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 1# just run this script each time after you change the installer's name to fix the icon misalignment 
 3cp -r ../../../../build-darwin-i386/newview/*.dmg ~/Desktop/TempBuild.dmg
 4hdid ~/Desktop/TempBuild.dmg
 5open -a finder /Volumes/Second\ Life\ Installer
 6osascript dmg-cleanup.applescript
 7umount /Volumes/Second\ Life\ Installer/
 8hdid ~/Desktop/TempBuild.dmg
 9open -a finder /Volumes/Second\ Life\ Installer
10#cp /Volumes/Second\ Life\ Installer/.DS_Store ~/Desktop/_DS_Store
11#chflags nohidden ~/Desktop/_DS_Store
12#cp ~/Desktop/_DS_Store ./firstlook-dmg/_DS_Store
13#cp ~/Desktop/_DS_Store ./publicnightly-dmg/_DS_Store
14#cp ~/Desktop/_DS_Store ./release-dmg/_DS_Store
15#cp ~/Desktop/_DS_Store ./releasecandidate-dmg/_DS_Store
16#umount /Volumes/Second\ Life\ Installer/
17#rm ~/Desktop/_DS_Store ~/Desktop/TempBuild.dmg