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  1<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//SoftQuad//DTD HoTMetaL PRO 4.0::19971010::extensions to HTML 4.0//EN" "hmpro4.dtd"
  6  <HEAD>
  7    <TITLE>TextTools</TITLE>
  8  </HEAD>
 10  <BODY>
 12    <H1>[ TextTools ]</H1>
 14    <P>by mike dillon &lt;;</P>
 16    <P>The TextTools plugin provides a set of plugin actions for manipulating text in a buffer.</P>
 18    <H3>TextTools actions</H3>
 20    <UL>
 21      <LI><A HREF="#Sort">Sort</A></LI>
 22      <LI><A HREF="#RevSort">Reverse Sort</A></LI>
 23      <LI><A HREF="#AdvSort">Advanced Sort (field sort)</A></LI>
 25<!-- <LI><A HREF="#FieldSort">Field Sort</A></LI>
 28      <LI><A HREF="#DelDups">Delete duplicates</A></LI>
 29      <LI><A HREF="#Shuffle">Shuffle</A></LI>
 30      <LI><A HREF="#TransposeChars">Transpose Characters</A></LI>
 31      <LI><A HREF="#TransposeLines">Transpose Lines</A></LI>
 32      <LI><A HREF="#TransposeWords">Transpose Words</A></LI>
 33      <LI><A HREF="#ColumnInsert">Column Insert</A></LI>
 34      <LI><A HREF="#BlockHandling">Block Fill Insert</A></LI>
 35      <LI><A HREF="#BlockMove">Move Rectangular Selection</A></LI>
 36      <LI><A HREF="#ToggleLineComment">Toggle Line Comment</A></LI>
 37      <LI><A HREF="#ToggleRangeComment">Toggle Range Comment</A></LI>
 38    </UL>
 40    <P><STRONG><A NAME="Sort">Sort</A></STRONG> by mike dillon &lt;;</P>
 42    <P>This action sorts all selected lines in lexicographic order. If no text is selected, it
 43      sorts the entire buffer. If the selection begins or ends in the middle of a line, the entire
 44      line is sorted.</P>
 46    <P>Since 1.10:</P>
 48    <P>If the selection is rectangular, only the selection will be evaluated for lexicographic
 49      sorting. The entire lines are sorted.</P>
 51    <P><STRONG><A NAME="RevSort">Reverse Sort</A></STRONG> by mike dillon &lt;;</P>
 53    <P>Same as <A HREF="#Sort">Sort</A>, except the sorted lines are inserted in reverse order.</P>
 55    <P><STRONG><A NAME="AdvSort">Advanced Sort</A></STRONG> by Carmine Lucarelli &lt;;,
 56      extended by Rudi Widmann &lt;;</P>
 58    <P>Same as <A HREF="#Sort">Sort</A>, but with advanced options.</P>
 60    <P>You enter the options in a dialog where you can specify which fields to use and how those
 61      fields should be sorted.<BR>
 62       </P>
 64    <P>A field is specified by its left / right column.</P>
 66    <P>Note: In case of rectangular selection, the left / right columns are preset in the dialog</P>
 68    <P><STRONG>Important: If you press ok, the last entered field is not registered in the table. <BR>Therefore, press always TAB after the last cell you edit, or else your change will be ignored</STRONG>
 69    </P>
 71    <P>Globally you can specify </P>
 72    <UL>
 73      <LI>whether to delete duplicate entries in the data (duplicate means: entire lines are
 74	identical)</LI>
 75      <LI>Since 1.10: whether to sort entire lines or only the rectangular selection </LI>
 76    </UL>
 78    <P>For each of the fields you create, you can specify: </P>
 79    <UL>
 80      <LI> the start column (indexed starting at 1) </LI>
 81      <LI> the end column </LI>
 82      <LI> whether the field should be sorted in an ascending or descending order </LI>
 83      <LI> whether case should be ignored </LI>
 84      <LI> whether 'smart' number sorting should be done (selecting this option would place File2
 85	before File10 in the sort) </LI>
 86      <LI> whether whitespace at the start or end of the field should be ignored </LI>
 87      <LI> since 1.10: whether to delete lines with duplicate fields (duplicate means: the entries
 88	between the specified start/end columns are identical)</LI>
 89    </UL>
 91    <P><STRONG><A NAME="DelDups">Delete Duplicated </A></STRONG>by Rudi Widmann &lt;;</P>
 93    <P>Deletes duplicated lines, without sorting them. If no text is selected, it compares all
 94      lines of the buffer. If the selection begins or ends in the middle of a line, the entire line
 95      is compared.</P>
 97    <P>If the selection is rectangular, only the selection will be evaluated for comparision. The
 98      entire lines are deleted if the line parts of the selection are duplicated.</P>
100    <P><STRONG><A NAME="Shuffle">Shuffle Lines</A></STRONG> by Carmine Lucarelli &lt;;</P>
102    <P>Randomize the data, in effect 'unsorting' it.</P>
104    <P><STRONG><A NAME="TransposeChars">Transpose Characters</A></STRONG> by mike dillon &lt;;</P>
106    <P>Transposes the characters on either side of the cursor. At the either end of a line, it
