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 1XInsert 2.5
 4	* jdk 1.5
 5	* jEdit 4.3.1
 8	Release 2.5 - maintainance release
 9	replaced the com.microstar parsing with SAX parsing
10	fixed #2941806 - XInsert Plugin 1st global var value lost after entry
11	implemented #2941806 - Xinsert plugin HTML tree to conform to spec
15	tag: tags/release-2_5
17Short Description:
18	Insert text clips and execute macros and scripts from a dockable tree. 
20Long Description:
21	XInsert will insert a section of code/text from a library into the current
22	buffer, using a hierarchically structured tree view. It is also able
23	to run scripts in a native format as well as BeanShell scripts and static
24	Java methods.
26	XInsert clips are inserted by double-clicking on the desired item in the
27	expanded branch, or by selecting it with the keyboard and pressing <Enter>
28	or <Space>. Two actions are provided that can be bound to keystroke
29	combinations: One sets the focus to the XInsert tree to provide easy
30	navigation without having to leave the keyboard; the other inserts the
31	currently selected item even when the XInsert window is not visible.
33	Clips are stored in a simple XML format. The place where the current
34	selection should go is indicated with a '|' character. That way huge tag libraries can be built. In addition, XInsert provides comfortable access
35	to jEdit's own Beanshell macros.
37	Currently maintained by Martin Raspe (