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 2If <b>quick copy</b> is enabled in
 3the <b>Text Area</b> pane of the <b>Utilities</b>&gt;<b>Global
 4Options</b> dialog box, dragging with the middle mouse button over some text
 5inserts that text at the previous caret position.<p>
 7This feature has some additional behavior you might not expect:
10<li>It can be used to transfer text between edit panes in a split view.
11<li>Holding down <b>Shift</b> while clicking the middle mouse button immediately duplicates all text between the caret position and the clicked location.
12<li>If there already is a selection when you start middle-dragging, the selection
13will be replaced with the region you marked with the mouse.</li>
14<li>Holding down <b>Control</b> while dragging the middle mouse button marks a
15rectangular area, and pastes it vertically at the caret location (or into the
16current selection).</li>