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Possible License(s): BSD-3-Clause, AGPL-1.0, Apache-2.0, LGPL-2.0, LGPL-3.0, GPL-2.0, CC-BY-SA-3.0, LGPL-2.1, GPL-3.0, MPL-2.0-no-copyleft-exception, IPL-1.0
  3* Version 4.1pre5
  5Thanks to Axel Biernat, Chris Petersen, Eric Benoit, Fan Ho Yin, Kris
  6Kopicki, Marco Gotze, Ollie Rutherfurd, and Steve Snider for
  7contributing to this release.
  9+ Syntax Highlighting Changes:
 11- Added NQC syntax highlighting (Fan Ho Yin)
 12- Added Ruby-HTML syntax highlighting (Eric Benoit)
 13- Added Pike syntax highlighting (Marco Gotze)
 14- Updated C-Sharp syntax highlighting (Ollie Rutherfurd)
 15- Updated Perl syntax highlighting (Chris Petersen)
 16- Updated PL-SQL syntax highlighting (Steve Snider)
 17- Updated CSS syntax highlighting (Axel Biernat)
 18- The "More accurate syntax highlighting" option is no longer. When it
 19  was on, it would do the following:
 21  - Cause the buffer to be parsed entirely by the syntax engine when
 22    first loaded.
 23  - When parsing a line for syntax tokens, it would scan back to the
 24    start of the buffer looking for a line with valid syntax info,
 25    instead of only looking 100 lines back.
 27  However, the second made the first unnecessary, and with the first
 28  behavior gone, the performance hit is not noticable. So this option is
 29  now effectively always on.
 31+ Global Options Dialog Changes:
 33- The tool bar option pane now has an "Edit" button for modifying the
 34  currently selected tool bar entry.
 35- Now org.gjt.sp.jedit.gui.OptionsDialog is an abstract class, with a
 36  concrete org.gjt.sp.jedit.options.GlobalOptions subclass with the
 37  Global Options-specific code. This allows plugins to create paned
 38  dialog boxes similar to Global Options.
 39- The "Standard go to next/previous word behavior" setting has been
 40  removed; instead some new actions have been added which can be bound
 41  to C+LEFT, C+RIGHT, CS+LEFT and CS+RIGHT to achieve the behavior of
 42  this setting:
 44  Go to Next Word (Eats Whitespace)
 45  Go to Previous Word (Eats Whitespace)
 46  Select Next Word (Eats Whitespace)
 47  Select Previous Word (Eats Whitespace)
 49+ Plugin Manager Changes:
 51- Added "Select All" button to Install and Update Plugins dialogs
 52- The plugin list is only downloaded once per Plugin Manager dialog box
 53  instance
 55+ Miscellaneous Changes:
 57- Added an "Unsplit Current" command, bound to C+0 by default. It
 58  removes the split pane containing the current edit pane only, as
 59  opposed to the "Unsplit All" command (previously "Unsplit", still
 60  bound to C+1) which removes all splits from the view.
 61- Behavior of "Warn if file is modified on disk by another program"
 62  setting is now more intuitive; even if its off, the write protection
 63  status of a buffer is still updated if it changes on disk. Also this
 64  setting now controls the modification check when saving; previously it
 65  only controlled the check performed when jEdit received focus.
 66- jEdit now makes sure that windows are within the bounds of the screen
 67  when loading saved geometry. This should improve matters for people
 68  who use a laptop with a docking station that has a different
 69  resolution, etc. (Kris Kopicki)
 71+ Bug Fixes:
 73- Line numbers in the 'Markers' menu were off by one
 74- On some Java versions, the popup menu code would not work in frames
 75  and dialog boxes and print a stream of exceptions
 76- Fixed exception thrown on MacOS X when attempting to list "Local
 77  Drives" in the file system browser (Kris Kopicki)
 78- Fixed problems if a macro file name had a space in it
 79- Fixed a number of problems with mode property handling:
 80  - It was not possible to override a mode's property with a blank
 81    value; for example if you no longer wanted objective-c mode to open
 82    *.m files (and instead use matlab mode for those files) you had to
 83    enter a dummy filename glob in the objective-c settings.
 84  - Changing the filename or first line glob in the "Mode Specific" pane
 85    would not take effect until jEdit was restarted.
