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 1<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"><title>Java Code Macros</title><meta name="generator" content="DocBook XSL Stylesheets V1.73.2"><link rel="start" href="index.html" title="jEdit 4.3 User's Guide"><link rel="up" href="macro-index.html" title="Appendix F. Macros Included With jEdit"><link rel="prev" href="macros-interface.html" title="User Interface Macros"><link rel="next" href="macros-misc.html" title="Miscellaneous Macros"></head><body bgcolor="white" text="black" link="#0000FF" vlink="#840084" alink="#0000FF"><div class="navheader"><table width="100%" summary="Navigation header"><tr><th colspan="3" align="center">Java Code Macros</th></tr><tr><td width="20%" align="left"><a accesskey="p" href="macros-interface.html">Prev</a> </td><th width="60%" align="center">Appendix F. Macros Included With jEdit</th><td width="20%" align="right"> <a accesskey="n" href="macros-misc.html">Next</a></td></tr></table><hr></div><div class="sect1" lang="en"><div class="titlepage"><div><div><h2 class="title" style="clear: both"><a name="macros-java"></a>Java Code Macros</h2></div></div></div><p>These macros handle text formatting and generation tasks that are
 2        particularly useful in writing Java code.</p><div class="itemizedlist"><ul type="disc"><li><p><code class="filename">Create_Constructor.bsh</code></p><p>Inserts constructor for the class at the current caret
 3                position.</p></li><li><p><code class="filename">Get_Class_Name.bsh</code></p><p>Inserts a Java class name based upon the buffer's file
 4                name.</p></li><li><p><code class="filename">Get_Package_Name.bsh</code></p><p>Inserts a plausible Java package name for the current
 5                buffer.</p><p>The macro compares the buffer's path name with the
 6                elements of the classpath being used by the jEdit session. An
 7                error message will be displayed if no suitable package name is
 8                found. This macro will not work if jEdit is being run as a JAR
 9                file without specifying a classpath; in that case the classpath
10                seen by the macro consists solely of the JAR file.</p></li><li><p><code class="filename">Java_File_Save.bsh</code></p><div class="abstract"><p class="title"><b>Abstract</b></p><p>Acts as a wrapper script to the Save As action. If the
11                    buffer is a new file, it scans the first 250 lines for a
12                    Java class or interface declaration. On finding one, it
13                    extracts the appropriate filename to be used in the Save As
14                    dialog.</p></div></li><li><p><code class="filename">Make_Get_and_Set_Methods.bsh</code></p><p>Creates <code class="function">getXXX()</code> or
15                <code class="function">setXXX()</code> methods that can be pasted into
16                the buffer text.</p><p>This macro presents a dialog that will &#8220;<span class="quote">grab</span>&#8221;
17                the names of instance variables from the caret line of the
18                current buffer and paste a corresponding
19                <code class="function">getXXX()</code> or <code class="function">setXXX()</code>
20                method to one of two text areas in the dialog. The text can be
21                edited in the dialog and then pasted into the current buffer
22                using the <span class="guilabel"><strong>Insert...</strong></span> buttons. If the caret
23                is set to a line containing something other than an instance
24                variable, the text grabbing routine is likely to generate
25                nonsense.</p><p>As explained in the notes accompanying the source code,
26                the macro uses a global variable which can be set to configure
27                the macro to work with either Java or C++ code. When set for use
28                with C++ code, the macro will also write (in commented text)
29                definitions of <code class="function">getXXX()</code> or
30                <code class="function">setXXX()</code> suitable for inclusion in a header
31                file.</p></li><li><p><code class="filename">Preview_Javadoc_of_Buffer.bsh</code></p><p>Create and display API documentation for the current
32                buffer.</p><p>The macro includes various configuration variables you can
33                change; see the comment at the beginning of the macro source for
34                details.</p></li></ul></div></div><div class="navfooter"><hr><table width="100%" summary="Navigation footer"><tr><td width="40%" align="left"><a accesskey="p" href="macros-interface.html">Prev</a> </td><td width="20%" align="center"><a accesskey="u" href="macro-index.html">Up</a></td><td width="40%" align="right"> <a accesskey="n" href="macros-misc.html">Next</a></td></tr><tr><td width="40%" align="left" valign="top">User Interface Macros </td><td width="20%" align="center"><a accesskey="h" href="index.html">Home</a></td><td width="40%" align="right" valign="top"> Miscellaneous Macros</td></tr></table></div></body></html>