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  5'(No Spaces)',
  9'Add Permissions',
 10'Add a new Custom Field to this Module',
 11'Admin Modules',
 14'All Events',
 15'All Modules',
 17'Append to Log',
 18'Are you sure you want to delete this?',
 19'Are you sure?',
 20'Base DN',
 21'Billing Code',
 22'Billing Code Table',
 23'Bind Name',
 24'Bind Password',
 26'Copy Role',
 27'Could not open locales file to save.',
 28'Currency Format',
 29'Custom Field Editor',
 30'Custom Fields - Add/Edit',
 31'Custom field added successfully',
 32'Custom field editor',
 34'Date and Time',
 36'Default Event Filter',
 37'Default User Preferences',
 40'Deutsch (DE)',
 41'Do not include task/event owner',
 42'Edit Billing Codes',
 43'Edit Custom Field In',
 44'Edit User Preferences',
 45'Email Assignees',
 46'Email Project Contacts',
 47'Email Task Contacts',
 48'Empty Role',
 49'English (Aus)',
 50'English (Can)',
 51'English (GB)',
 52'English (NZ)',
 53'English (US)',
 54'English String',
 55'Error adding custom field:',
 57'Events I Have Created',
 58'Field Description',
 59'Field Display Order',
 60'Field Display Type',
 61'Field Name/Identifier',
 62'Field Published',
 63'Field name',
 65'German (Ger)',
 66'Global Search',
 68'HTML Tag Options',
 69'Import Contacts',
 70'Import Contacts from LDAP Directory',
 71'Include task/event owner',
 73'Key Type',
 76'Language Support',
 78'List of Options',
 80'Locales file saved',
 81'Menu Icon',
 82'Menu Status',
 83'Menu Text',
 85'Module configuration failed',
 86'Module configured',
 87'Module does not have a valid setup class defined',
 88'Module installed',
 89'Module menu state changed',
 90'Module not upgraded',
 91'Module re-ordered',
 92'Module removed',
 93'Module setup file could not be found',
 94'Module state changed',
 95'Module upgraded',
 97'My Events',
100'New Custom Field In',
101'New Entry',
102'Non-Admin Modules',
105'PHP Info',
108'Portuguese (PT)',
110'Preferences updated',
111'Project worker',
114'Record Type',
116'Role ID',
117'Role Name',
118'Role deleted',
119'Role inserted',
120'Role updated',
122'Roles Administration',
124'Select Company',
125'Select List',
126'Select User',
130'Short Date Format',
131'Show Parent Tasks Expanded by Default',
134'System Administration',
135'System Configuration',
136'System Lookup Keys',
137'System Lookup Values',
138'Tabbed Box View',
139'Task Log Email Defaults',
140'Task Log Email Recording Method',
141'Task Log Email Subject',
142'Task Logs',
143'Task Notification Method',
144'Test Connection and Query',
145'Text Area',
146'Text Input',
147'This will delete all data associated with the module!',
148'Time Format',
150'Translation Management',
152'Unknown Command',
153'User Administration',
154'User Interface Style',
155'User Preferences',
156'User Roles',
157'User Table',
158'User Task Assignment Maximum',
159'Users Permissions Information',
163'Version 2',
164'Version 3',
166'View Modules',
167'View Role',
168'View Users Permissions',
169'View by Action',
170'View by Module',
173'activate_external_user_creation_title'=>'Activate External User Creation',
174'activate_external_user_creation_tooltip'=>'If this option is activated there will be an option at the login screen for external user creation. This will notify the system administrator to give those users a Role so that they may login.',
178'admin_email_title'=>'System Administrator Email Address',
180'admin_username_title'=>'Admin Username',
181'admin_username_tooltip'=>'Specify the login name of the Administrative User.',
183'all_item_title'=>'All Tasks',
184'allcompanies_item_title'=>'All Companies',
185'allfinished7days_item_title'=>'All Tasks Finished Last 7 Days',
187'allunfinished_item_title'=>'All Unfinished Tasks',
188'app_item_title'=>'web2Project Extended Sessions',
189'auth_group_title'=>'User Authentication Settings',
190'auth_method_title'=>'User Authentication Method',
191'auth_method_tooltip'=>'Select the User authentication method that you wish to use.',
192'available_version_title'=>'Current Release Version',