 86- Entering a relative path in the file system browser's "Path" field
 87  didn't work
 88- "Format Paragraph" command would insert extra newlines if a line ended
 89  with a space
 90- The MacOS plugin had a version check that looked for an exact MRJ
 91  version match, rather than an equal or newer version. This broke the
 92  plugin when running on MacOS X 10.2. (Kris Kopicki)
 93- If an action caused the creation of a dockable window, the standard
 94  variables (view, buffer, textArea, editPane) would be cleared from the
 95  action's namespace from that point on. This has been fixed by making
 96  dockable creation and action invocation take place in different
 97  namespaces.
 98- Fixed a display problem if a SEQ_REGEXP, SPAN_REGEXP or
 99  EOL_SPAN_REGEXP syntax highlighting rule matched a tab.
100- Added a workaround for a Java problem were very wide rectangles were
101  not painted properly in the selection painting code.
102- The TERMINATE_AT rule was broken; the number of characters to
103  terminate at was taken to be from the start of the file, not from the
104  start of the current line. This broke FORTRAN syntax highlighting, for
105  example.
106- The "Close Current Docking Area" command should work now.
108* Version 4.1pre4
110Thanks to Kris Kopicki and Stefan Jozsa for contributing to this
113+ Syntax Highlighting Changes:
115- Added AppleScript syntax highlighting (Kris Kopicki)
116- Improved Informix-4GL syntax highlighting (Stefan Jozsa)
118+ User Interface Changes:
120- TAB key can now be used to insert completions in the 'Complete Word'
121  popup.
123+ Bug Fixes:
125- Macro listing code was completely broken in 4.1pre3; only the first
126  macro in each directory would be shown.
127- Disabled Java-style auto indent for LISP and Scheme modes since in
128  fact it is quite inappropriate there.
129- Gutter highlight interval setting was broken.
131* Version 4.1pre3
133Thanks to Ivan Herman, Kris Kopicki, Marco Hunsicker, Matthias Schneider
134and Rudolf Widmann for contributing to this release.
136+ Syntax Highlighting Changes:
138- Added regular expression matching features. Currently this is used to
139  implement better (but still not 100% accurate) highlighting of various
140  constructs in Perl mode, like s/// and such.
142  - SEQ_REGEXP rule: highlights a sequence matching a regular
143    expression.
144  - SPAN_REGEXP rule: like SPAN but the start string is a regular
145    expression (the end cannot be a regular expression currently).
146  - EOL_SPAN_REGEXP rule: ditto, but for EOL_SPAN.
148  - All rules must define a HASH_CHAR attribute; this is the character
149    that the rule will be hashed by, to avoid checking every character
150    against every regexp.
152- Added a new AT_WORD_START attribute to all syntax rules. If this is
153  set to TRUE, the rule will only match if it is at the start of a token
154  boundary (in most cases, this is the same as a word boundary, hence
155  the name).
157  To illustrate the difference, suppose you have a SPAN rule that
158  matches from "quux(" to ")". Without AT_WORD_START, it would highlight
159  this sequence:
161  foobarquux(hello world)
163  However with AT_WORD_START it would only highlight if there was a
164  token in between foobar and quux().
166- CHILL (CCITT recommendation language) syntax highlighting added.
167  (Rudolf Widmann)
169- Updated CSS syntax highlighting for CSS2 spec. (Ivan Herman)
171- Updated AWK and COBOL syntax highlighting. (Matthias Schneider)
173+ Editing Changes:
175- Previously when expanding an abbreviation with positional parameters,
176  unspecified parameters would expand to $n where 'n' is the number of
177  the parameter. This was not very intuitive; now missing parameters
178  expand to empty strings, and result in a status bar message being
179  shown.
181+ File System Browser Changes:
183- In file dialog boxes, the 'File name' text field now supports
184  auto-completion. Previously auto-completion was only supported in the
185  browser view itself.
187- For some reason I can't remember now, the state of the 'Filter' check
188  box was only being saved on the browser, and not the dialog box
189  versions of this control. I have changed this so the state of the
190  check box is preserved in all cases.
192- You can now right-click on directories in the parent directory list to
193  display a menu of commands.
195+ Global Options Dialog Changes:
197- Added an option to Utilities->Global Options->Docking for
198  jEdit 4.0-style tool bar placement.
