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  3$locale['pla_001'] = "PHP-Fusion Licensing";
  4$locale['pla_002'] = "Introduction";
  5$locale['pla_003'] = "License Application Form";
  6$locale['pla_004'] = "License Application";
  7$locale['pla_005'] = "Application to become a Reseller";
  8$locale['pla_006'] = "Print this license ";
  9$locale['pla_007'] = "Approve";
 10$locale['pla_008'] = "Deny";
 11$locale['pla_009'] = "License Applications";
 14$locale['pla_100'] = "Text of Licenses";
 15$locale['pla_101'] = "The EPAL License can be applied for in the AddonDB dashboard for qualified members.";
 16$locale['pla_102'] = "CRL";
 17$locale['pla_103'] = "CCL";
 18$locale['pla_104'] = "EPAL";
 19$locale['pla_105'] = "Reseller";
 20$locale['pla_106'] = "PHP Fusion Copyright Removal License (\"CRL\") Agreement Version 1.0";
 21$locale['pla_107'] = "PHP-Fusion Commercial Core License v 1.0";
 22$locale['pla_108'] = "Enduser PHP-Fusion Addon License, EPAL (v1.0)";
 23$locale['pla_109'] = "Choose License Type";
 24$locale['pla_110'] = "----------------------- Select -----------------------";
 25$locale['pla_111'] = "Application Received";
 26$locale['pla_112'] = "Name";
 27$locale['pla_113'] = "Text";
 28$locale['pla_114'] = "Reseller Agreement";
 29$locale['pla_115'] = "By sending this application, you agree that you have read,<br />understood and accepted the terms of the license requested.";
 30$locale['pla_116'] = "Apply";
 31$locale['pla_117'] = "Site URL";
 32$locale['pla_118'] = "Your application has been received. An administrator will review it and contact you shortly. Thank you.";
 33$locale['pla_119'] = "No Applications to display";
 34$locale['pla_120'] = "Pending Applications";
 35$locale['pla_121'] = "Approved Applications";
 36$locale['pla_122'] = "Denied Applications";
 37$locale['pla_123'] = "Not allowed!";
 38$locale['pla_124'] = "Country";
 39$locale['pla_125'] = "Type";
 40$locale['pla_126'] = "Application Text";
 41$locale['pla_127'] = "URL";
 42$locale['pla_128'] = "Date";
 43$locale['pla_129'] = "Approver";
 44$locale['pla_131'] = "License Application Admin";
 45$locale['pla_132'] = "N.B. To apply for the Enduser PHP-Fusion Addon License, EPAL (v1.0), you need to have a minimum of %u Addons in the AddonDB.<br />The form can be accessed in the ";
 46$locale['pla_133'] = "Status";
 47$locale['pla_134'] = "Submit";
 48$locale['pla_135'] = "Pending";
 49$locale['pla_136'] = "Approve";
 50$locale['pla_137'] = "Deny";
 51$locale['pla_138'] = "View";
 52$locale['pla_139'] = "Delete";
 53$locale['pla_140'] = "Full Name";
 54$locale['pla_141'] = "Only registered members may apply for a license.<br /><br /><a href='".BASEDIR."register.php'>Register</a> or <a href='".BASEDIR."login.php'>Log in</a>";
 55$locale['pla_142'] = "Email";
 56$locale['pla_143'] = "If Company...";
 57$locale['pla_144'] = "Company Name";
 58$locale['pla_145'] = "Billing contact";
 59$locale['pla_146'] = "Technical Contact";
 60$locale['pla_147'] = "VAT No (or equiv)";
 61$locale['pla_148'] = "Email";
 62$locale['pla_149'] = "Address";
 63$locale['pla_150'] = "Phone No";
 64$locale['pla_151'] = "Failure to fill in all relevant fields may result in your application being rejected.";
 65$locale['pla_152'] = "Tick to send PM";
 66$locale['pla_153'] = "Requested License";
 67$locale['pla_crl'] = "PHP Fusion Copyright Removal License";
 68$locale['pla_ccl'] = "PHP-Fusion Commercial Core License";
 69$locale['pla_rsl'] = "PHP-Fusion Reseller License";
 71$locale['pla_400'] = "
 72As our existing license structure did not suit everybody's needs, we are introducing an improved set of licenses with commercial alternatives for the core as well as for 3rd party solutions.<br />\n<br />\n<i>We strongly recommend you read and fully understand the text before you apply for a license!</i>";
 74$locale['pla_401'] = "
