"/>
  25. <menu_item_call label="Nova roupa de baixo" name="New Underpants"/>
  26. <menu_item_call label="Nova mрscara alfa" name="New Alpha Mask"/>
  27. <menu_item_call label="Nova tatuagem" name="New Tattoo"/>
  28. <menu_item_call label="Novo fьsico" name="New Physics"/>
  29. </menu>
  30. <menu label="Nova parte do corpo" name="New Body Parts">
  31. <menu_item_call label="Nova forma" name="New Shape"/>
  32. <menu_item_call label="Nova pele" name="New Skin"/>
  33. <menu_item_call label="Novo cabelo" name="New Hair"/>
  34. <menu_item_call label="Novos olhos" name="New Eyes"/>
  35. </menu>
  36. <menu label="Alterar fonte" name="Change Type">
  37. <menu_item_call label="Padrсo" name="Default"/>
  38. <menu_item_call label="Luvas" name="Gloves"/>
  39. <menu_item_call label="Jaqueta" name="Jacket"/>
  40. <menu_item_call label="Calуas" name="Pants"/>
  41. <menu_item_call label="Silhueta" name="Shape"/>
  42. <menu_item_call label="Sapatos" name="Shoes"/>
  43. <menu_item_call label="Camisa" name="Shirt"/>
  44. <menu_item_call label="Saia" name="Skirt"/>
  45. <menu_item_call label="Roupa de baixo" name="Underpants"/>
  46. <menu_item_call label="Camiseta" name="Undershirt"/>
  47. </menu>
  48. <menu_item_call label="Teletransporte" name="Landmark Open"/>
  49. <menu_item_call label="Abrir" name="Animation Open"/>
  50. <menu_item_call label="Abrir" name="Sound Open"/>
  51. <menu_item_call label="Substituir look" name="Replace Outfit"/>
  52. <menu_item_call label="Adicionar a look" name="Add To Outfit"/>
  53. <menu_item_call label="Tirar do look atual" name="Remove From Outfit"/>
  54. <menu_item_call label="Encontrar original" name="Find Original"/>
  55. <menu_item_call label="Remover item" name="Purge Item"/>
  56. <menu_item_call label="Restaurar item" name="Restore Item"/>
  57. <menu_item_call label="Abrir" name="Open"/>
  58. <menu_item_call label="Abrir original" name="Open Original"/>
  59. <menu_item_call label="Propriedades" name="Properties"/>
  60. <menu_item_call label="Renomear" name="Rename"/>
  61. <menu_item_call label="Copiar item UUID" name="Copy Asset UUID"/>
  62. <menu_item_call label="Copiar" name="Copy"/>
  63. <menu_item_call label="Colar" name="Paste"/>
  64. <menu_item_call label="Colar como link" name="Paste As Link"/>
  65. <menu_item_call label="Excluir" name="Remove Link"/>
  66. <menu_item_call label="Apagar" name="Delete"/>
  67. <menu_item_call label="Excluir pasta do sistema" name="Delete System Folder"/>
  68. <menu_item_call label="Pasta conversa em conferЖncia" name="Conference Chat Folder"/>
  69. <menu_item_call label="Executar som" name="Sound Play"/>
  70. <menu_item_call label="Sobre o marco" name="About Landmark"/>
  71. <menu_item_call label="Executar animaусo" name="Animation Play"/>
  72. <menu_item_call label="Executar рudio" name="Animation Audition"/>
  73. <menu_item_call label="Mandar MI" name="Send Instant Message"/>
  74. <menu_item_call label="Oferecer teletransporte..." name="Offer Teleport..."/>
  75. <menu_item_call label="Bate-papo em conferЖncia" name="Conference Chat"/>
  76. <menu_item_call label="Ativar" name="Activate"/>
  77. <menu_item_call label="Desativar" name="Deactivate"/>
  78. <menu_item_call label="Salvar como" name="Save As"/>
  79. <menu_item_call label="Tirar de si mesmo" name="Detach From Yourself"/>
  80. <menu_item_call label="Vestir" name="Wearable And Object Wear"/>
  81. <menu label="Anexar a" name="Attach To"/>
  82. <menu label="Anexar ao HUD" name="Attach To HUD"/>
  83. <menu_item_call label="Editar" name="Wearable Edit"/>
  84. <menu_item_call label="Adicionar" name="Wearable Add"/>
  85. <menu_item_call label="Tirar" name="Take Off"/>
  86. <menu_item_call label="Copiar para Caixa de saьda do lojista" name="Merchant Copy"/>
  87. <menu_item_call label="Mover para Caixa de saьda do lojista" name="Merchant Move"/>
  88. <menu_item_call label="--Sem opушes--" name="--no options--"/>
  89. </menu>