200- Text area and gutter color settings have been moved to the Text Area
201  and Gutter panes of the Global Options dialog box; the Colors pane is
202  no longer.
204- The "smart home" and "smart end" settings are now much more flexible.
205  Instead of them being flags in the Text Area pane, the various
206  behaviors of the Home and End keys have been split into multiple
207  actions, all of which can be bound to any shortcut key (including HOME
208  and END of course) in the Shortcuts pane.
210+ Window Docking Changes:
212- 'Close Top/Left/Bottom/Right Docking Area' commands all merged into a
213  single 'Close Current Docking Area' command, bound by default to
214  C+e C+BACK_QUOTE.
216- 'Go to Top/Left/Bottom/Right Docking Area' commands added, bound by
217  default to C+e C+UP/LEFT/DOWN/RIGHT. It opens the docking area in
218  question if it is closed, and sends keyboard focus to the selected
219  dockable window.
221- 'Go to Text Area' command added, bound by default to C+e C+e. It sends
222  keyboard focus to the text area.
224- The popup menu shown when right-clicking on the strip of buttons in a
225  dockable window container now contains a new sub-menu, labelled "New
226  Floating Instance". This menu contains items which open new floating
227  instances of the windows docked in this area.
229+ User Interface Changes:
231- A few more menu bar rearrangements:
232  - 'Recent Directories' moved from File to Utilities menu.
233  - 'Current Directory' moved from File to Utilities menu.
234  - 'Select Line Range' from from Edit to Edit->More Selection.
235  - BeanShell evaluation commands moved from Macros to
236    Utilities->BeanShell.
237  - Various troubleshooting-related commands moved from Utilities to
238    Utilities->Troubleshooting (like they were in 4.1pre1).
240- More tool bar icons added. (Kris Kopicki)
242+ Miscellaneous Changes:
244- The JARClassLoader now registers plugin packages and manifest files.
245  (Marco Hunsicker)
247- Because a lot of people send me their .jedit/activity.log files
248  without invoking 'Update Activity Log on Disk' first, I have added a
249  notice to this file, stating that you must invoke the above command
250  otherwise the file will be incomplete.
252- Added two new actions, by default not in any menu, nor bound to any
253  keystroke; 'Toggle Line Separator' and 'Toggle Word Wrap'. They have
254  the same effect as clicking the appropriate section of the status bar,
255  and they can be bound to shortcut keys or added to the tool bar, etc.
257- Removed ICONS.LICENSE.txt file since we no longer use the Sun icons.
259+ Bug Fixes:
261- Clicking the 'Open' button or pressing Enter in the 'Open File' dialog
262  box did not work; only double-clicking would open files.
264- Changing the tab size, indent size or maximum line length settings on
265  a global or mode-specific basis should now take effect in all open
266  buffers. Previously changes to these settings would only take effect
267  in subsequently opened files.
269- Under some circumstances the file system browser would case a
270  different buffer to be selected in the current view after a directory
271  was loaded. It has been confirmed that one jEdit user was admitted
272  to a mental asylum because of this bug.
274- The file system browser's 'Encoding' menu did not work at all.
276- Adding a mode to the user modes directory with the same name as one in
277  the system directory would not take effect until jEdit was restarted.
279- Abbreviations whose expansions started with the text "<html>" could
280  cause problems since Swing automatically tries to display such strings
281  as HTML. A workaround has now been added.
283- If a virtual file system displayed a dialog box upon creating a VFS
284  session (for example, an FTP login dialog box), cancelling the dialog
285  would leave the file system browser stuck with a 'Loading' message.
286  This has now been fixed.
288- If multiple selection mode was enabled, clicking the mouse did not
289  move the caret! What a silly bug...
291- If a mode file did not contain well-formed XML, the resulting error
292  dialog box would be empty.
294- Due to an oversight when implementing the ability to have startup
295  scripts written in any language, scripts were being run in their
296  own namespace in 4.1pre2; as a result functions and variables defined
297  at startup were not available to other macros.
299+ API Changes:
301- Buffer.getFile() method deprecated. Use Buffer.getPath() and the VFS
302  API instead.
304* Version 4.1pre2
306Thanks to Alexander Maryanovsky and Gerd Knops for contributing to this
309+ Editing Changes:
311- The 'Smart Home/End' setting has been split into two separate
312  settings, one for Home and one for End.
