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 2<p>Using the search bar can be a real time saver in a lot of cases, especially
 3when you need to jump around between different parts of a buffer.</p>
 5<p>By default, the search bar is only shown when
 6one of the quick search commands are invoked; however you can specify that it
 7always be shown in the <b>General</b> pane of the <b>Utilities</b>&gt;<b>Global
 8Options</b> dialog box.</p>
10<p>The following keyboard commands deal with the search bar; you will find it
11much easier to navigate around files if you memorize these:</p>
14<li>Pressing <b>C+,</b> shows the search bar (if necessary) and sends keyboard
15focus there.</li>
16<li>Pressing <b>C+.</b> also shows the search bar, but pre-selects the
17<b>HyperSearch</b> check box.</li>
18<li>Pressing <b>A+,</b> puts the word at the caret location into the search bar.</li>
19<li>Pressing <b>A+.</b> performs a HyperSearch for the word at the caret location.</li>