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 1<!-- jEdit buffer-local properties: -->
 2<!-- :indentSize=1:noTabs=true: -->
 4<appendix id="activity-log"><title>The Activity Log</title>
 5 <para>
 6  The <firstterm>activity log</firstterm> is very useful for
 7  troubleshooting problems, and helps when developing plugins.
 8 </para>
 9 <para>
10  <guimenu>Utilities</guimenu>&gt;<guimenuitem>Activity Log</guimenuitem> displays
11  the last 500 lines of the activity log. By default, the activity is shown in
12  a floating window. It can be set to dock into the view in the
13  <guibutton>Docking</guibutton> pane of the
14  <guimenu>Utilities</guimenu>&gt;<guimenuitem>Global Options</guimenuitem>
15  dialog box; see <xref linkend="docking" />.
16  The complete
17  log can be found in the <filename>activity.log</filename> file inside the
18  jEdit settings directory, the path of which is shown inside the activity
19  log window.
20 </para>
21 <para>
22  jEdit writes the following information to the activity log:
23 </para>
24 <itemizedlist>
25  <listitem><para>Information about your Java implementation (version,
26  operating system, architecture, etc)</para></listitem>
27  <listitem><para>All error messages and runtime exceptions (most errors
28  are shown in dialog boxes as well; but the activity log usually
29  contains more detailed and technical information)
30  </para></listitem>
31  <listitem><para>All sorts of debugging information that can be helpful
32  when tracking down bugs</para></listitem>
33  <listitem><para>Information about loaded plugins</para></listitem>
34 </itemizedlist>
35 <para>
36  While jEdit is running, the log file on disk may not always accurately reflect
37  what has been logged, due to buffering being done for performance reasons.
38  To ensure the file on disk is up to
39  date, invoke the <guimenu>Utilities</guimenu>&gt;<guimenuitem>Update Activity
40  Log on Disk</guimenuitem> command. The log file is also automatically updated on
41  disk when jEdit exits.
42 </para>