193'available_version_tooltip'=>'This is the current publicly released version. This is auto-updated by the maintenance scripts and should not be manually edited.',
195'bad email address',
198'budget_info_display_title'=>'Display Budget Information',
199'budget_info_display_tooltip'=>'This will toggle the budget information display on the Tasks, Projects, and other modules',
200'cal_day_end_title'=>'Calendar End Hour',
201'cal_day_end_tooltip'=>'The last hour of the working day - integer value from 0 to 23',
202'cal_day_increment_title'=>'Calendar Minute Increment',
203'cal_day_increment_tooltip'=>'Minute increment setting for the Calendar Time Display',
204'cal_day_start_title'=>'Calendar Start Hour',
205'cal_day_start_tooltip'=>'Use this option to indicate the starting hour for your calendar day - integer value from 0 to 23',
206'cal_day_view_show_minical_title'=>'Show MiniCals in Day View',
207'cal_day_view_show_minical_tooltip'=>'Include MiniCalendar Displays in the Day View.',
208'cal_working_days_title'=>'Calendar Working Days',
209'cal_working_days_tooltip'=>'Establish the required working days for your company in a comma separated list where 0 is Sunday.  For example if you work Monday through to Friday your list would be 1,2,3,4,5.  If you work Friday through to Sunday your list would be 5,6,0',
211'cas_allow_login_title'=>'CAS also allows standard login',
212'cas_allow_login_tooltip'=>'web2Project database based users will also be allowed to login',
213'cas_group_title'=>'Central Authentication Server (CAS) Settings',
214'cas_host_title'=>'CAS Host',
215'cas_host_tooltip'=>'The URL (including the leading https:// or http://) of the CAS host to authenticate against, when using CAS Authentication.',
216'cas_item_title'=>'Central Authentication Server (CAS)',
217'cas_port_title'=>'CAS Port',
218'cas_port_tooltip'=>'Port Number to use to connect to CAS authentication host. Usually 443 for https, or 80 for http.',
219'cas_uri_title'=>'CAS service URI',
220'cas_uri_tooltip'=>'URI used by the CAS to provide login and verification services. Usually \"cas\" is the service URI to follow.',
221'cas_version_title'=>'CAS Version',
222'cas_version_tooltip'=>'CAS Version that the CAS host understands. If unsure, leave at the default of 2.',
223'check_overallocation_title'=>'Overallocation Checking',
224'check_overallocation_tooltip'=>'The over allocation component of web2Project is an incomplete function that is under development.  It is the basis of a system that will allow Project Managers to establish the maximum % of time that a resource can be allocated to a particular task for a particular period of time.   ',
225'check_task_dates_title'=>'Check Task Dates',
226'check_task_dates_tooltip'=>'If this option is turned on the start and end dates will be required in all tasks before they can be added.',
229'company_filter_default_title'=>'Default Company Filter',
230'company_name_title'=>'Company Name',
231'company_name_tooltip'=>'The company name setting is used to stipulate what will appear in the top name of the login box on your site.',
234'currency_symbol_title'=>'Currency Symbol',
235'currency_symbol_tooltip'=>'Whilst we currently have locale support built in there is still an extra facility for setting Currency Symbol.   Localisation of the currency-symbol. For the EURO sign symbol set to \'€\'  Check for information about html special characters.',
236'daily_working_hours_title'=>'Daily Working Hours',
237'daily_working_hours_tooltip'=>'This setting establishes the standard number of hours in a working day for your installation, for example 8.0',
240'debug_title'=>'Debug Level',
