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  3     File isolat2.ent produced by the XSL script entities.xsl
  4     from input data in unicode.xml.
  6     Please report any errors to David Carlisle
  7     via the public W3C list
  9     The numeric character values assigned to each entity
 10     (should) match the Unicode assignments in Unicode 4.0.
 12     Entity names in this file are derived from files carrying the
 13     following notice:
 15     (C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
 16     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
 17     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
 18     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.
 24     Version: $Id: isolat2.ent,v 1.2 2003/12/08 15:14:43 davidc Exp $
 26       Public identifier: ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN//XML
 27       System identifier:
 29     The public identifier should always be used verbatim.
 30     The system identifier may be changed to suit local requirements.
 32     Typical invocation:
 34       <!ENTITY % isolat2 PUBLIC
 35         "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN//XML"
 36         ""
 37       >
 38       %isolat2;
 42<!ENTITY Abreve           "&#x00102;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH BREVE -->
 43<!ENTITY abreve           "&#x00103;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH BREVE -->
 44<!ENTITY Amacr            "&#x00100;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH MACRON -->
 45<!ENTITY amacr            "&#x00101;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH MACRON -->
 46<!ENTITY Aogon            "&#x00104;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH OGONEK -->
 47<!ENTITY aogon            "&#x00105;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH OGONEK -->
 48<!ENTITY Cacute           "&#x00106;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH ACUTE -->
 49<!ENTITY cacute           "&#x00107;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH ACUTE -->
 50<!ENTITY Ccaron           "&#x0010C;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CARON -->
 51<!ENTITY ccaron           "&#x0010D;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CARON -->
 52<!ENTITY Ccirc            "&#x00108;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
 53<!ENTITY ccirc            "&#x00109;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
 54<!ENTITY Cdot             "&#x0010A;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH DOT ABOVE -->
 55<!ENTITY cdot             "&#x0010B;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH DOT ABOVE -->
 56<!ENTITY Dcaron           "&#x0010E;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D WITH CARON -->
 57<!ENTITY dcaron           "&#x0010F;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH CARON -->
 58<!ENTITY Dstrok           "&#x00110;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D WITH STROKE -->
 59<!ENTITY dstrok           "&#x00111;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH STROKE -->
 60<!ENTITY Ecaron           "&#x0011A;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH CARON -->
 61<!ENTITY ecaron           "&#x0011B;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH CARON -->
 62<!ENTITY Edot             "&#x00116;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH DOT ABOVE -->
 63<!ENTITY edot             "&#x00117;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH DOT ABOVE -->
 64<!ENTITY Emacr            "&#x00112;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH MACRON -->
 65<!ENTITY emacr            "&#x00113;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH MACRON -->
 66<!ENTITY ENG              "&#x0014A;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ENG -->
 67<!ENTITY eng              "&#x0014B;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER ENG -->
 68<!ENTITY Eogon            "&#x00118;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH OGONEK -->
 69<!ENTITY eogon            "&#x00119;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH OGONEK -->
 70<!ENTITY gacute           "&#x001F5;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH ACUTE -->
 71<!ENTITY Gbreve           "&#x0011E;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G WITH BREVE -->
 72<!ENTITY gbreve           "&#x0011F;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH BREVE -->
 73<!ENTITY Gcedil           "&#x00122;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G WITH CEDILLA -->
 74<!ENTITY Gcirc            "&#x0011C;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
 75<!ENTITY gcirc            "&#x0011D;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
 76<!ENTITY Gdot             "&#x00120;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G WITH DOT ABOVE -->
 77<!ENTITY gdot             "&#x00121;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH DOT ABOVE -->
 78<!ENTITY Hcirc            "&#x00124;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
 79<!ENTITY hcirc            "&#x00125;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER H WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
 80<!ENTITY Hstrok           "&#x00126;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H WITH STROKE -->
 81<!ENTITY hstrok           "&#x00127;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER H WITH STROKE -->
 82<!ENTITY Idot             "&#x00130;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH DOT ABOVE -->
 83<!ENTITY IJlig            "&#x00132;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LIGATURE IJ -->
 84<!ENTITY ijlig            "&#x00133;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LIGATURE IJ -->
 85<!ENTITY Imacr            "&#x0012A;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH MACRON -->
 86<!ENTITY imacr            "&#x0012B;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH MACRON -->
 87<!ENTITY inodot           "&#x00131;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS I -->
 88<!ENTITY Iogon            "&#x0012E;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH OGONEK -->
 89<!ENTITY iogon            "&#x0012F;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH OGONEK -->
 90<!ENTITY Itilde           "&#x00128;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH TILDE -->
 91<!ENTITY itilde           "&#x00129;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH TILDE -->
 92<!ENTITY Jcirc            "&#x00134;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
 93<!ENTITY jcirc            "&#x00135;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER J WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
 94<!ENTITY Kcedil           "&#x00136;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER K WITH CEDILLA -->
 95<!ENTITY kcedil           "&#x00137;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER K WITH CEDILLA -->
 96<!ENTITY kgreen           "&#x00138;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER KRA -->
