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 1VERSION 1.5.1 (Steve Jakob)
 2- fixed bug (#2872914) using patch (#2886196) submitted by Steve Gough, where Unicode characters in file names were interpreted incorrectly when restoring a session
 4VERSION 1.5.0 (Steve Jakob)
 5- added a property in the Sessions plugin options to specify the maximum number of entries for the session switcher combo
 6- removed calls to deprecated methods
 8VERSION 1.4.3 (Steve Jakob)
 9- incorporated code submitted by halyavin (patch #2006663) to change XML parser from Microstar's AElfred parser to the SAX parser provided by jEdit's XMLUtilities class (bugs 1992191 and 2046470)
10- changed SessionManager class to use the View.updateTitle() method to update the title bar, rather than sending a message on the EditBus
12VERSION 1.4.2 (Steve Jakob)
13- incorporated code submitted by strank (patch #1697914) to fix bug where current file was not being saved on Windows
15VERSION 1.4.1 (Davide Del Vento, Steve Jakob)
16- fixed bug (#1724376) the code submitted by strank conflicted with the behaviour of save confirmation dialog
17- minor improvements in the save confirmation dialog (ask only if there are changes and show two separate lists)
18- removed calls to deprecated jEdit MiscUtilities classes/methods
20VERSION 1.4.0 (Steve Jakob)
21- show more sessions in the SessionManagerDialog (based on code submitted by SourceForge user strank)
22- retain file character encoding when saving/retrieving sessions
23- retain carat position in each file when saving/retrieving sessions
25VERSION 1.3.0 (Steve Jakob)
26- added the option to display a confirmation dialog prior to session autosave (based on code submitted by Davide Del Vento)
28VERSION 1.2.3 (Steve Jakob)
29- fixed bug (#806606) where "\u" in a Windows directory path would get replaced with "\\" each time the session was switched, causing the path to get increasingly long
30- fixed bug (#1108472) where session name in title bar was not always being updated
32VERSION 1.2.2 (Paul Russell)
33- fixed bug where reloading the Sessions plugin causes the Sessions toolbar to be displayed even if it is disabled in the Sessions Plugin options.
34- added session name to the jEdit toobar. Configurable via the Sessions Plugin Options screen.  
36VERSION 1.2.0 (Steve Jakob)
37- updated to use the new plugin loading API introduced in jEdit 4.2pre1
38- updated jEdit dependancy to version 4.2pre2, since there were problems with the new OptionPane API in pre1
40VERSION 1.1.0 (Steve Jakob)
41- fixed bug (#738931): renaming a session does not change the name in the XML file (Steve Jakob)
42- updated jEdit dependancy to version 4.2pre1, since Sessions requires a recompile due to changes in jEdit's EBMessage class
43- fixed bug (#536400): Selecting "Cancel" when asked to save unsaved files during session switch causes session name on toolbar to change, although the session does not actually change
45VERSION 1.0.2 (Steve Jakob)
46- fixed bug (#665623) where changing session would cause jEdit to hang. The SessionManager was using a separate thread to open the new session, which resulted in the Buffer being accessed in a non-thread-safe manner.
48VERSION 1.0.1
50- new option to add the session toolbar at the top of the BufferList plugin
51  (needs BufferList 0.8 or higher)
52- fixed toolbar icons
53- fixed #461523: Session files occasionally get corrupted
54- requires jEdit 4.0 or higher
57VERSION 1.0.0 (unreleased)
59- introduced session local properties (experimental!)
60- new "Edit Session Properties" dialog (experimental!)
61- allow third parties to add custom session property option panes,
62  and to listen for property changes
63- every session has two default properties: "basedir" and "mode"
64- session files are now in XML format (old session files are
65  automatically converted to the new format on the next run)
66- faster session switching
67- some refactorings (now has a real "Session" class)
68- Ant instead of JMK makefile
69- requires jEdit 3.2.1
72VERSION 0.7.3
73- SVU: Fix the bug introduced in 0.7.2
76VERSION 0.7.2
77- SVU: Two messages are fired: before changing the session and after the
78  sesion is changed
81VERSION 0.7.1
83- the sessions toolbar can now be added to jEdit's main toolbar; saves screenspace
84- requires jEdit 3.2.1
89- initial release, spun off from the BufferList Plugin 0.6.3
90- as a result of the spin off, the Session Switcher toolbar can no longer be
91  docked into BufferList. I'm searching for a remedy, but in the meantime
92  your only choice is to dock it into the view at top.
93- bugfix: switching sessions could cause the line numbers in the gutter
94  to vanish (SessionsPlugin no longer sends out PropertiesChanged messages
95  on session change)
96- requires jEdit 3.2pre2 or higher