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 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 2<section id="intro">
 3    <title>Introduction</title>
 4    <!-- jEdit buffer-local properties:                      -->
 5    <!-- :indentSize=4:noTabs=false:maxLineLen=72:tabSize=4: -->
 6    <!-- :xml.root=faq.xml:                                  -->
 7    <!-- jEdit FAQ                                           -->
 8    <para>This document explains many of the basic features of jEdit and
 9    provides solutions for commonly encountered problems. It is not the
10    principal resource for learning how to use and customize jEdit. The
11    application includes an extensive User's Guide available from within jEdit
12    by selecting <guimenuitem>jEdit Help</guimenuitem> on the
13    <guimenu>Help</guimenu> menu.</para>
15    <para>The User's Guide includes tutorials on writing macros and plugins as
16    well as an annotated guide to jEdit's Application Programming Interface
17    (API). It is worth browsing through the User's Guide to get a full sense of
18    what jEdit has to offer. This document is intended to supplement the User's
19    Guide by focusing on specific, relatively narrow topics in the traditional
20    question-and-answer format.</para>
22    <para>Each section of this document deals with a different category of
23    topics, and each begins with a listing of the questions covered. This should
24    allow you to find the information you are seeking quickly.</para>