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47/*! \page qtservice-example-controller.html
48    \title A simple Service Controller
50    It is a very simple implementation of universal command-line
51    controller.  This controller can install and control any service
52    written using QtService component.  It demonstrates how to use
53    QtServiceController class. On Windows, this is an alternative to
54    using the "Services" Administrative Tool or the built-in \c sc.exe
55    command-line tool to control services.
57    A note about services on Windows Vista: Installing/uninstalling
58    and starting/stopping services requires security privileges. The
59    simplest way to achieve this is to set the "Run as Administrator"
60    property on the executable (right-click the executable file,
61    select Properties, and choose the Compatibilty tab in the
62    Properties dialog). This applies even if you are logged in as
63    Administrator. Also, the command-line shell should be started with
64    "Run as Administrator". Note that the service itself does not need
65    special privileges to run. Only if you want the service to be able
66    to install itself (the -i option) or similar, then the service
67    will need to be run as Administrator. Otherwise, the recommended
68    procedure is to use a controller such as this example and/or the
69    "Services" Administrative Tool to manage the service.
71    A usability hint: in some circumstances, e.g. when running this
72    example on Windows Vista with the "Run as Administrator" property
73    set, output will be sent to a shell window which will close
74    immediately upon termination, not leaving the user enough time to
75    read the output. In such cases, append the -w(ait) argument, which
76    will make the controller wait for a keypress before terminating.
78    Here is the complete source code:
80    \quotefile controller/main.cpp