241'debug_tooltip'=>'Turn this option on to display debug messages as well as log them.  WARNING:  Setting to true, if the debug level is greater than 1, can cause web2Project to fail on messages that are technically only Warnings and therefore can be ignored.  Normally errors will be displayed so this should only be set to track warnings and debug messages if you do not have access to the PHP log files.  Anything other than 0 will provide debugging information.  Level 1 is probably the most reasonable compromise between normal operation and error tracking information.  Set to 10 to get complete debugging information but be aware that this will generate large log files and/or debug listings very very quickly.',
242'default user preferences',
243'default_view_a_title'=>'Default Submodule',
244'default_view_a_tooltip'=>'If you want to define your own start/default page set this. Specifies a subview like shown in the url of dP.',
245'default_view_m_title'=>'Default Module',
246'default_view_m_tooltip'=>'If you want to define your own start/default page set this. If the value is empty then the first listed module becomes the default view.',
247'default_view_tab_title'=>'Default Tabbed Subview',
248'default_view_tab_tooltip'=>'If you want to define your own start/default page set this. Specifies a tabbed subview. 0=first tab, ...',
252'direct_edit_assignment_title'=>'Edit Multiple Task Assignments',
253'direct_edit_assignment_tooltip'=>'Turning this option on will allow you to edit task assignments and other options (per task block) in the main Task Module view.',
255'display_debug_title'=>'Show Debug Messages',
256'display_debug_tooltip'=>'Set to true to display debug messages as well as log them. WARNING: Setting to true can cause web2Project to fail on warnings if the debug level is set greater than 1. Normally errors will be displayed so this should only be set to track warnings and debug messages if you do not have access to the PHP log files.',
258'email_prefix_title'=>'Email Prefix',
259'email_prefix_tooltip'=>'This setting is used to stipulate the subject line prefix for all email that web2Project sends out.',
261'enable_gantt_charts_title'=>'Enable Gantt Charts',
262'enable_gantt_charts_tooltip'=>'The option to enable or disable Gantt charts allows you to turn on the function or turn off the function, depending upon whether you wish to use Gantt charts on your site. ',
264'files_ci_preserve_attr_title'=>'Preserve File Settings on CI',
265'files_ci_preserve_attr_tooltip'=>'Keep file attributes during Check In.  If this is on, you will not be able to change file type, project or task of a file during the check in.',
267'files_show_versions_edit_title'=>'Allow Editing of Previous Versions',
268'files_show_versions_edit_tooltip'=>'Allow or disallow editing of previous versions of files in File Module',
269'forum_descendent_order_title'=>'Sort Forum Posts in Desc Order',
270'forum_descendent_order_tooltip'=>'If turned on, forum posts are sorted in descending order.  Leave off to sort in ascending order.',
274'hide_email_addresses_title'=>'Hide Email Addresses',
275'hide_email_addresses_tooltip'=>'Select this option to hide email addresses within the forums',
276'host_locale_title'=>'Host Locale',
277'host_locale_tooltip'=>'This option indicates the localisation or language setting for your site.',
278'host_style_title'=>'Default User Interface Style',
279'host_style_tooltip'=>'Default User Interface Style - as set in the User Preferences area, however, you will need to type the name of the default in here.  If you need a prompt - check the dropdown in the User preferences and repeat that name here.',
280'index_max_file_size_title'=>'Maximum File Size for Indexing',
281'index_max_file_size_tooltip'=>'File Indexing for Searching: Large Files may cause timeout problems during exhausting indexing process. Specify an upper filesize limit for indexing in KiloBytes. Have in mind that files greater than the specified value are not indexed! A negative value defines the absence of a limit (index all files).',
286'jpLocale_title'=>'jpGraph Locale',
287'jpLocale_tooltip'=>'Name for jpGraph Locale, normally \'en\'',
288'ldap_allow_login_title'=>'LDAP also allows standard login',
289'ldap_allow_login_tooltip'=>'web2Project database based users will also be allowed to login',
290'ldap_base_dn_title'=>'LDAP Base DN',