 75<b>AGPL.</b> As an Open Source Community we will always develop our free and open license firsthand, it's the foundation for all of our development and those who wish to create commercial solutions must base it on our Open Source core. The commercial licenses is regarded as a supplement to our free versions, for those who wish to have the opportunity to create something extra. Our development will be for our Open Source solutions. Read AGPL here. (<a target='_blank' href=''>Link</a>)<br />\n<br />\n
 77<b>PHP-Fusion CRL</b> (Copyright Removal License). This is a new version of the old CRL, since the old one was never written down properly. The new version is No 1.0 of PHP-Fusion CRL and is in effect as of the release of PHP-Fusion v7.01.02.<br />\n<br />\n
 79Summary of the new CRL: This is a noncommercial license intended for private use only. It does revoke AGPL and the requirements of that license to share everything you use in order to interact with your users. This license is strictly for noncommercial use only to differentiate it from the two following commercial licenses. Those of you who currently have the old CRL may upgrade your existing license to a commercial license if that best suits your needs. The upgrade charge is &#163;15 (GBP) and payment is accepted through the Paypal Donate button. We strongly recommend you read the text of the license for PHP-Fusion Commercial Core License, (CCR) before you upgrade.<br />\n<br />\n
 81For new CRL licenses, we will be charging in Euro and the price for one CRL is &#8364;45. The license is for the duration of a domain, as it was before. Similarly, you may not change domain nor ownership of the domain, the main distinction being that the CRL is for noncommercial use only.<br />\n<br />\n
 83<b>PHP-Fusion Commercial Core License</b>, CCL v1.0. Our commercial alternative, the license can be viewed in its full.(see links at bottom of page) Same principles as for all of our licenses, one domain/owner and for the lifetime of one domain, with all upgrades for free. We are accepting applications from users to become resellers who once accepted as an official reseller will recieve a generous discount. Our National Support Sites will act as resellers on respective local markets, should they chose to do so. The Project Manager in conjunction with MT will decide upon the standards and requirements we will use in order to accept applicants as resellers.<br />\n<br />\n
 85The price for one CCR is &#8364;90.<br />\n<br />\n
 87<b>PHP-Fusion 3rd Party License.</b> This license cannot be bought, it must be applied for and earned. This license is an incentive to Addon developers to raise the overall standard of Addons, meaning Themes, Infusions, panels etc. Developers who wish to achieve the status of having Officially Approved Addons will apply for that status. The application form is available in the AddonDB to members who have %u or more existing addons in the database.<br />\n<br />\n
 89Upon application, PHP-Fusion will ensure that your work follows PHP-Fusion coding standards, that it works with the core properly and that it does not contain faulty, unsafe or malicious code. It will be a guarantee of quality for those downloading your work. It is our intention to raise the general level of standards of addons with this license, to improve quality, inventiveness and uniqueness. Our intention is that this will inspire skilled developers out there to try to outdo each other and create some really fabulous addons.<br />\n<br />\n
 91<b>The application procedure:</b><br />\n<br />\n
 931: You submit your work for quality and code control.<br />\n<br />\n
 952: We will examine your code for structure, safety, standards and of course, functionality.<br />\n<br />\n
 973: Next step is to see if your submitted work is unique, innovative, intuitive and also if it will make a difference to the addon database.<br />\n<br />\n
