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  1TO DO
  3- control clicks on closing brackets suck
  4- jdk 1.4: fs browser text fields
  5- jdk 1.4: still addToSelection() bug
  6- wrap guide: don't use font metrics
  8- next-fold when cursor is on a top-level line; find first fold start
  9- if loadMode() throws error, save of a mode file fails?
 10- jdk1.3: open dialog divider
 11- expand fold: try to expand even if already expanded
 12- when loading a file with collapsedFolds property, last line always
 13  visible
 14- faster hypersearch
 15- C+e , and . insert , and . in the buffer
 16- narrow: if collapsed fold, expand one level
 17- mention linux numlock issue on compatibility page
 18- after plugin installation is complete, show dialog with some random info
 19- Toggle line comment macro needs to become context-sensitive
 20- put package.html everywhere
 21- OK_CANCEL_OPTION in confirm() docs
 22- finish new complete word
 23  - fix bug that was fixed before
 24  - better list control
 25  - better cell renderer
 26  - update on the fly
 27- C+d with selection: delete all selected lines
 28- isToolsJarAvailable(): prompt for location in a file dialog box. Need
 29  some way of showing arbitriary message in VFS file chooser.
 30- last focused dockable cmd
 31- docking buttons not always hidden
 32- definately repaint problems
 33- nextLineRequested still fucked
 34- keyboard navigation of current directory, recent dirs, etc broken
 35- keystrokes stop working all of a sudden
 36- JDK 1.3 focus bugs
 37- XModeHandler: better error reporting
 38- documentation to do
 39  - 'evaluate for selected lines'
 40  - smart case insens replace
 41  - context sensitive cmds tip
 42- rule set property docs in part II
 43- add index terms throughout user's guide!
 44- changing heap memory docs
 45- fs browser: can get stuck in 'loading' if several requests started
 46  - to fix, implement multiple simultaneously loading directories, and
 47    better preservation of expansion state
 48- plugin manager needs overhauled error reporting
 49- make text area's buffer event handler faster
 50- API guide: compareStrings(), showPopupMenu()
 51- MiscUtilities path name methods need to be documented
 52- plugin guide: mention fully qualified class names
 53- allegedly redo doesn't redo everything?
 54- changing folding mode using buffer-local props: doesn't take effect on
 55  save (?) -- removing doesn't work, but setting to none works
 56- read up on JDK 1.4 focus API
 57- dwm: not always focused correctly
 58- still collapseFolds behavior problems
 59- stylesheet: keycap inside keycombo
 60- getFoldLevel(): should not call linesChanged() all the time
 61- v2p/p2v: implement from end backward scan
 62- loading and saving opt pane: 'choose' button for backup directory
 63- style setting for folding line indicator
 64- inefficencies: lots of File objects created for the sake of
 65  isAbsolute().
 66- plugin manager: show all dependencies, not just first-order ones
 67- removing a plugin should offer to remove the ones that depend on it too
 68- help viewer: two tabs, contents and index. index browser
 69- improved window docking:
 70  - DockableLayout: handle too large
 71  - CCW rotated text not drawn correctly
 72- file system browser:
 73  - commands->copy file list
 74  - much better autocomplete
 75  - pre-load open and search dialogs in background thread, and cache
 76    them
 77  - better permissions API
 78  - show wait cursor while directory is loading
 79  - directory chooser dialog box
 80  - keyboard select file should activate open files -- or Enter press
 81- drop LatestVersion plugin
 82- roll Firewall plugin into core
 83- web start version & submit to
 84- <file>?line= or ?marker=
 85- fold navigator to browse fold tree in explicit fold mode
 86- reintroduce -bshclient command line switch
 87- plugin size reporting, new install plugins dialog UI layout
 88- saving a read-only file: show a confirmation dialog box
 89- tool bar option pane: editing existing entries
 90- frame.setState(Frame.NORMAL);
 91- recording 'evaluate for selected lines'
 92- rollover toolbar buttons option
 93- option on JDK 1.4 to have the LnF decorate windows and dialogs
 94- search and replace: scroll text area so selection is visible despite
 95  dialog position
 96- better auto indent
 97- appendix in plugin guide on contributing plugins
 98- when loading a file: if the stream supports a mark, read first 16 bytes,
 99  check for unicode byte order mark, push back, if one is found, set
100  encoding to Unicode automatically
101- HTML mode:
102  - inside tags, delegate on*="..." to JavaScript mode,
103    style="..." to CSS mode
104  - better <script>/<style> handling using nested delegates
105- save markers when a buffer is closed, adding/removing markers shouldn't
106  set the dirty flag
107- replace in selection with rectangular selections
108- keymaps replace .shortcut properties
109  - loaded from $HOME/.jedit/keymaps, and jedit.jar
110  - one keymap can 'extend' another
111  - keymaps are XML files with <bind>, <unbind> tags
112  - jEdit, emacs, keymaps included, maybe others
113  - instead of hard-coded modifier swapping on MacOS, have a MacOS keymap
114- use java2d to draw block caret (instead of XOR)
115- resizing doesn't update horizontal scroll bar
116- find next with $ or ^
117- custom stylesheet: no xmlns
118- eval-for-selected-lines doesn't work with rectangular selection
119- how to handle S+0-9?
120- if start is at the end of a line, .* always matches an empty string
121- formatting problems in user's guide in table cells
122- finish persistent splits code
123- complete word: keys to navigate don't work with some Java versions
124- installing source for already installed plugins is not possible
125- a line consisting entirely of spaces & word wrap
126- switching option panes real fast
127- tabbing to text area fails
128- zlib decompression errors in plugin manager
129- failed saves should not clear the dirty flag
130- get rid of final blank page of user's guide
131- aborts not always fired
132- globalColors setting:
133  - tree controls, file system browser icons, tool bar icons look a bit
134    ugly with different backgrounds
135  - help viewer looks ugly
136  - selected borders in list, tree, table wrong colors
137  - updateUI doesn't update tree colors
138  - restart should not be necessary for 'globalColors' to take effect
139- 'Stop' in plugin manager needs to be handled more gracefully
140- evalutate for selected lines: > 1 selection per line
141- undo: redo doesn't clear dirty flag if necessary
142- BrowserView.reloadDirectory(): hardcoded design decisions
143- lower case all user's guide ids
144- openFile(): can open two copies of the same buffer if a) remote b)
145  canonPath != path