291'ldap_base_dn_tooltip'=>'The Base Distinguished Name (DN) to use for LDAP queries.',
292'ldap_complete_string_title'=>'Full LDAP Connect String',
293'ldap_complete_string_tooltip'=>'If used, this setting overrides most other LDAP settings above.',
294'ldap_group_title'=>'LDAP Settings',
295'ldap_host_title'=>'LDAP Host',
296'ldap_host_tooltip'=>'The Name or IP address of the LDAP host to authenticate against, when using LDAP Authentication.',
298'ldap_port_title'=>'LDAP Port',
299'ldap_port_tooltip'=>'Port Number to use to connect to LDAP authentication host.',
300'ldap_search_pass_title'=>'LDAP Search User Password',
301'ldap_search_user_title'=>'LDAP Search User',
302'ldap_search_user_tooltip'=>'The full DN of a user who has access to search your users directory',
303'ldap_user_filter_title'=>'LDAP User Filter',
304'ldap_user_filter_tooltip'=>'User Filter to use for determining matching users on LDAP queries.  Check with your site administrator for details.',
305'ldap_version_title'=>'LDAP Version',
306'ldap_version_tooltip'=>'LDAP Version that the LDAP host understands. If unsure, leave at the default of 3.',
307'link_tickets_kludge_title'=>'Allow Ticket Relinking',
308'link_tickets_kludge_tooltip'=>'Having this option turned on will allow you to relink tickets to an arbitrary parent in Ticketsmith.  Could be useful for email-generated tickets.',
309'locale_alert_title'=>'Translation Alert String',
310'locale_alert_tooltip'=>'The string appended to untranslated strings or unfound keys if Translation Warning is turned on.',
311'locale_warn_title'=>'Translation Warning',
312'locale_warn_tooltip'=>'Display a warning in the User Interface when a translated item is not found.',
314'log_changes_title'=>'Log Changes',
315'log_changes_tooltip'=>'This option allows you to specify whether you wish to Log Changes in the history module automatically.',
316'mail_auth_title'=>'Host requires login',
317'mail_auth_tooltip'=>'Some SMTP hosts require authentication, if yours does you will need to set this and provide a username and password',
318'mail_debug_title'=>'SMTP Debug',
319'mail_debug_tooltip'=>'Check to see SMTP Debug messages on the screen.',
320'mail_defer_title'=>'Queue Email for later sending',
321'mail_defer_tooltip'=>'Check this to queue email for later sending.  An entry will be made in the Event Queue.  You will need to either set the Scan Event Queue option in Session Handling or create a cron job to call:  wget -O- http://your.domain/web2Project/queuescanner.php',
322'mail_group_title'=>'Email Settings',
323'mail_host_title'=>'SMTP Host',
324'mail_host_tooltip'=>'The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or the IP address of the SMTP host to use for sending email',
325'mail_pass_title'=>'SMTP Password',
326'mail_pass_tooltip'=>'The password to use when authenticating to the SMTP server',
327'mail_port_title'=>'SMTP Port',
328'mail_port_tooltip'=>'The TCP port to connect to the SMTP host. If in doubt, leave it at the default of 25.',
329'mail_secure_title'=>'SMTP Secure',
330'mail_secure_tooltip'=>'Choose the SMTP Secure Connection method. If you are unsure do not choose TLS or SSL.',
331'mail_timeout_title'=>'SMTP Server Timeout',
332'mail_timeout_tooltip'=>'The number of seconds to wait for a successful connection to the SMTP server',
333'mail_transport_title'=>'Email Transport',
334'mail_transport_tooltip'=>'Select either PHP for standard PHP mail support or SMTP for direct SMTP support',
335'mail_user_title'=>'SMTP Username',
336'mail_user_tooltip'=>'The username to use when authenticating to your SMTP server',
337'my_item_title'=>'My Tasks',
338'mycomp_item_title'=>'All Tasks for my Company',
339'myfinished7days_item_title'=>'My Tasks Finished Last 7 Days',
340'myproj_item_title'=>'My Projects',
341'myunfinished_item_title'=>'My Unfinished Tasks',
343'page_size_title'=>'Page Size',
344'page_size_tooltip'=>'Number of Records per page',
345'page_title_title'=>'Page Title',
346'page_title_tooltip'=>'Stipulate what will appear on the top line of the browser - before the browser name. ',