 994: Provided your work will be accepted as an Official Approved Addon, we will give you a license, Enduser PHP-Fusion Addon License, (EPAL v1.0), which you accept to use with your own customers. We will also supply you with logotypes that states that your products are Officially Approved Addons and that you are an Approved Developer of Addons, ADA.<br />\n<br />\n
101You also must state that you are aware of the fact that commercial addons only can be sold in conjunction with websites who are licensed either under our CRL or PHP-Fusion Commercial Core License, CCL v1.0.<br />\n<br />\n
1035: In such a case that your work is not deemed to be of such a quality that we will grant it Official status, you decide for yourself under which license you wish to submit your material, be it a free license or a commercial one of your choice, and where you wish to submit it.<br />\n<br />\n
1056: You will be responsible for selling, pricing and supporting your addons, PHP-Fusion will accept no responsibilities or liabilities whatsoever in any dealings between you and your customers.<br />\n<br />\n
107N.B. Please note that acceptance of a submitted addon to the AddonDB does not automatically entitle an author Official Addon Developer status.<br />\n<br />\n
109$locale['pla_500'] = "To apply for Enduser PHP-Fusion Addon License, you must have a minimum of %u Addons approved for inclusion in the AddonDB.";
110$locale['pla_501'] = "If you qualify you will see a link in the your ";
111$locale['pla_502'] = "Addon Dashboard";
112$locale['pla_503'] = " where you can apply for official PHP-Fusion Addon Developer Status.";
113$locale['pla_504'] = "You must be a member to apply. <a href='".BASEDIR."register.php'>Register</a> or <a href='".BASEDIR."login.php'>Log in</a>";
115// Admin
118$locale['pla_600'] = "Delete Application";
119$locale['pla_601'] = "Application deleted";
120$locale['pla_602'] = "Pending Applications";
121$locale['pla_603'] = "Edit application";
122$locale['pla_604'] = "Application Processed";
123$locale['pla_605'] = "Application status edited. Private message sent to applicant.";
124$locale['pla_606'] = "Approved Applications";
125$locale['pla_607'] = "No ";
126$locale['pla_608'] = "N/A";
127$locale['pla_609'] = "This will be sent in a private message to applicant.";
128$locale['pla_610'] = "Admin Comment";
129$locale['pla_611'] = "This will be viewable by License admins only.";
130$locale['pla_612'] = "Admin";
131$locale['pla_613'] = "Approver PM";
133// Country Locales
135$locale['pla_af'] = "Afghanistan";
136$locale['pla_al'] = "Albania";
137$locale['pla_dz'] = "Algeria";
138$locale['pla_as'] = "American Samoa";
139$locale['pla_ad'] = "Andorra";
140$locale['pla_ao'] = "Angola";
141$locale['pla_ai'] = "Anguilla";
142$locale['pla_aq'] = "Antartica";
143$locale['pla_ag'] = "Antigua &amp; Barbuda";
144$locale['pla_ar'] = "Argentina";
145$locale['pla_am'] = "Armenia";
146$locale['pla_aw'] = "Aruba";
147$locale['pla_au'] = "Australia";
148$locale['pla_at'] = "Austria";
149$locale['pla_az'] = "Azerbaijan";
150$locale['pla_bs'] = "Bahamas";
151$locale['pla_bh'] = "Bahrain";
152$locale['pla_bd'] = "Bangladesh";
153$locale['pla_bb'] = "Barbados";
154$locale['pla_by'] = "Belarus";
155$locale['pla_be'] = "Belgium";
156$locale['pla_bz'] = "Belize";
157$locale['pla_bj'] = "Benin";
158$locale['pla_bm'] = "Bermuda";
159$locale['pla_bt'] = "Bhutan";
160$locale['pla_bo'] = "Bolivia";
161$locale['pla_ba'] = "Bosnia & Herzegovina";
162$locale['pla_bw'] = "Botswana";
163$locale['pla_bv'] = "Bouvet Island";
164$locale['pla_br'] = "Brazil";
165$locale['pla_io'] = "British Indian Ocean Territories";
166$locale['pla_bn'] = "Brunei";
167$locale['pla_bg'] = "Bulgaria";
168$locale['pla_bf'] = "Burkina Faso";
169$locale['pla_bi'] = "Burundi";
170$locale['pla_kh'] = "Cambodia";
