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 1Package: jedit
 3Architecture: all
 4Maintainer: Slava Pestov and others <>
 5Conflicts: jedit-cvs
 6Replaces: jedit-cvs
 7Description: A real editor for programmers
 8 As one of the most feature rich editors available, jEdit boasts
 9 support for syntax highlighting in more than 140 languages. jEdit
10 is more  than just an editor, and its functionality is extended by
11 the use of 'plugins' which include tools for ant and console
12 integration as well as a host of other features. Any serious
13 programmer will undoubtedly want to give jEdit a good look.
14 .
15 More information about jEdit, its plugins, macros, etc. can be
16 found at
17Section: contrib/editors
18Priority: optional
19Installed-Size: @deb.installed.size@