347'parser_application/msword_title'=>'MS Word Indexing Parser',
348'parser_application/msword_tooltip'=>'Location for the MS Word File Indexing Parser.',
349'parser_application/pdf_title'=>'PDF Indexing Parser',
350'parser_application/pdf_tooltip'=>'Location for the PDF File Indexing Parser, e.g. /usr/bin/pdftotext',
351'parser_default_title'=>'Default File Indexing Parser',
352'parser_default_tooltip'=>'Location for the Default File Indexing Parser, e.g. /usr/bin/strings',
353'parser_text/html_title'=>'Html File Indexing Parser',
354'parser_text/html_tooltip'=>'Location for the HTML File Indexing Parser, e.g. /usr/bin/strings',
355'password_min_len_title'=>'Minimum Password Length',
356'password_min_len_tooltip'=>'Establish the minimum length of any password entry in web2Project.  This can NOT be longer than the length of the column in DB',
357'php_item_title'=>'PHP Default',
360'postnuke_allow_login_title'=>'Postnuke login also allows Standard Login',
361'postnuke_allow_login_tooltip'=>'If PostNuke authentication is in effect, setting this also allows standard web2Project logins.  If not set all logins must be performed via PostNuke.',
362'projectdesigner_view_project_title'=>'Use ProjectDesigner to View Projects by Default.',
363'projectdesigner_view_project_tooltip'=>'If this option is activated all calls to view project records will be redirected to the project designer module.',
366'pt_br'=>'Portuguese Brazillian',
367'record types',
369'reset_memory_limit_title'=>'Memory Limit for Gantt',
370'reset_memory_limit_tooltip'=>'Experiencing Errors with invisible Gantt Charts use this variable to temporarily expand your PHP Memory Limit for Gantt Chart drawing. Values of 64M, 128M etc. are common.',
371'restrict_color_selection_title'=>'Restrict Project Colour Selection',
372'restrict_color_selection_tooltip'=>'Used in conjuction with the System Value Look up option \'ProjectColors\' you can use this setting to control the project colour selection options accessible by all users on this system.  If you turn this option on then project creators will only be able to select from the colour options defined in the System Value Lookup outlined above.  If you turn this option off then project creators will be able to access the default system presets and the full colour pallette.',
373'restrict_task_time_editing_title'=>'Restrict Task Time Editing',
374'restrict_task_time_editing_tooltip'=>'Turned on, this option will restrict the editing of task time settings to the task owner, the project owner or the system administration only.',
375'session_gc_scan_queue_title'=>'Scan Event Queue on Session Garbage Collection',
376'session_gc_scan_queue_tooltip'=>'If using deferred email or any other event queue, setting this causes the session handler to check the queue when it garbage collects the session.  This is an option to using an external program to call the queue scanner.',
377'session_group_title'=>'Session Handling Settings',
378'session_handling_title'=>'Session Handler',
379'session_handling_tooltip'=>'Which session handling to use, should be either \'php\' for traditional PHP session management, or \'app\' for the web2Project application to manage its own sessions via the database. Session Management: This extends the session handling of PHP to beyond browser-based sessions and stores the session information in the database. This allows for prolonged sessions with lower overheads.',
380'session_idle_time_title'=>'Session Idle Time',
381'session_idle_time_tooltip'=>'The maximum time a session can have no activity before it is declared dead. Values are in seconds unless followed by a letter: h = hours, d = days, m = months, y = years. You can only have 1 character within a string, so 2d4h is NOT valid, but 28h is.',
382'session_max_lifetime_title'=>'Session Maximum Lifetime',
383'session_max_lifetime_tooltip'=>'The maximum time a session can exist before it is trashed, regardless of how active it is.',