314- Made behavior of mouse in gutter more customizable. (Gerd Knops)
316- Added option to make double-click drag treat each non-alphanumeric
317  character as one word. (Gerd Knops)
319- Added an option to not hide the final end of line character of a
320  buffer.
322+ Syntax Highlighting Changes:
324- Syntax rules can now specify the AT_WHITESPACE_END attribute. If this
325  is set to TRUE, then the rule will only match if it is the first
326  non-whitespace text in the line.
328- Fixed minor highlighting problem with properties mode.
330+ File System Browser Changes:
332- Multiple files can now be selected in the stand-alone browser;
333  right-clicking no longer deselects all but the clicked file.
335- Right-click menus in the 'Open File' dialog box now contain menu items
336  for opening files in new views and new splits.
338- File->Open With Encoding menu replaced with an 'Encoding' menu in the
339  file system browser's 'Commands' menu.
341+ Scripting Changes:
343- 'scriptPath' BeanShell variable is set to the macro file path while a
344  macro or startup script is executing.
346- Startup scripts can now be written in any language supported by a
347  registered macro handler; so you can put Python scripts in the
348  'startup' directory if you have the JythonInterpreter plugin
349  installed, for example.
351- Slight performance improvement when invoking editor actions.
353+ Miscellaneous Changes:
355- The HyperSearch feature no longer blocks the GUI while listing a
356  directory (which could take some time).
358- New 'broken image' icon shown in place of tool bar buttons whose icons
359  cannot be located.
361- Improved popup menu positioning code.
363- jEdit.get{Integer,Double}Property and Buffer.getIntegerProperty() no
364  longer barf if the property contains leading or trailing whitespace.
366- Added View->New Plain View command that opens a new view without
367  toolbars or dockables. This can be useful for opening up a quick
368  window for taking notes, etc.
370- File system browser color regexps are now case-insensitive.
372- Each dockable window now has a <name>-float action that opens a new
373  instance of that dockable in a few floating window (regardless of the
374  docking status of the window). These commands do not appear in the
375  menu bar, however they can be added to the context menu and tool bar,
376  or bound to keystrokes.
378+ Bug Fixes:
380- Fixed default install path settings in installer when running on Unix.
381  Now, instead of checking for a user name of "root", it checks if the
382  appropriate subdirectories of /usr/local are writable.
384- When evaluating BeanShell expressions, the standard
385  view/buffer/editPane/textArea variables would not be unset when the
386  expression finishes executing.
388- The text area did not get initial focus if there is a window docked
389  in the left or top part of the view, and the 'tip of the day' was
390  switched on.
392- Removed debugging messages from
394- Fixed bottom tool bar layout problem.
396- Image shown in 'welcome to jEdit' page in help was not being installed
397  by the installer.
399- Fixed a bug in the folding code that could be triggered by switching
400  to indent fold mode, collapsing some folds, switching to explicit fold
401  mode, then switching back to indent fold mode again.
403- The view's minimum size was rather large, this caused problems while
404  trying to resize it if the option to decorate window borders using the
405  Swing L&F was enabled.
407- 'Expand Fold Fully' command didn't work.
409- The 'gutter bracket highlight' setting in the Color option pane didn't
410  work.
412- Fixed possible ClassCastException if a 'paste previous' string started
413  with the text "<html>". Swing has a weird feature where any text label
414  beginning with <html> is rendered using the Swing HTML engine, and
415  this would trip it off.
417- HyperSearch inside a selection did not handle ^ and $ in regular
418  expressions correctly on the first or last line of the selection.
420- Insertion of { and } in C-like modes can now be undone in one step.
422- Another indentPrevLine regexp fix. (Alexander Maryanovsky)
424+ API Changes:
426- It is no longer necessary to define labels for dockable window
427  -toggle actions. The label is now automatically created by appending
428  "(Toggle)" to the non-toggle action's label.
430- Old-style dockable window API no longer supported; the following
431  symbols have been removed:
433  EditBus.addToNamedList() method
434  EditBus.removeFromNamedList() method
435  EditBus.getNamedLists() method
436  CreateDockableWindow class
437  DockableWindow interface
439* Version 4.1pre1
441Thanks to Alexander Maryanovsky, Alfonso Garcia, Claude Eisenhut,
442Joseph Schroer, Kris Kopicki, Steve Snider and Thomas Dilts for
443contributing to this release.