 97<!ENTITY Lacute           "&#x00139;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L WITH ACUTE -->
 98<!ENTITY lacute           "&#x0013A;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH ACUTE -->
 99<!ENTITY Lcaron           "&#x0013D;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L WITH CARON -->
100<!ENTITY lcaron           "&#x0013E;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH CARON -->
101<!ENTITY Lcedil           "&#x0013B;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L WITH CEDILLA -->
102<!ENTITY lcedil           "&#x0013C;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH CEDILLA -->
103<!ENTITY Lmidot           "&#x0013F;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L WITH MIDDLE DOT -->
104<!ENTITY lmidot           "&#x00140;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH MIDDLE DOT -->
105<!ENTITY Lstrok           "&#x00141;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L WITH STROKE -->
106<!ENTITY lstrok           "&#x00142;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH STROKE -->
107<!ENTITY Nacute           "&#x00143;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH ACUTE -->
108<!ENTITY nacute           "&#x00144;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH ACUTE -->
109<!ENTITY napos            "&#x00149;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER N PRECEDED BY APOSTROPHE -->
110<!ENTITY Ncaron           "&#x00147;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH CARON -->
111<!ENTITY ncaron           "&#x00148;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH CARON -->
112<!ENTITY Ncedil           "&#x00145;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH CEDILLA -->
113<!ENTITY ncedil           "&#x00146;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH CEDILLA -->
114<!ENTITY Odblac           "&#x00150;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH DOUBLE ACUTE -->
115<!ENTITY odblac           "&#x00151;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DOUBLE ACUTE -->
116<!ENTITY OElig            "&#x00152;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LIGATURE OE -->
117<!ENTITY oelig            "&#x00153;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LIGATURE OE -->
118<!ENTITY Omacr            "&#x0014C;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH MACRON -->
119<!ENTITY omacr            "&#x0014D;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH MACRON -->
120<!ENTITY Racute           "&#x00154;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R WITH ACUTE -->
121<!ENTITY racute           "&#x00155;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH ACUTE -->
122<!ENTITY Rcaron           "&#x00158;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R WITH CARON -->
123<!ENTITY rcaron           "&#x00159;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH CARON -->
124<!ENTITY Rcedil           "&#x00156;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R WITH CEDILLA -->
125<!ENTITY rcedil           "&#x00157;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH CEDILLA -->
126<!ENTITY Sacute           "&#x0015A;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S WITH ACUTE -->
127<!ENTITY sacute           "&#x0015B;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH ACUTE -->
128<!ENTITY Scaron           "&#x00160;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S WITH CARON -->
129<!ENTITY scaron           "&#x00161;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH CARON -->
130<!ENTITY Scedil           "&#x0015E;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S WITH CEDILLA -->
131<!ENTITY scedil           "&#x0015F;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH CEDILLA -->
132<!ENTITY Scirc            "&#x0015C;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
133<!ENTITY scirc            "&#x0015D;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
134<!ENTITY Tcaron           "&#x00164;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T WITH CARON -->
135<!ENTITY tcaron           "&#x00165;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH CARON -->
136<!ENTITY Tcedil           "&#x00162;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T WITH CEDILLA -->
137<!ENTITY tcedil           "&#x00163;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH CEDILLA -->
138<!ENTITY Tstrok           "&#x00166;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T WITH STROKE -->
139<!ENTITY tstrok           "&#x00167;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH STROKE -->
140<!ENTITY Ubreve           "&#x0016C;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH BREVE -->
141<!ENTITY ubreve           "&#x0016D;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH BREVE -->
142<!ENTITY Udblac           "&#x00170;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH DOUBLE ACUTE -->
143<!ENTITY udblac           "&#x00171;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DOUBLE ACUTE -->
144<!ENTITY Umacr            "&#x0016A;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH MACRON -->
145<!ENTITY umacr            "&#x0016B;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH MACRON -->
146<!ENTITY Uogon            "&#x00172;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH OGONEK -->
147<!ENTITY uogon            "&#x00173;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH OGONEK -->
148<!ENTITY Uring            "&#x0016E;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH RING ABOVE -->
149<!ENTITY uring            "&#x0016F;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH RING ABOVE -->
150<!ENTITY Utilde           "&#x00168;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH TILDE -->
151<!ENTITY utilde           "&#x00169;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH TILDE -->
152<!ENTITY Wcirc            "&#x00174;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER W WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
153<!ENTITY wcirc            "&#x00175;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER W WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
154<!ENTITY Ycirc            "&#x00176;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
155<!ENTITY ycirc            "&#x00177;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH CIRCUMFLEX -->
156<!ENTITY Yuml             "&#x00178;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y WITH DIAERESIS -->
157<!ENTITY Zacute           "&#x00179;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z WITH ACUTE -->
158<!ENTITY zacute           "&#x0017A;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH ACUTE -->
159<!ENTITY Zcaron           "&#x0017D;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z WITH CARON -->
160<!ENTITY zcaron           "&#x0017E;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH CARON -->
161<!ENTITY Zdot             "&#x0017B;" ><!--LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z WITH DOT ABOVE -->
162<!ENTITY zdot             "&#x0017C;" ><!--LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH DOT ABOVE -->