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 1Mac OS Plugin 3.0
 2- All native calls now use the Cocoa API. (Java 1.4.1 is required)
 3- Old MRJ methods replaced with
 4- Added a Dock Menu. Dock Menu provides similar functionality to the plugin menu.
 5- Added services menu (bundle needs to be updated)
 6- Opening a directory by drag and drop or with open -a will
 7  set the file browser to the directory.
 9Mac OS Plugin 2.0.4
11- Now respects the retore from commandline option when opening files
12  in the Finder.
13- Fixed NPE when opening files from the Finder before jEdit is running.
15Mac OS Plugin 2.0.3
17- jEdit now works properly when used in background mode. Views can be
18  created by opening a file from the Finder.
20Mac OS Plugin 2.0.2
22- Removed the "Run AppleScript" menu in favour of the "Macros" menu.
23- Added an option to use the default system highlight colour in the
24  text area.
26Mac OS Plugin 2.0.1
28- Fixed a bug: scripts directory was not created.
30Mac OS Plugin 2.0
32- Added MacOS menu to the Plugins menu. Provides time saving features
33  like revealing files and folders in the Finder, and running
34  AppleScripts.
35- You can run AppleScripts (compiled, uncompiled and standalone).
36  Scripts must be located in the scripts folder in the jEdit folder.
37  They can be either plain text or compiled scripts. Scripts must have
38  their type and creator set correctly, have a .scpt (for compiled
39  scripts) or .applescript (for uncompiled scripts) extension, or
40  both. Note: Scripts that require user interaction are not supported.
41- Added and option to Mac OS Plugin settings to change the script
42  folder search depth.