445+ Editing Changes:
447- Improved rectangular selection. It now does the right thing with hard
448  tabs, and the width of the selection is no longer limited to the width
449  of the last line. A new 'Vertical Paste' command has been added (it
450  behaves in a similar manner to the 'Virtual Paste' macro, which has
451  now been removed). When inserting text into a rectangle, the inserted
452  text is left-justified with spaces. The quick copy feature has been
453  extended to support this -- a Control-middle click vertically pastes
454  the most recently selected text.
456- Fixed auto-indent behavior when entering constructs like:
457  if(foo)
458    bar();
459  baz();
460  in Java/C/C++/etc modes. Previously the 'baz();' would get an
461  unnecessary level of indent, requiring it to be removed manually.
462  (Alexander Maryanovsky)
464- Added an option to the 'Text Area' pane to implement "standard"
465  previous/next word behavior, like that in a lot of other programs
466  (next word moves caret to start of next word, instead of end of
467  current word; previous word moves caret to end of previous word,
468  instead of start of current word).
470  You might remember I implemented this behavior for a little while in
471  the 4.0 pre-releases, but now it's back as a configurable option.
472  (Alexander Maryanovsky)
474- Added a few extra key bindings for Windows users:
475  S+DELETE bound to cut
476  C+INSERT bound to copy
477  S+INSERT bound to paste
479- Optimized the several parts of the buffer code; this should make
480 'Replace All' and similar edit-intensive tasks much faster.
482+ Search and Replace Changes:
484- HyperSearch now respects rectangular selections. 'Replace All' already
485  supported rectangular selections.
487- Directory search is now VFS-aware; however it shows a confirm dialog
488  before doing a search on a remote filesystem. If your VFS is not
489  affected by network latency, you can have the getCapabilities() method
490  return the new LOW_LATENCY_CAP capability.
492- Tool bars no longer take up the full width of the view. This saves
493  some screen space.
495- Clicking 'Cancel' or closing the search and replace dialog box no
496  longer shows warnings about empty filesets, etc.
498+ Syntax Highlighting Changes:
500- More intelligent highlighting of numbers. Instead of hard-coded
501  heuteristic that only worked for C-like languages, numbers are now
502  highlighted as follows:
503  - A keyword consisting of only digits is automatically marked with the
504    DIGIT token type.
505  - If it has a mix of digits and letters, it is marked as DIGIT of it
506    matches the regexp specified in the rule set's DIGIT_RE attribute.
507    If this attribute is not set, then mixed sequences of digits and
508    letters are not highlighted.
509  - In Java mode, for example, the default value of this regexp is
510    "(0x[[:xdigit:]]+|[[:digit:]]+)[lLdDfF]?".
512- EOL_SPAN elements can now have DELEGATE attributes.
514- SEQ elements can now have DELEGATE attributes. If specified, this rule
515  set will be swapped in after the text matched by the sequence rule.
517- Delegates to rulesets with TERMINATE rules should work now.
519- IGNORE_CASE attribute of KEYWORDS rule removed. This value is now the
520  same as the IGNORE_CASE attribute of the parent RULES tag.
522- WHITESPACE rule no longer necessary in mode definitions.
524- It is no longer necessary to define <SEQ TYPE="NULL"> rules for
525  keyword separator characters. Now, any non-alphanumeric character,
526  that does not appear in a keyword string or the "noWordSep"
527  buffer-local property is automatically treated like it had a sequence
528  rule.
530- Added FORTRAN syntax highlighting (Joseph Schroer)
531  Added Interilis syntax highlighting (Claude Eisenhut)
532  Updated PL-SQL mode (Steve Snider)
533  Updated NetRexx mode (Patric Bechtel)
535- HTML and related edit modes now correctly highlight sequences like:
537  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">...</SCRIPT>
538  <SCRIPT ... whatever ...>...</SCRIPT>
540  Previously only JavaScript between <SCRIPT> and </SCRIPT> was
541  highlighted. A similar change has been made for <STYLE> tags.
543- Improved loading time of plain text files if 'more accurate syntax
544  highlighting' is on.
546+ User Interface Changes:
548- Status bar looks somewhat different now, and shows the word wrap mode
549  and line separator status.
