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/Visual Studio 2008/VBWPFClipboardViewer/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb

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 1Imports System
 2Imports System.Reflection
 3Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
 4Imports System.Globalization
 5Imports System.Resources
 6Imports System.Windows
 8' General Information about an assembly is controlled through the following 
 9' set of attributes. Change these attribute values to modify the information
10' associated with an assembly.
12' Review the values of the assembly attributes
14<Assembly: AssemblyTitle("VBWPFClipboardViewer")> 
15<Assembly: AssemblyDescription("")> 
16<Assembly: AssemblyCompany("Microsoft Corporation")> 
17<Assembly: AssemblyProduct("VBWPFClipboardViewer")> 
18<Assembly: AssemblyCopyright("Copyright © Microsoft 2010")> 
19<Assembly: AssemblyTrademark("")> 
20<Assembly: ComVisible(false)>
22'In order to begin building localizable applications, set 
23'<UICulture>CultureYouAreCodingWith</UICulture> in your .vbproj file
24'inside a <PropertyGroup>.  For example, if you are using US english 
25'in your source files, set the <UICulture> to "en-US".  Then uncomment the
26'NeutralResourceLanguage attribute below.  Update the "en-US" in the line
27'below to match the UICulture setting in the project file.
29'<Assembly: NeutralResourcesLanguage("en-US", UltimateResourceFallbackLocation.Satellite)> 
32'The ThemeInfo attribute describes where any theme specific and generic resource dictionaries can be found.
33'1st parameter: where theme specific resource dictionaries are located
34'(used if a resource is not found in the page, 
35' or application resource dictionaries)
37'2nd parameter: where the generic resource dictionary is located
38'(used if a resource is not found in the page, 
39'app, and any theme specific resource dictionaries)
40<Assembly: ThemeInfo(ResourceDictionaryLocation.None, ResourceDictionaryLocation.SourceAssembly)>
44'The following GUID is for the ID of the typelib if this project is exposed to COM
45<Assembly: Guid("81e4c424-0048-4c9d-95c3-3689f36e923f")> 
47' Version information for an assembly consists of the following four values:
49'      Major Version
50'      Minor Version 
51'      Build Number
52'      Revision
54' You can specify all the values or you can default the Build and Revision Numbers 
55' by using the '*' as shown below:
56' <Assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.*")> 
58<Assembly: AssemblyVersion("")> 
59<Assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("")>