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 2- Write a vignette for the farmland package
 6- farmR functions [totally minimalist] @done(2009-09-05) @project(R)
 7- Fix portability issues due to using .jinit in farmLP and not putting the jni code in the libs dir @done(2009-09-05) @project(R)
 8- Remove all farmLP functions from the farmland package and include deps on these for farmland @done(2009-09-05) @project(R)
 9- Decide what data to include with farmland @done(2009-09-05) @project(R)
10- Write documentation for farmland functions @done(2009-09-05) @project(R)
11- Create an R package called farmLP containing a minimalist subset of functions @done @project(R)
12- Create a new R package to include local @done @project(R)
13- Change Makevars.darwin to Makevars.unix and have it use this for all unix flavours @done @project(Build)
14- Write a configure script for the whole R package @done @project(Build)
15	mac: @done @project(mac)
16- Resolve dependency on coin libs @done @project(mac)