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  1<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
  3 * FCKeditor - The text editor for Internet -
  4 * Copyright (C) 2003-2009 Frederico Caldeira Knabben
  5 *
  6 * == BEGIN LICENSE ==
  7 *
  8 * Licensed under the terms of any of the following licenses at your
  9 * choice:
 10 *
 11 *  - GNU General Public License Version 2 or later (the "GPL")
 12 *
 13 *
 14 *  - GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 or later (the "LGPL")
 15 *
 16 *
 17 *  - Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 or later (the "MPL")
 18 *
 19 *
 20 * == END LICENSE ==
 22<html xmlns="">
 24	<title>FCKeditor ChangeLog - What's New?</title>
 25	<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
 26	<style type="text/css">
 27		body { font-family: arial, verdana, sans-serif }
 28		p { margin-left: 20px }
 29		h1 { border-bottom: solid 1px gray; padding-bottom: 20px }
 30	</style>
 33	<h1>
 34		FCKeditor ChangeLog - What's New?</h1>
 35	<h3>
 36		Version 2.6.4</h3>
 37	<p>
 38		Fixed Bugs:</p>
 39	<ul>
 40		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2777</a>] Merging
 41			cells between table header and body is no longer possible.</li>
 42		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2815</a>] Fixed
 43			WSC issues at slow connection speed. Added SSL support.</li>
 44		<li>Language file updates for the following languages:
 45			<ul>
 46				<li>Chinese (Traditional)</li>
 47				<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2846</a>] French</li>
 48				<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2801</a>] Hebrew</li>
 49				<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2824</a>] Russian</li>
 50				<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2811</a>] Turkish</li>
 51			</ul>
 52		</li>
 53		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2757</a>] Fixed
 54			a minor bug which causes selection positions to be improperly restored during undos
 55			and redos.</li>
 56	</ul>
 57	<h3>
 58		Version 2.6.4 Beta</h3>
 59	<p>
 60		New Features and Improvements:</p>
 61	<ul>
 62		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2685</a>] Integration
 63			with "WebSpellChecker", a <strong>zero installation and free spell checker</strong>
 64			provided by This is now the default spell checker in the editor
 65			(requires internet connection). All previous spell checking solutions are still
 66			available.</li>
 67		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2430</a>] In the
 68			table dialog it's possible to create header cells in the first row (included in
 69			a thead element) or the first column of the table. </li>
 70		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#822</a>] The table
 71			cell dialog allows switching between normal data cells or header cells (TD vs. TH).
 72		</li>
 73		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2515</a>] New language
 74			file for Icelandic.</li>
 75	</ul>
 76	<p>
 77		Fixed Bugs:</p>
 78	<ul>
 79		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2381</a>] Protected
 80			the editor from duplicate iframes</li>
 81		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1752</a>] Fixed
 82			the issue with tablecommands plugin and undefined tagName.</li>
 83		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2333</a>] The &amp;gt;
 84			character inside text wasn't encoded in Opera and Safari.</li>
 85		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2467</a>] Fixed
 86			JavaScript error with the fit window command in source mode.</li>
 87		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2472</a>] Splitting
 88			a TH will create a two TH, not a TH and a TD.</li>
 89		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1891</a>] Removed
 90			unnecessary name attributes in dialogs. </li>
 91		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#798</a>, <a target="_blank"
 92			href="">#2495</a>] If an image was placed inside
 93			a container with dimensions or floating it wasn't possible to edit its properties
 94			from the toolbar or context menu.</li>
 95		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1982</a>] Submenus
 96			in IE7 now are shown properly.</li>
 97		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2496</a>] Using
 98			the Paste dialogs in IE might insert the content at the start of the editor.</li>
 99		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2496</a>] Fixed
100			RTL dialog layout in Internet Explorer.</li>
101		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2488</a>] Fixed
102			the issue where email links in IE would take the browser to a new page in addition
103			to calling up the email client.</li>
104		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2519</a>] Fixed
105			race condition at registering the FCKeditorAPI object in multiple editor scenarios.</li>
106		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2525</a>] Fixed
107			JavaScript error in Google Chrome when StartupShowBlocks is set to true.</li>
108		<li>Language file updates for the following languages:
109			<ul>
110				<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2440</a>] Dutch</li>
111				<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2451</a>] Basque</li>
112				<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2650</a>] Danish</li>
113				<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2535</a>] German
114				</li>
115			</ul>
116		</li>
117		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2531</a>] The ENTER
118			key will properly scroll to the cursor position when breaking long paragraphs.</li>
119		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2573</a>] The type
120			name in configurations for the ASP connector are now case sensitive.</li>
121		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2503</a>] DL, DT
122			and DD where missing the formatting in the generated HTML.</li>
123		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2516</a>] Replaced
124			the extension AddItem of Array with the standard "push" method.</li>
125		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2486</a>] Vertically
126			splitting cell with colspan &gt; 1 breaks table layout.</li>
127		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2597</a>] Fixed
128			the issue where dropping contents from outside of the editor doesn't work in Safari.</li>
129		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2412</a>] Fixed
130			the issue where FCK.InsertHtml() is no longer removing selected contents after content
131			insertion in Firefox.</li>
132		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2407</a>] Fixed
133			the issue where the Div container command and the blockquote command would break
134			lists.</li>
135		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2469</a>] Fixed
136			a minor issue where FCK.SetData() may cause the editor to become unresponsive to
137			the first click after being defocused.</li>
138		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2611</a>] Fixed
139			an extra slash on quickupload of the asp connector.</li>
140		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2616</a>] Fixed
141			another situation where new elements were inserted at the beginning of the content
142			in IE.</li>
143		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2634</a>] Fixed
144			two obsolete references to Array::AddItem() instances still in the code.</li>
145		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2679</a>] Fixed
146			infinite loop problems with FCKDomRangeIterator class which causes some commands
147			to hang when applied to certain document structures.</li>
148		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2649</a>] Fixed
149			a JavaScript error in IE when user tries to search with the "Match whole word" option
150			enabled and the matched word is at exactly the end of document.</li>
151		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2603</a>] Changed
152			the <a href="">EMailProtection</a> to "none"
153			for better compatibility.</li>
154		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2612</a>] The 'ForcePasteAsPlainText'
155			configuration option didn't work correctly in Safari and Chrome.</li>
156		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2696</a>] Fixed
157			non-working autogrow plugin.</li>
158		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2753</a>] Fixed
159			occasional exceptions in the dragersizetable plugin with IE.</li>
160		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#2653</a>] and [<a
161			target="_blank" href="">#2733</a>] Enable undo
162			of changes to tables and table cells.</li>
163		<li>[<a target="_blank" href="">#1865</a>] The context
164			menu is now working properly over the last row in a table with thead. Thanks to
165			Koen Willems.</li>
166	</ul>
167	<p>
168		<a href="_whatsnew_history.html">See previous versions history</a></p>