171$locale['pla_cm'] = "Cameroon";
172$locale['pla_ca'] = "Canada";
173$locale['pla_cv'] = "Cape Verde";
174$locale['pla_ky'] = "Cayman Islands";
175$locale['pla_cf'] = "Central African Republic";
176$locale['pla_td'] = "Chad";
177$locale['pla_cd'] = "Channel Islands";
178$locale['pla_cl'] = "Chile";
179$locale['pla_cn'] = "China";
180$locale['pla_cx'] = "Christmas Island";
181$locale['pla_cs'] = "Cocos Island";
182$locale['pla_co'] = "Columbia";
183$locale['pla_cc'] = "Cocos (Keeling) Islands";
184$locale['pla_km'] = "Comoros";
185$locale['pla_cg'] = "Congo";
186$locale['pla_ck'] = "Cook Islands";
187$locale['pla_cr'] = "Costa Rica";
188$locale['pla_ci'] = "Cote D`Ivoire";
189$locale['pla_hr'] = "Croatia";
190$locale['pla_cu'] = "Cuba";
191$locale['pla_cb'] = "Curacao";
192$locale['pla_cy'] = "Cyprus";
193$locale['pla_cz'] = "Czech Republic";
194$locale['pla_dk'] = "Denmark";
195$locale['pla_dj'] = "Djibouti";
196$locale['pla_dm'] = "Dominica";
197$locale['pla_do'] = "Dominican Republic";
198$locale['pla_tm'] = "East Timor";
199$locale['pla_ec'] = "Ecuador";
200$locale['pla_eg'] = "Egypt";
201$locale['pla_sv'] = "El Salvador";
202$locale['pla_gq'] = "Equatorial Guinea";
203$locale['pla_er'] = "Eritrea";
204$locale['pla_ee'] = "Estonia";
205$locale['pla_et'] = "Ethiopia";
206$locale['pla_fk'] = "Falkland Islands";
207$locale['pla_fo'] = "Faroe Islands";
208$locale['pla_fj'] = "Fiji";
209$locale['pla_fi'] = "Finland";
210$locale['pla_fr'] = "France";
211$locale['pla_gf'] = "French Guiana";
212$locale['pla_pf'] = "French Polynesia";
213$locale['pla_tf'] = "French Southern Territories";
214$locale['pla_ga'] = "Gabon";
215$locale['pla_gm'] = "Gambia";
216$locale['pla_ge'] = "Georgia";
217$locale['pla_de'] = "Germany";
218$locale['pla_gh'] = "Ghana";
219$locale['pla_gi'] = "Gibraltar";
220$locale['pla_gr'] = "Greece";
221$locale['pla_gl'] = "Greenland";
222$locale['pla_gd'] = "Grenada";
223$locale['pla_gp'] = "Guadeloupe";
224$locale['pla_gu'] = "Guam";
225$locale['pla_gt'] = "Guatemala";
226$locale['pla_gn'] = "Guinea";
227$locale['pla_gw'] = "Guinea-Bissau";
228$locale['pla_gy'] = "Guyana";
229$locale['pla_ht'] = "Haiti";
230$locale['pla_hm'] = "Heard &amp; McDonald Islands";
231$locale['pla_hn'] = "Honduras";
232$locale['pla_hk'] = "Hong Kong";
233$locale['pla_hu'] = "Hungary";
234$locale['pla_is'] = "Iceland";
235$locale['pla_in'] = "India";
236$locale['pla_id'] = "Indonesia";
237$locale['pla_ir'] = "Iran";
238$locale['pla_iq'] = "Iraq";
239$locale['pla_ie'] = "Ireland";
240$locale['pla_il'] = "Israel";
241$locale['pla_it'] = "Italy";
242$locale['pla_jm'] = "Jamaica";
243$locale['pla_jp'] = "Japan";
244$locale['pla_jo'] = "Jordan";
245$locale['pla_kz'] = "Kazakhstan";
246$locale['pla_ke'] = "Kenya";
247$locale['pla_ki'] = "Kiribati";
248$locale['pla_kp'] = "Korea North";
249$locale['pla_kr'] = "Korea South";
250$locale['pla_kw'] = "Kuwait";
251$locale['pla_kg'] = "Kyrgyzstan";
252$locale['pla_la'] = "Laos";
253$locale['pla_lv'] = "Latvia";
254$locale['pla_lb'] = "Lebanon";
255$locale['pla_ls'] = "Lesotho";
256$locale['pla_lr'] = "Liberia";
257$locale['pla_ly'] = "Libya";
258$locale['pla_li'] = "Liechtenstein";
259$locale['pla_lt'] = "Lithuania";
260$locale['pla_lu'] = "Luxembourg";
261$locale['pla_mo'] = "Macau";
262$locale['pla_mk'] = "Macedonia";
263$locale['pla_mg'] = "Madagascar";
264$locale['pla_my'] = "Malaysia";
265$locale['pla_mw'] = "Malawi";
266$locale['pla_mv'] = "Maldives";
267$locale['pla_ml'] = "Mali";
268$locale['pla_mt'] = "Malta";
269$locale['pla_mh'] = "Marshall Islands";
270$locale['pla_mq'] = "Martinique";
271$locale['pla_mr'] = "Mauritania";
272$locale['pla_mu'] = "Mauritius";
273$locale['pla_yt'] = "Mayotte";
274$locale['pla_mx'] = "Mexico";
275$locale['pla_fm'] = "Micronesia";
276$locale['pla_md'] = "Moldova";
277$locale['pla_mc'] = "Monaco";
278$locale['pla_mn'] = "Mongolia";