551- The search bar commands now show the search bar if it is hidden.
552  Search bars that come into existence as a result of this have an
553  extra close box button on the right. Pressing ESCAPE in the text field
554  or clicking the button hides the search bar.
556  I have renamed the search bar setting in the General option pane to
557  "Always show search bar", and made it be switched off by default.
558  You can revert to the old behavior simply by switching this setting
559  back on.
561- The text color and style used to show the "[n lines]" string can now
562  be set independently of the EOL marker color.
564- Plugin manager window can be closed by pressing Escape.
566- Open buffers are shown with a different icon in the file system
567  browser.
569- 'I/O Progress Monitor' window is dockable now.
571- Added two new sub-menus to the Utilities menu, 'jEdit Home Directory'
572  and 'Settings Directory'. These two work in a similar fashion to the
573  'Current Directory' menu.
575  Also the 'Current Directory' menu (and these two new menus) now also
576  lists directories; selecting a directory menu item opens it in the
577  file system browser.
579- Moved BeanShell evaluation commands from 'Utilities' to 'Macros' menu,
580  rearranged 'Edit' menu.
582- New splash screen, about box, and tool bar icons. (Kris Kopicki)
584- Added ColorWellButton control. Under Mac OS X, changing the background
585  color of a JButton doesn't work if the MacOS Adaptive look and feel is
586  in use... so I wrote a custom control. It looks better and eliminates
587  duplicated code anyway. Plugin developers, please use this instead of
588  the widely-copied and pasted JButton trick. (Kris Kopicki)
590- Added RolloverButton control. Use this instead of the JToolBar
591  "isRollover" client property (which only works in the Metal L&F unless
592  you're running Java 2 version 1.4). (Kris Kopicki)
594+ OS-specific Changes:
596- MacOS plugin version 1.2.1 adds an option pane with a few settings,
597  and some bug fixes and cleanups. (Kris Kopicki)
599- When running on MacOS, the roots: filesystem now lists all disks
600  mounted under /Volumes. (Kris Kopicki)
602- On Unix, the installer now defaults to installing in the user's home
603  directory when running as a non-root user.
605+ Miscellaneous Changes:
607- WheelMouse plugin integrated into core -- no need to install a
608  separate plugin to get wheel mouse scrolling under Java 2 version 1.4.
610- Added SOCKS proxy support. This option will help people trapped behind
611  a Microsoft Proxy Server configured to use NTLM authentication.
612  Normal HTTP connections through the proxy would not be possible since
613  Java does not implement this proprietary protocol; however a little
614  known fact is that MS Proxy Server also usually runs a SOCKS service
615  that does not require a password. (Alfonso Garcia)
617 - BeanShell 1.2b6 included. Changes since 1.2b5 are:
619  - Made bsh.Parser public and added a main() method allowing users to
620    call the parser on files for simple validity checking.
621  - Made a small addition to grammar to provide an option to retain
622    formal (javadoc style) comments in the parse tree.
623  - Fixed accessibility bug in finding fields.
624  - Fixed scoping on catch blocks such that untyped variables in the
625    catch parameter do not leak out of the block. They now act as they
626    would with a declared type in Java (local).
627  - Fixed some thread safety bugs with try/catch blocks.
628  - Fixed Interpreter serialization issue - reset streams.
629  - Fixed bug in accessibility affecting access to package hidden
630    superclasses.
631  - Exposed bsh.BshMethod and added a public invoke() method.
632  - Added getMethods() method to namespace to enumerate methods.
634  The fact that BshMethod is now public has facilitated optimizations
635  which improve performance of BeanShell search and replace.
637- Updated printing code (Thomas Dilts)
638  - Uses Java 2 version 1.4 print dialogs when running on that Java
639    version
640  - Performs printing in a background thread
642- Documentation is now generated using DocBook-XSL 1.51.1 stylesheets.
644+ Bug Fixes:
646- Select Open File; press Enter first; then choose a file to open. Bang,
647  an error message. Now fixed.
649- When closing a file with unsaved changes, the file will now stay open
650  if the save failed. Previously it would be closed and the unsaved
651  changes would be lost forever.
653- If 'Keep Dialog' was off, the search dialog would close, even after an
654  unsuccessful HyperSearch. This was inconsistent with the bahavior for
655  normal searches, where an unsuccessful match did not close the dialog
656  (so you could correct the search string easier).
