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 1<!-- begin windows.javainstall.text -->
 3<!-- for jEdit: :mode=php:indentSize=2:tabSize=2:noTabs=true: -->
 5<p>To find out which Java virtual machine is best for running jEdit on
 7see the <a href="index.php?page=compatibility">compatibility</a> page.</p>
 9<p>To install jEdit, simply double-click on the JAR file you downloaded;
10the installer should start automatically.</p>
12<p>If it doesn't start, then you will need to open an MS-DOS prompt
13(<b>Start</b>-&gt;<b>Programs</b>-&gt;<b>MS-DOS Prompt</b>) and
14enter the following commands:</p>
16<pre>cd <i>directory where you downloaded the JAR file</i>
17java -jar <i>filename</i>.jar</pre>
19<p>For example, if you downloaded <code>jedit40install.jar</code>
20into <code>C:\Downloads</code>,
21you would enter:</p>
23<pre>cd C:\Downloads
24java -jar jedit41install.jar</pre>
26<p>If for whatever reason
27you want to start the installer in text-only mode, specify
28<code>text</code> as the last parameter on the command line. In text only mode,
29the installer will not display it's GUI, and instead it will ask
30questions in the MS-DOS prompt.</p>
32<p>Note that some Java versions for Windows have a bug where a JAR file whose
33full path names contains a bang (!) will not run. If you get an error like
34the following, try moving the installer JAR to a directory whose name does
35not contain the bang:</p>
37<pre>Exception in thread &quot;main&quot; java.lang.NullPointerException
38        at;init&gt;(Unknown Source)
39        at;init&gt;(Unknown Source)
40        at java.util.Properties.load(Unknown Source)
41        at installer.Install.&lt;init&gt;(Unknown Source)
42        at installer.SwingInstall.&lt;init&gt;(Unknown Source)
43        at installer.Install.main(Unknown Source)</pre>
45<!-- end windows.javainstall.text -->