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 1# format is description, url (don't put ',' chars in description :)
 2# if no ',' found, whole line is used for both description and url
 3(WK) Google Home Page,
 4(WK) BBC News Home Page,
 5(WK) Second Life,
 6(WK) WebKit Home ,
 7(WK) Yahoo News,
 8(WK) Canvas Paint (DHTML version of MS Paint),
 9(WK) DHTML Lemmings!,
10(WK) DHTML graphics demos,
11(WK) Shared paint app,
12(Flash) YouTube,
13(Flash) Vimeo,
14(Flash) Simple whiteboard,
15(Flash) Dabble Board,
16(Flash) Bubble Shooter game, 
17(Flash) Pixlr photo editor,
18(Flash) Scribd,
19(Flash) MAME,
20(QT) Local sample,file:///C|/Program Files/QuickTime/
21(QT) Movie - Watchmen Trailer,
22(QT) Movie - Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen,
23(QT) Movie - Terminator Salvation,
24(QT) Movie - Angels and Demons,
25(QT) Movie - Sin City Trailer,
26(QT) Movie - The Incredibles Trailer,
27(QT) Movie - Streaming Apple Event,
28(QT) Movie - MPEG-4 from Amazon S3,
29(QT) Movie - Star Trek,
30(QT) Movie - Ice Age 3,
31(QT) Movie - AstroBoy,
32(QT) Movie - Ante Up,
33(QT) Movie - Every Little Step,
34(QT) Movie - The Informers,
35(QT) Animated GIF,
36(QT) Apple Text Descriptors,
37(EX) Example Plugin,example://blah