658- The 'initially collapse folds with level' setting was not being
659  honored when reloading files.
661- A few printing bugs fixed. (Thomas Dilts)
663- Workaround for views not being brought to front on windows. This
664  workaround minimises and then restores the view, so a minimise
665  animation might be visible for a brief period of time. However,
666  there is no other way of fixing this. (Alexander Maryanovsky)
668- Dynamic menus (Recent Files, etc) did not work under MacOS X if the
669  menu bar was at the top of the screen. Note that this does not solve
670  the other problem with having the menu bar there, namely keyboard
671  shortcuts not being displayed. For now, leave the menu bar inside the
672  frame for best results. (Kris Kopicki)
674- Fixed silly windows backup saving bug.
676- Fixed minor problem when Control-clicking characters in the text area.
678- A single invalid file system browser coloring regular expression no
679  longer stops the remaining expressions from being loaded.
681- Fixed a bug in the undo request merging code that would occur
682  sometimes when multiple consecutive pieces of text were removed one
683  after the other.
685- Fixed a bug in the undo request merging code that would occur when
686  a selection was replaced with some text.
688- If the splash screen was disabled, running jEdit with the -nogui and
689  -nobackground command line arguments didn't work, because the AWT
690  event thread was never started, because no GUI calls were made, and as
691  a result jEdit exited immediately after starting up instead of
692  entering the event loop.
694- Fixed erronous assignment in VFS browser code that would cause
695  NullPointerExceptions after opening a file in a new view.
697- Triple-clicking on the last line of a file printed an
698  ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
700- One of the tips of the day referred to an invalid URL.
702- Previously, the filesystem browser opens the clicked directory if
703  clickCount == 2. This doesn't work if you double click once and then
704  immediate double click again on a directory (or a file) at the same
705  physical location, because the 2nd double click is reported with a
706  click count of 3 and 4. (Alexander Maryanovsky)
708- The help viewer should no longer open behind the view when jEdit is
709  run for the first time on some Java implementations.
711- StatusBar.MemoryIndicator.removeNotify() was missing a
712  super.removeNotify() call. This could cause 'InputContext' errors when
713  exiting jEdit. (Alexander Maryanovsky)
715- The plugin manager did not delete downloaded files from the
716  '' directory on some operating systems, due to a
717  missing close() call.
719- JEditTextArea.goToEndOfLine() (bound to END if 'smart home/end' is
720  off, or END END if its on) followed by goToNextLine() would move the
721  cursor to the first column.
723- Preview_Javadoc_of_Buffer.bsh macro used the deprecated
724  DockableWindowManager.getDockableWindow() method.
726- Text area would not automatically scroll to the caret location when
727  working with multiple views under certain circumstances.
729- Middle mouse button drags now work if there is an existing selection.
731+ API Changes:
733- Two methods added to jEdit class:
734  getDoubleProperty()
735  setDoubleProperty()
737- Removed unused TextUtilities.findMatchingBracket(Buffer buffer,
738  int line, int offset, int startLine, int endLine) method.
740- New ViewUpdate.EDIT_PANE_CHANGED message added; it is sent when a
741  different edit pane in a split view receives focus.
743- EBMessage.veto(), isVetoable() methods and EBMessage.NonVetoable class
744  deprecated.
746- Removed old text area highlighter API, old buffer folding API.
748- Removed BufferUpdate.ENCODING_CHANGED, FOLD_HANDLER_CHANGED messages;
749  replaced with generic BufferUpdate.PROPERTIES_CHANGED.
751- MultiSelectStatusChanged message removed.
753- Buffer.markTokens(int lineIndex) deprecated; use
754  Buffer.markTokens(int lineIndex, TokenHandler tokenHandler) instead,
755  with one of the available TokenHandler implementations from
756  org.gjt.sp.jedit.syntax.
758  The tokenizer now behaves differently with respect to whitespace. Tab
759  characters are always put into separate tokens with type Token.TAB;
760  other whitespace gets token type Token.WHITESPACE.
762- Added new jEdit.getActiveView() method.
764- VFS file chooser now supports a new 'CHOOSE_DIRECTORY_DIALOG' mode.
766- Buffer.getRuleSetAtOffset() method is now public.
768jEdit buffer local properties: