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 4<title>PTypes: networking: utilities</title>
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13<p class="hpath"><a href="index.html">Top</a>: <a href="inet.html">Networking</a>: 
16<pre class="lang">#include &lt;pinet.h&gt;
18string     iptostring(ipaddress ip);
19ipaddress  phostbyname(const string&amp; name);
20string     phostbyaddr(ipaddress ip);
21string     phostcname(const string&amp; name);
24<p>Many PTypes networking utility functions and class methods manipulate a new 
25data type <span class="lang">ipaddress</span> - IPv4 (4-byte) internetwork address 
26type. The objects of this type can be constructed either by explicitly specifying 
27the 4 bytes separately (e.g. <span class="lang">ipaddress(192, 168, 1, 1)</span>) 
28or by assigning another <span class="lang">ipaddress</span>. The objects of this 
29type are mutually compatible with <span class="lang">unsigned long</span> type, 
30however, you can not rely on the order of bytes if an <span class="lang">ipaddress</span> 
31is converted to a <span class="lang">unsigned long</span> and vice versa. This 
32implicit typecast is provided only for comparing an <span class="lang">ipaddress</span> 
33value with 0 or <span class="lang">ipnone</span> (see <a href="inet.examples.html">Examples</a>).</p>
34<p><span class="def">string iptostring(ipaddress ip)</span> converts an IP address 
35to a string, e.g. <span class="lang">ipaddress(127, 0, 0, 1)</span> would be &quot;;.</p>
36<p><span class="def">ipaddress phostbyname(const string&amp; name)</span> resolves 
37a symbolic DNS name or a numeric IP addresses to <span class="lang">ipaddress</span>. 
38On error this function returns <span class="lang">ipnone</span>.</p>
39<p><span class="def">string phostbyaddr(ipaddress ip)</span> performs reverse 
40DNS lookup for the given IP address. On error this function returns an empty string.</p>
41<p><span class="def">string phostcname(const string&amp; name)</span> returns 
42the canonical name of the host. On error this function returns an empty string.</p>
43<p class="seealso">See also: <a href="inet.ipstream.html">ipstream</a>, <a href="inet.ipstmserver.html">ipstmserver</a>, 
44<a href="inet.examples.html">Examples</a></p>
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