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 1# Localized error messages for gnu.regexp
 3# Prefix for REException messages
 4error.prefix=At position {0} in regular expression pattern:
 6# REException (parse error) messages
 7repeat.assertion=repeated token is zero-width assertion
 8repeat.chained=attempted to repeat a token that is already repeated (?*+{}) without preceding token
10repeat.empty.token=repeated token may be empty
11unmatched.brace=unmatched brace
12unmatched.bracket=unmatched bracket
13unmatched.paren=unmatched parenthesis end of interval end of character class end of subexpression
17interval.order=interval minimum is greater than maximum
18interval.error=interval is empty or contains illegal characters
19ends.with.backslash=backslash at end of pattern
21# RESyntax message has been declared final and cannot be modified