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 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 2<topic id="86752a38-eba3-4174-bcbf-79ec8428ecf9" revisionNumber="1">
 3  <developerConceptualDocument xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">
 4    <introduction>
 5      <para>The topics in this section define the various file types used to
 6produce conceptual content help files.  If you are using a tool such as
 7the <token>SHFB</token> or <token>DocProject</token>, only the topic file
 8information will be of interest to you.  The other file types are used
 9by the build process and may only be of interest if you want to see how
10everything fits together and is used to build the help topics.</para>
11    </introduction>
12    <section>
13      <title>Conceptual Content File Types</title>
14      <content>
15        <para>Select one of the topics below to learn more about a particular
16file type.</para>
17        <list class="bullet">
18          <listItem><para><link xlink:href="9bef5420-7560-47d9-98ce-0b5d5f46567a" /></para></listItem>
19          <listItem><para><link xlink:href="3913b321-c875-4bb9-88de-4c65f6363270" /></para></listItem>
20          <listItem><para><link xlink:href="a7e182e0-8881-41d1-a450-31d439250203" /></para></listItem>
21          <listItem><para><link xlink:href="c69a248a-bd94-47b2-90d7-5442e9cb567a" /></para></listItem>
22          <listItem><para><link xlink:href="cfd9dabf-22f3-4742-8b54-d84404610db1" /></para></listItem>
23        </list>
24      </content>
25    </section>
26    <relatedTopics />
27  </developerConceptualDocument>