384'session_name_title'=>'Session/Cookie Name',
385'session_name_tooltip'=>'Define your own Cookie Name. Attention: Change of Session Name will immediately log out all users! They will need to login again.',
386'show_all_task_assignees_title'=>'Show All Task Assignees',
387'show_all_task_assignees_tooltip'=>'Set this option on if you wish to show all assignee names in the project task task list or off if you would prefer to see just the main assignee name and a count of the other assignees in brackets.',
388'show_all_tasks_title'=>'Show Other Users\' Tasks',
389'show_all_tasks_tooltip'=>'Controls viewing of tasks that belong to other users.',
390'site_domain_title'=>'Site Domain',
391'site_domain_tooltip'=>'The domain set here is used to generate an email address if an incomplete address has been entered in the user\'s record.',
394'sql_item_title'=>'Standard web2Project',
396'startup_group_title'=>'Start Up',
399'syscfg_intro'=>'The following configuration variables have a direct impact on how your system functions.  If you adjust any of these options incorrectly this may affect the operation of your installation and restoring the setting may require external action.  We would strongly suggest that if any of these items are not clearly understood that it would be safer to leave them as they are or check the code implications before proceeding.  There are mouseover-tooltips and (?)-information popups with each of the fields that include as much information as we are able to provide.',
400'system admin',
401'system configuration',
402'system_timezone_title'=>'Server Timezone',
403'system_timezone_tooltip'=>'This is the timezone of the underlying server itself. This is used in timezone math to make sure \"now\" is accurate.',
404'system_update_check_title'=>'Check for Official Updates?',
405'system_update_day_title'=>'Check for Updates (Day)',
406'system_update_day_tooltip'=>'This is the day of the week the system checks for updates: 0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, etc',
407'system_update_hour_title'=>'Check for Updates (Hour)',
408'system_update_hour_tooltip'=>'This is the hour of the day the system checks for updates. It is based on a 24h clock.',
409'system_update_last_check_title'=>'Last Check for System Updates',
410'task_filter_default_title'=>'Default Task Filter',
411'task_reminder_control_title'=>'Send Task Reminders',
412'task_reminder_control_tooltip'=>'If set, an email will be sent to all assignees when a task is due and every day it is overdue until completed.',
413'task_reminder_days_before_title'=>'Number of days warning for due tasks',
414'task_reminder_days_before_tooltip'=>'Setting this will determine how many days before a task is due the first reminder is set.',
415'task_reminder_group_title'=>'Task Reminders',
416'task_reminder_repeat_title'=>'Maximum number of reminders to send',
417'task_reminder_repeat_tooltip'=>'If a task is overdue for a large number of days, it may not be worth sending any more reminders. This value determines the total number of reminders that will be sent, including pre-due date warnings and overdue alerts.',
418'taskcreated_item_title'=>'All Tasks I Have Created',
419'taskowned_item_title'=>'All Tasks That I Am Owner',
420'tasks_ajax_list_title'=>'Use AJAX for dynamic tasks',
421'tasks_ajax_list_tooltip'=>'If your browser doesn\'t support ajax, turn this off. Dynamically loading tasks the first time they are requested.',
423'template_projects_status_id_title'=>'Template Projects Status Id',
424'template_projects_status_id_tooltip'=>'Type on this box the Status Id for Template Projects just like it is show in the System Lookup Values for the ProjectStatus Key.',
426'unassigned_item_title'=>'All Tasks (unassigned)',
429'user_item_title'=>'Active User\'s Company',
430'username_min_len_title'=>'Minimum Username Length',
431'username_min_len_tooltip'=>'Establish the minimum length of any user names for web2Project.  This can NOT be longer than the length of the column in DB',
434'zh_tw'=>'Chinese (Taiwan)',