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  1Soulbound360 is a World of Warcraft addon for playing WoW with your Xbox360 controller. The addon itself is text files however USING THE CONTROLLER WITH WOW REQUIRES ANOTHER PROGRAM.
  5The addon requires:
  7* An Xbox360 Wired controller, or an Xbox 360 Reciever for a Wireless controller
  8* The Microsoft Xbox360 Accessories Software installed.
 101 Install the addon into your Interface/AddOns directory as usual.
 122 Download GLOVEPIE and open the S360.PIE file inside of the Interface/AddOns/Soulbound360 directory.
 143 Click RUN in GLOVEPIE and start World of Warcraft
 16GLOVEPIE is Windows only. The addon and the instructions sent to GLOVEPIE are all completely visible inside of the Interface/Addons folder. This is in compliance with Blizzard's AddOn policy. Controls have 1-to-1 functionality, THERE ARE NO SCRIPTED OR AUTOMATED CONTROLS.
 18For previous users who have switched to Morii driver, you need to set your Triggers to LEFT Z Rotation and RIGHT Z Axis in the control panel. You can also choose to rollback to the Microsoft driver since the controls are now identical. This will also allow a headset to plug into the controller.
 23Push the left joystick to move.
 25Push the right joystick for the cursor/to turn.
 27XYAB,Back,Start,Dpad dirctions and pressing in the joysticks are actions 1-12.
 29Shoulder Buttons are mouse click, target, action bars, and a modifier. Switching actionbars is required for accessing all abilities.
 31Bottom left shoulder modifies all the other buttons
 32-Pressing halfway gives you pet controls on 1-12 and left click.
 33-Pressing all the way gives you party targeting, aura/stance/shapeshift, and menus.
 34-Pressing both right or left shoulders lets you jump or autorun.
 36There are many more controls and combinations handed by the gamepad. Some controls can also be altered in the PIE file. A full diagram is displayed in game and can be toggled inside of the Interface/Addons menu. Have fun!
 39* Push to talk can be controlled by Rockband/Guitar Hero foot pedal when assigned as second controller
 42* New binding for controller map toggle
 43* More dramatic transparancy on the controller map
 44* Easier to change keys sent in PIE file
 45* PIE file option for replacing actionbar switches on triggers with keyboard keys
 46* Hover action mode now activated with RB held and LT pressed twice
 49* fixed mislabeled diagram
 50* fixed CTRL-S occasionally getting triggered by movement controls
 51* scroll lock LED blinks indicate push-to-talk ON/OFF
 52* ctrl/shift click indicated on diagram
 53* zoom button zooms when held down; more like a mouse wheel
 56* Hover Action setting allows you to mouseover target while pressing abilities to easily heal or attack
 57* Redesigned controller map, photograph by Chris Hecker
 58* Controller map now displays user-defined key bindings
 59* Brought back shift and ctrl click when joined with actionbar press
 60* return of attack/assist controls
 63* Fixed spacebar flooding the server when pressed repeatedly while pressing the left stick
 64* Removed MiddleX from morii driver. Any 360 driver will be completely identical.
 65* Menus will now be bound appropriately
 66* Moved PushToTalk to NUMPAD6 becuase 5 was also taken
 67* Moved Shaman totem calls to 7,8,9,2 because of vehicle controls
 68* Moved Pvp menu to Dpad
 71* Changed PushToTalk to NUMPAD5, 0 was taken
 72* Added option for left click to go to right shoulder
 75* Shaman totem calls and totemic recall now supported
 76* Moved Push To Talk key to NUMPAD0
 79* Added push-to-talk for voice chat
 80* Added esc to cancel spellcasts when rooted
 81* Moved zoom in/out below modifiers
 84* PIE file redone. Cleaner, neater, readable.
 85* Control is now centered around analog trigger range as modifiers.
 86* All controls almost identical for Microsoft and Morii drivers. 74 mappable actions total.
 87* New interface and new interactivity, much closer to original concepts.
 90* Fixed 'Interface action failed' error when bindings updated in combat
 93* Changed Autorun/Follow to both mouseclick press with/without modifier. Makes DirectX setup less likely to accidentally trigger it while running, and easier and more ergonomic to trigger in Morii setup.
 94* Added Ctrl-Click for second modifier held while clicking.
 97* JoyToKey setup for Morii driver included, for easier editing of which keys are sent.
 98* Vibration working again for Morii configs. Can be toggled in PIE file.
 99* Fixed control map image labels.
102* Controls now displayed in Interface Options
104* Enable User Bindings allows default binds to be individually overwritten in Key Bindings
106* Added RT as SHIFT for quick item comparisons
107* Mouse is now far more responsive and accurate at lower thresholds
108* Mouse deadzone is fixed for DirectX config
109* Autorun/Follow working as intended
111* Spacebar sticking gets fixed and PIE file easier to edit
113*  PIE files corrected for mouse clicking&dragging, shift-clicking, autorun, jump, and attack toggle functions
115*  PIE file debugging for follow/autorun
116* General cleaning up of code
117* Easier to edit for joystick assignment and calibration
118* Added reset position and attributes for icon
119* SHIFT-L and CTRL-SHIFT-L are now SHIFT-Comma and CTRL-SHIFT-Comma due to B bound as default for quest log
121* Bindings can be changed
122* Configuration options panel
124* No longer requires keybindings to be reset to default
125* Fixed issue with right shoulder and right click disengaging.
127* Fixed sticky right mouse button when right shoulder active
128* Remembered to change toc version this time
130* Now works with default DirectX driver
131* Multiple configurations supporting both available drivers
132* Fixed conflicting mouse combinations
133* Shrunk the icon image; zip is down to 33KB
134* Detects Scroll Wheel directions.
135* Changed TOGGLE FOLLOW key to ` to avoid CTRL modifier conflicts. Not mapped by default in WoW * keybindings.
136* Tested sucessfully on two Vista PCs, one with Morii driver and one with DirectX
137Focus Target now shows up properly as Focus Target, not Pet Attack
139* Addon created (WoWUIDesigner FTW)
140* Created icon
141* Mousing over icon shows button presses
142* Fixed some mouse issues problems in the script
143* Screenshot
144* Yup I think thats all I did
146* Just the script
147* Middle X functioning as modifier for slightly less important functions than easier-to-press Right Trigger
148* Tested successfully in WotLK
149* Stopped Left Thumb Y motion from eating W/S keyboard keys, so if you panic and revert to keyboard you still have control