279$locale['pla_me'] = "Montenegro";
280$locale['pla_ms'] = "Montserrat";
281$locale['pla_ma'] = "Morocco";
282$locale['pla_mz'] = "Mozambique";
283$locale['pla_mm'] = "Myanmar";
284$locale['pla_na'] = "Nambia";
285$locale['pla_nr'] = "Nauru";
286$locale['pla_np'] = "Nepal";
287$locale['pla_an'] = "Netherland Antilles";
288$locale['pla_nl'] = "Netherlands";
289$locale['pla_nc'] = "New Caledonia";
290$locale['pla_nz'] = "New Zealand";
291$locale['pla_ni'] = "Nicaragua";
292$locale['pla_ne'] = "Niger";
293$locale['pla_ng'] = "Nigeria";
294$locale['pla_nu'] = "Niue";
295$locale['pla_nf'] = "Norfolk Island";
296$locale['pla_no'] = "Norway";
297$locale['pla_mp'] = "Northern Mariana Islands";
298$locale['pla_om'] = "Oman";
299$locale['pla_pk'] = "Pakistan";
300$locale['pla_pw'] = "Palau Island";
301$locale['pla_ps'] = "Palestine";
302$locale['pla_pa'] = "Panama";
303$locale['pla_pg'] = "Papua New Guinea";
304$locale['pla_py'] = "Paraguay";
305$locale['pla_pe'] = "Peru";
306$locale['pla_ph'] = "Philippines";
307$locale['pla_pn'] = "Pitcairn Island";
308$locale['pla_pl'] = "Poland";
309$locale['pla_pt'] = "Portugal";
310$locale['pla_pr'] = "Puerto Rico";
311$locale['pla_qa'] = "Qatar";
312$locale['pla_re'] = "Reunion";
313$locale['pla_ro'] = "Romania";
314$locale['pla_ru'] = "Russia";
315$locale['pla_rw'] = "Rwanda";
316$locale['pla_sh'] = "St Helena";
317$locale['pla_kn'] = "St Kitts-Nevis";
318$locale['pla_lc'] = "St Lucia";
319$locale['pla_pm'] = "St Pierre &amp; Miquelon";
320$locale['pla_vc'] = "St Vincent &amp; Grenadines";
321$locale['pla_ws'] = "Samoa";
322$locale['pla_sm'] = "San Marino";
323$locale['pla_st'] = "Sao Tome &amp; Principe";
324$locale['pla_sa'] = "Saudi Arabia";
325$locale['pla_sn'] = "Senegal";
326$locale['pla_sc'] = "Seychelles";
327$locale['pla_xs'] = "Serbia";
328$locale['pla_sl'] = "Sierra Leone";
329$locale['pla_sg'] = "Singapore";
330$locale['pla_sk'] = "Slovakia";
331$locale['pla_si'] = "Slovenia";
332$locale['pla_sb'] = "Solomon Islands";
333$locale['pla_oi'] = "Somalia";
334$locale['pla_za'] = "South Africa";
335$locale['pla_gs'] = "South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands";
336$locale['pla_es'] = "Spain";
337$locale['pla_lk'] = "Sri Lanka";
338$locale['pla_sd'] = "Sudan";
339$locale['pla_sr'] = "Suriname";
340$locale['pla_sj'] = "Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands";
341$locale['pla_sz'] = "Swaziland";
342$locale['pla_se'] = "Sweden";
343$locale['pla_ch'] = "Switzerland";
344$locale['pla_sy'] = "Syria";
345$locale['pla_ta'] = "Tahiti";
346$locale['pla_tw'] = "Taiwan";
347$locale['pla_tj'] = "Tajikistan";
348$locale['pla_tz'] = "Tanzania";
349$locale['pla_th'] = "Thailand";
350$locale['pla_tg'] = "Togo";
351$locale['pla_tk'] = "Tokelau";
352$locale['pla_to'] = "Tonga";
353$locale['pla_tt'] = "Trinidad &amp; Tobago";
354$locale['pla_tn'] = "Tunisia";
355$locale['pla_tr'] = "Turkey";
356$locale['pla_tm'] = "Turkmenistan";
357$locale['pla_tc'] = "Turks &amp; Caicos Is";
358$locale['pla_tv'] = "Tuvalu";
359$locale['pla_ug'] = "Uganda";
360$locale['pla_ua'] = "Ukraine";
361$locale['pla_ae'] = "United Arab Emirates";
362$locale['pla_gb'] = "United Kingdom";
363$locale['pla_um'] = "United States Minor Outlying Islands";
364$locale['pla_us'] = "United States of America";
365$locale['pla_uy'] = "Uruguay";
366$locale['pla_uz'] = "Uzbekistan";
367$locale['pla_vu'] = "Vanuatu";
368$locale['pla_va'] = "Vatican City State";
369$locale['pla_ve'] = "Venezuela";
370$locale['pla_vn'] = "Vietnam";
371$locale['pla_vg'] = "Virgin Islands (Brit)";
372$locale['pla_vi'] = "Virgin Islands (USA)";
373$locale['pla_wf'] = "Wallis &amp; Futana Islands";
374$locale['pla_eh'] = "Western Sahara";
375$locale['pla_ye'] = "Yemen";
376$locale['pla_yu'] = "Yugoslavia";
377$locale['pla_zr'] = "Zaire";
378$locale['pla_zm'] = "Zambia";
379$locale['pla_zw'] = "Zimbabwe";