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 1<h1>Sandcastle Language Pack</h1>
 2<p />Sandcastle comes with a set of English language resource files.  The language pack contains the resource
 3files translated into various other languages.  Currently, the following languages are available:
 9<p />The translated resource files are extracted to subfolders named using the language code under the
10<i>.\Presentation\Shared\Content</i> and <i>.\Presentation\VS2005\Content</i> Sandcastle presentation style
11folders.  Some third-party build tools will automatically look for the translated resource files in those
12locations based on the language selected in their project file.  Others may require that you manually copy
13the files for a specific language to the root folders noted above to replace the default English language
14resource files.  The most recent version of the language pack can always be found at the
15<a href="" target="_blank">Sandcastle Styles</a> project on CodePlex.
17<div class="Note">
18<b>Please Note:</b> If you have created your own custom language resource files, installing this language pack
19may overwrite your changes.
21<p />If you wish to preserve your customizations, you should back up the existing presentation style files so
22that you can merge your changes back into the resource files after the language pack has been extracted.
25<p />Click the <b>Extract Language Pack</b> button below to extract the language pack to your Sandcastle
26installation folder.  If you choose to skip it, you can run this application again to extract the files at a
27later date.  Click the <b>Next</b> button to continue with the next step.