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 1<html><body>Pressing <b>C+b</b> searches the current
 2buffer and the current mode's keyword list for words beginning with
 3the one before the caret.<p>
 5This serves as a very basic code completion feature, for example:
 8<li>When editing any kind of program source, enter the first few characters of
 9a previously-declared identifier name, invoke <b>C+b</b>, and save yourself
10from having to type it out again.
11<li>When editing Javadoc comments in Java source code,
12enter "@" then press <b>C+b</b> to get a list of Javadoc tags.
13<li>In a PHP file, enter a few characters and press <b>C+b</b> to see
14a list of functions whose names start with what you entered.