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 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
 2<menu name="Popup">
 3	<menu_item_call label="Condividi" name="Share"/>
 4	<menu_item_call label="Compra" name="Task Buy"/>
 5	<menu_item_call label="Apri" name="Task Open"/>
 6	<menu_item_call label="Esegui" name="Task Play"/>
 7	<menu_item_call label="Proprietŕ" name="Task Properties"/>
 8	<menu_item_call label="Rinomina" name="Task Rename"/>
 9	<menu_item_call label="Elimina" name="Task Remove"/>
10	<menu_item_call label="Svuota il Cestino" name="Empty Trash"/>
11	<menu_item_call label="Svuota gli oggetti persi e ritrovati" name="Empty Lost And Found"/>
12	<menu_item_call label="Nuova cartella" name="New Folder"/>
13	<menu_item_call label="Nuovo script" name="New Script"/>
14	<menu_item_call label="Nuovo biglietto" name="New Note"/>
15	<menu_item_call label="Nuova gesture" name="New Gesture"/>
16	<menu label="Maglietta intima" name="New Clothes">
17		<menu_item_call label="Nuova maglietta" name="New Shirt"/>
18		<menu_item_call label="Nuovi pantaloni" name="New Pants"/>
19		<menu_item_call label="Nuove scarpe" name="New Shoes"/>
20		<menu_item_call label="Nuove calze" name="New Socks"/>
21		<menu_item_call label="Nuova giacca" name="New Jacket"/>
22		<menu_item_call label="Nuova gonna" name="New Skirt"/>
23		<menu_item_call label="Nuovi guanti" name="New Gloves"/>
24		<menu_item_call label="Nuova canottiera" name="New Undershirt"/>
25		<menu_item_call label="Nuove mutande" name="New Underpants"/>
26		<menu_item_call label="Nuovo Alfa Mask" name="New Alpha Mask"/>
27		<menu_item_call label="Nuovo tatuaggio" name="New Tattoo"/>
28		<menu_item_call label="Nuova fisica" name="New Physics"/>
29	</menu>
30	<menu label="Nuove parti del corpo" name="New Body Parts">
31		<menu_item_call label="Nuova forma del corpo" name="New Shape"/>
32		<menu_item_call label="Nuova pelle" name="New Skin"/>
33		<menu_item_call label="Nuovi capelli" name="New Hair"/>
34		<menu_item_call label="Nuovi occhi" name="New Eyes"/>
35	</menu>
36	<menu label="Cambia tipo" name="Change Type">
37		<menu_item_call label="Predefinito" name="Default"/>
38		<menu_item_call label="Guanti" name="Gloves"/>
39		<menu_item_call label="Giacca" name="Jacket"/>
40		<menu_item_call label="Pantaloni" name="Pants"/>
41		<menu_item_call label="Figura corporea" name="Shape"/>
42		<menu_item_call label="Scarpe" name="Shoes"/>
43		<menu_item_call label="Camicia" name="Shirt"/>
44		<menu_item_call label="Gonna" name="Skirt"/>
45		<menu_item_call label="Slip" name="Underpants"/>
46		<menu_item_call label="Maglietta intima" name="Undershirt"/>
47	</menu>
48	<menu_item_call label="Teletrasportati" name="Landmark Open"/>
49	<menu_item_call label="Apri" name="Animation Open"/>
50	<menu_item_call label="Apri" name="Sound Open"/>
51	<menu_item_call label="Sostituisci vestiti" name="Replace Outfit"/>
52	<menu_item_call label="Aggiungi al vestiario" name="Add To Outfit"/>
53	<menu_item_call label="Rimuovi dal vestiario attuale" name="Remove From Outfit"/>
54	<menu_item_call label="Trova originale" name="Find Original"/>
55	<menu_item_call label="Elimina oggetto" name="Purge Item"/>
56	<menu_item_call label="Ripristina oggetto" name="Restore Item"/>
57	<menu_item_call label="Apri" name="Open"/>
58	<menu_item_call label="Apri originale" name="Open Original"/>
59	<menu_item_call label="Proprietŕ" name="Properties"/>
60	<menu_item_call label="Rinomina" name="Rename"/>
61	<menu_item_call label="Copia UUID dell&apos;oggetto" name="Copy Asset UUID"/>
62	<menu_item_call label="Copia" name="Copy"/>
63	<menu_item_call label="Incolla" name="Paste"/>
64	<menu_item_call label="Incolla come link" name="Paste As Link"/>
65	<menu_item_call label="Elimina" name="Remove Link"/>
66	<menu_item_call label="Cancella" name="Delete"/>
67	<menu_item_call label="Elimina la cartella di sistema" name="Delete System Folder"/>
68	<menu_item_call label="Inizia la conferenza chat" name="Conference Chat Folder"/>
69	<menu_item_call label="Esegui" name="Sound Play"/>
70	<menu_item_call label="Informazioni sul punto di riferimento" name="About Landmark"/>
71	<menu_item_call label="Riproduci in Second Life" name="Animation Play"/>
72	<menu_item_call label="Esegui localmente" name="Animation Audition"/>
73	<menu_item_call label="Invia un Instant Message" name="Send Instant Message"/>
74	<menu_item_call label="Offri teletrasporto..." name="Offer Teleport..."/>
75	<menu_item_call label="Inizia una conferenza chat" name="Conference Chat"/>
76	<menu_item_call label="Attiva" name="Activate"/>
77	<menu_item_call label="Disattiva" name="Deactivate"/>
78	<menu_item_call label="Salva con nome" name="Save As"/>
79	<menu_item_call label="Stacca da te" name="Detach From Yourself"/>
80	<menu_item_call label="Indossa" name="Wearable And Object Wear"/>
81	<menu label="Attacca a" name="Attach To"/>
82	<menu label="Attacca all&apos;HUD" name="Attach To HUD"/>
83	<menu_item_call label="Modifica" name="Wearable Edit"/>
84	<menu_item_call label="Aggiungi" name="Wearable Add"/>
85	<menu_item_call label="Togli" name="Take Off"/>
86	<menu_item_call label="Copia nella casella venditore in uscita" name="Merchant Copy"/>
87	<menu_item_call label="Passa alla casella venditore in uscita" name="Merchant Move"/>
88	<menu_item_call label="--nessuna opzione--" name="--no options--"/>