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 1<!-- begin mac.platinstall.text -->
 3<!-- for jEdit: :indentSize=2:tabSize=2:noTabs=true: -->
 5<p>Once you've downloaded the Mac OS X package, StuffIt Expander should
 6automatically uncompress the file and leave you with a file called
 7jEdit.dmg. If it doesn't, you can either open the downloaded file
 8with StuffIt Expander, or uncompress it from the command line using:</p>
10<pre>gunzip <i>filename</i>.dmg.gz</pre>
12<p>Open jEdit.dmg. When the jEdit drive image appears on your desktop,
13copy the jEdit folder on it to your Applications folder (or where
14ever you'd like install it).</p>
16<p>Simply run the jEdit application in the jEdit folder, and code away...</p>
18<!-- end mac.platinstall.text -->