107      transposes the two characters nearest the cursor.</P>
109    <P><STRONG><A NAME="TransposeLines">Transpose Lines</A></STRONG> by mike dillon &lt;;</P>
111    <P>Transposes the current line with the preceding line. If there is no preceding line, the
112      current line is transposed with the following line.</P>
114    <P><STRONG><A NAME="TransposeWords">Transpose Words</A></STRONG> by mike dillon &lt;;</P>
116    <P>Transposes the nearest word to the cursor (which i'll call the &quot;pivot&quot; word) with
117      one of the adjacent words. If there is a word before the pivot, the pivot will be transposed
118      with that word; otherwise, it will be transposed with the following word. The intervening
119      non-word sequence is left between the transposed words. All letters and digits, in addition to
120      any character in the &quot;noWordSep&quot; Buffer property (which is typically defined by the
121      Buffer's current mode), are considered word characters. All other characters are not. If a
122      transposition takes place, the cursor is placed after the transposed sequence.</P>
124    <P><STRONG><A NAME="ColumnInsert">Column Insert</A></STRONG> by Nathan Tenney &lt;;</P>
126    <P>Inserts text in place of a rectangular selection. When invoked, a small dialog pops up for
127      user input. When enter is pressed, the text is placed on each line of the selection, replacing
128      any text selected. </P>
130    <P><STRONG><A NAME="BlockFill">Block Fill / Insert</A></STRONG> by Rudi Widmann &lt;;</P>
132    <P>Inserts text in a rectangular selection. When invoked, a dialog pops up, with following
133      options:</P>
134    <UL>
135      <LI><B>overwrite</B>: <BR>
136	(if checked): overwrite selection <BR>
137	(not checked): insert at the left side of the selection</LI>
138      <LI><B>Textfield</B> : enter the text you want to insert. If you specify a numeric,
139	incrementing is possible</LI>
140      <LI><B>Increment</B>: increase a numeric given in &quot;Textarea&quot; in every line with an
141	increment. Note: increment is only possible in overwrite mode</LI>
142      <LI><B>leading Zeros</B>: fill increment rightbound with leading zeros</LI>
143    </UL>
145    <P>If you select &quot;overwrite&quot; , the tool overwrites exactly the rectangular selection.
146      This means:</P>
147    <UL>
148      <LI>If the length of the entered text / the calculated number exceeds the selection, the text
149	is cut.</LI>
150      <LI>If the length of the entered text is smaller as the selection, the text is filled with
151	white spaces or zeros.. </LI>
152    </UL>
154    <P>If you don't select &quot;overwrite&quot;, the tool inserts the entered text at the left
155      side of the rectangular selection. The length of the original selection is ignored.</P>
157    <P>Note: If the (rectangular !) selection selects only one line, the selected columns are
158      filled till end-of-file, extremly useful for numbering.</P>
160    <P><STRONG><A NAME="BlockMove">Move Rectangular Selection</A></STRONG> by Rudi Widmann &lt;;</P>
162    <P>Moves the selected text in all directions</P>
164    <P><B><FONT SIZE="+1">Actions</FONT>:</B></P>
165    <UL>
166      <LI><B>rect move up </B>: move rectangular selection one row up</LI>
167      <LI><B>rect move down</B>: move rectangular selection one row down</LI>
168      <LI><B>rect move left</B>: move rectangular or range selection one column left</LI>
169      <LI><B>rect move right</B>: move rectangular or range selection one column right</LI>
170    </UL>
172    <P>Supports multi selection </P>
174    <P><STRONG><A NAME="ToggleLineComment">Toggle Line Comment</A></STRONG> by Robert Fletcher &lt;;</P>
176    <P>Comments or uncomments a single line or a selected group of lines. Options govern the
177      positioning of the comment symbol and the handling of already commented lines in a
178      selection.</P>
180    <P>Supports all edit modes with defined line comment symbols and works with embedded modes
181      such as JavaScript within HTML.</P>
183    <P><STRONG><A NAME="ToggleRangeComment">Toggle Range Comment</A></STRONG> by Robert Fletcher &lt;;</P>
185    <P>Toggles the state of range comments in the selection. Any text currently commented
186      out will become uncommented and vice-versa. If there is no selection the command
187      acts on the entire line at the caret position.</P>
189    <P>Supports all edit modes with defined range comment symbols and works with embedded modes
190      such as JavaScript within HTML.</P>
191  </BODY>