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 2  Recall that any class whose name ends with <tt class="classname">Plugin.class</tt>
 3  is called a plugin core class.
 4  JAR files with no plugin core classes are also loaded by jEdit; 
 5  the classes they contain are
 6  made available to other plugins.  Many plugins that rely on
 7  third-party class libraries ship them as separate JAR files.  The libraries
 8  will be available inside the jEdit environment but are not part of a general
 9  classpath or library collection when running other Java applications.
11  A plugin that bundles extra JAR files must list them in the
12  <tt class="filename">plugin.<i class="replaceable"><tt>class name</tt></i>.jars</tt>
13  property. See the documentation for the
14  <a href="../api/org/gjt/sp/jedit/EditPlugin.html" target="_top">
15  <tt class="classname">EditPlugin</tt></a> class for details.
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