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 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 2<!--  BufferTabs plugin user's guide  -->
 3<!--  (C) 2001 Andre Kaplan  -->
 4<book xmlns:xsi=""
 5    xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation='' >
 7  <title>BufferTabs plugin</title>
10  <firstname>André</firstname>
11  <surname>Kaplan</surname>
12  </author>
13  </authorgroup>
15  <title>Legal Notice</title>
17  Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no
18  <quote>Invariant Sections</quote>
19  ,
20  <quote>Front-Cover Texts</quote>
21  or
22  <quote>Back-Cover Texts</quote>
23  , each as defined in the license. A copy of the license can be found in the file
24  <filename moreinfo="none">COPYING.DOC.txt</filename>
25  included with jEdit.
26  </para>
27  </legalnotice>
28  </bookinfo>
29<chapter id="presentation">
30  <title>Presentation</title>
31  <para>BufferTabs adds a set of tabbed-pane style tabs to the jEdit text area. The tabs show all buffers currently open in jEdit, so clicking on a tab will easily switch to that buffer. The tabs can be placed on any of the four sides of the text area.</para>
33  BufferTabs provides a popup menu that may be accessed by right-clicking (command-clicking on the Macintosh) on a tab. This popup menu offers quick access to some common functions such as reloading, saving, or closing the current buffer. There are also
34  <guimenuitem moreinfo="none">Insert File Name</guimenuitem>
35  and
36  <guimenuitem moreinfo="none">Insert File Path</guimenuitem>
37  commands in the popup menu. These will insert into the current buffer the name of the buffer's file or the full path to the buffer's file respectively. You may also copy either of these to the clipboard using the
38  <guimenuitem moreinfo="none">Copy File Name</guimenuitem>
39  and
40  <guimenuitem moreinfo="none">Copy File Path</guimenuitem>
41  commands provided in the popup menu.
42  </para>
43  <para>
44  BufferTabs can colorize tab backgrounds based of the filename colors defined in the
45  <guimenu moreinfo="none">Global Options...</guimenu>
46  >
47  <guisubmenu moreinfo="none">File System Browser</guisubmenu>
48  >
49  <guisubmenu moreinfo="none">Colors</guisubmenu>
50  panel. Some Look and Feels don't allow the background color of a tab to be changed, to compensate for this the text color can be changed instead. Setting can be changed in the
51  <guisubmenu moreinfo="none">Plugins</guisubmenu>
52  >
53  <guisubmenu moreinfo="none">BufferTabs</guisubmenu>
54  panel. The Muting option can make the File system browser colors more suitable for tab backgrounds and titles. There is an option to show a slight color variation, between tabs of the same file type, to make then easier to pick out.
55  </para>
56  </chapter>
57<chapter id="customization">
58  <title>Customization</title>
60  <listitem><para>Buffer Tabs can be enabled by default</para></listitem>
61  <listitem><para>Buffer Tabs can display or not buffer icons</para></listitem>
62  <listitem><para>Buffer Tabs can be displayed on any of the four sides of the text area</para></listitem>
63  <listitem><para>Buffer Tabs right-click popup menu can be enabled or disabled.</para></listitem>
64  <listitem><para>Buffer Tabs can display colored backgrounds or colored titles</para></listitem>
65  <listitem><para>Closing a tab with a double left click or a single middle click can be enabled or disabled.</para></listitem>
66  <listitem><para>When there are many tabs, they can be wrapped into multiple rows, or use a single scrollable row.</para></listitem>
67 </itemizedlist>
68  </chapter>
69<chapter id="license">
70  <title>License</title>
72  The source code is distributed under the GPL. Please see
73  <ulink url=""></ulink>
74  </para>
75  </chapter>
76<chapter id="feedback">
77  <title>Feedback</title>
79  The preferred way to send bug reports or feature requests is to use the Sourceforge Bug Tracker at
80  <ulink url=""></ulink>
81  </para>
82  </chapter>
83<chapter id="credits">
84  <title>Credits</title>
86  <listitem><para>Jason Ginchereau, original author of BufferTabs</para></listitem>
87  <listitem><para>Chris Laird for the original BufferSelector plugin, from which many ideas were borrowed.</para></listitem>
88  <listitem><para>Joe Laffey for the right-click popup menu.</para></listitem>
89  <listitem><para>Chris Samuels for the colored tabs feature.</para></listitem>
90  </itemizedlist>
91  </chapter>
92<appendix id="changelog">
93  <title>Change log</title>
94  <para> Click <ulink url="CHANGELOG.txt">here</ulink> to see the detailed changelog. </para> 
96  </book>